Fun In Real Life..and Then, There’s World of Warcraft

May 28th

Actually had a very nice weekend with the family and friends outside of WoW.  Oh yeah, they do play sometimes but their addictions aren’t as heavy duty as mine it appears.  Oh well, we still had fun in RL together, which is the important thing.

Saturday was the day that we had set aside to spend some time with our granddaughter and our son.  Awesomsauce!  We had a great time taking the little one into a store full of people and all kinds of things to catch a 2 1/2 year olds eyes.  Surprisingly enough, she was very well behaved in spite of everything going on.  We even got brave enough to take the little one out to a late lunch in a real live restaurant – once again, she surprised us all with the way that she was so well behaved.  Could have been her excitement of watching all of the people in there because it was a crowded place – she even thought it was great fun to try to color the little hat that they brought her – can’t say I’ve ever seen a school bus that color before, however, for a two year old – that wasn’t a bad color – hot pink,  I suppose. There is nothing that melts a grandparents’ heart faster than the words “I love you, Grandpa and Grandma.” Naturally she thinks that her Dad is the greatest thing since sliced bread because she doesn’t have to share his attention with any of her siblings from her Mother’s previous liaisons. Of course, Daddy dotes on the little girl and we all know that she is going to be terribly spoiled  – which is okay, kids need to be spoiled.

Sunday was going to be one of those days where I just kind of relaxed and did a few things around the house and got play WoW a little bit because even though we’re both retired, it does seem like our weekends are just as busy as they were when we were working.

Yesterday, Memorial Day in the US, we were planning on having a nice dinner with our son sans granddaughter because she had to go spend some time with her Mother.  Anyway, we got up and did a few things around the house to make it look less ‘lived’ in than it normally does – yes, the dust bunnies were starting to demand equal privileges with the cats – wasn’t a happy arrangement for either groups.

Luckily, I had some time to jump into the game for a little while and play on my little Tauren that has been languishing in Pandaria for far too long without any kind of progress.  I would work on her periodically when I needed a break from usual plethora of elves – Horde and Alliance.  She finally hit the precious and forever long level of 89 today which means that it is going to be the longest grind in history to 90 before she can fly in Pandaria. Even with the increase in experience points with each quest completed, it still seems like it takes forever.

All was good in the world yesterday until some poor fool decided that flying his vehicle in the air was a much better means of transportation rather than staying on the roadway with the rest of the peons.  This little antic caused a great number of us in the area to be without cable, telephones and internet for roughly twelve hours while the repairs were being made.   Yep, we don’t know if the poor fool lived through the ordeal or not, however, our main cable boxes for a portion of the Southeast section of the city did not survive the antics. 

We had a great time spending some quality time with our adult child without any interference from our cable, telephone or internet, however, it did cause us all to overindulge in the food that we had prepared.  Just for grins, we decided that a prime rib was in order with all of the side dishes that usually come along with that main dish.  To say that we overindulged is an understatement which leaves us all feeling a bit “beef” saturated today with the side effects. 

World of Warcraft

5.3 has been a fun time for those of you that have been able to enjoy it to its fullest extent, however, for those of my ilk – still working on getting there due to the number of alts that I play  – it’s been a tad bit interesting.  Reporting several issues in-game with uncommon bugs that seem to have cropped up after the patch was dropped and logged back in today to find that those bugs were still very much alive and still mucking up what it was that I wanted to do on my alts for the day.  As for the storyline that has come along with the patch, I don’t know if I am impressed or not – if I’m asking myself that question, chances are it’s the latter.

Last week, when the patch dropped, I thought it would be a fine time to work on some alts since I knew that Pandaria was going to be packed to the gills and less that feasible for common courtesy to survive more than a few milliseconds in some areas.  Oh, I wasn’t disappointed when I went to the Seat of Knowledge – looked around and made a hasty departure back to where I had been and parked my mains for the duration of time.  Little did I know that the plethora of bugs that were created with this drop on poor Kalimdor would actually put a halt on leveling much on that continent – I’ve found workarounds with some of the issues by going to the Eastern Kingdoms. Mostly buggy things like gathering mats – kill something, try to skin it and it didn’t work, however, if you backed up in Un’Goro you could kill the ravasaurs and skin them  – pity the poor people that were doing questing in the area when several of us were trying to gather mats for leather working.

Rerolled a mage that I had been working on for quite some time and had left languishing since Christmas and discovered that I wasn’t all that bad, not with all of the BOA gear he had on his little body.  Yep, think I’ll be working on him some more.  I also decided that it would be a good time to reroll one of my shaman because I couldn’t really play the higher level one with any kind of confidence at all only  to discover that this wasn’t such a bad character to play after all.  Yep, let them sit in the files and get dusty for a few months and not only the nerfs will do you in but you’ve also forgotten some of the mechanics of playing them.  Oh no, don’t even think that I would be silly enough to run one through a dungeon with perfect strangers – those names even though they are just names tend to make one kind of feel like you’ve been riding the short-bus most of your life.  I would truly hate to be a “new” player walking into some of these instances for the first time – they would probably cringe, cry and quickly unsub their subscriptions with some of the behaviors that I have witnessed of late.  It’s not just the lower dungeons that seem to have evolved a new legacy of cretins.

Just my own personal point of view, I do actually think that 5.3 is probably the most bug infested patch that Blizzard has created in quite a while, including the CRZ debacle that we’ve all learned to adapt too. Quests are broken, looked at the Bug Report forum and some of them area listed and some are not – turned in more bug reports in-game than I ever have and I know they were ignored completely after this morning maintenance.   Where has the seamless game that I have come to enjoy disappeared too?  Wish I knew because my frustration and my inability to get any kind of character immersion going at this point has reached a new high.  Still love the game and hope that it gets fixed to where it’s fun again without the little bothersome things cropping up at each level of the game.  Doesn’t matter if you’re level 90 or a level 10, those bugs reach out and grab your attention real fast when you’ve been playing for eight years.  Seems to be that most of the bugs that I have encountered seem to be where the new content has “splatted” down – Yep, those caravans must be hard up for leather and you forget about running a goblin around on the rocketway because it’s not working any longer.  Wonder if the trolls were using it for some kind of military strategy that we are unaware of at this point? Poor Kalimdor.

Ah well, this wasn’t meant to be a rant about all of the things that are wrong at this point, however, I was bit taken aback to find that none of the bugs that were reported were fixed in the old content.  I guess you either “have to play” the new content or you get swept under the carpet.   Well, just so happens that I am pretty burned out on Pandaria  – it’s been a great expansion, however, with six 90s trying to finish out their tenure up there, it really gets old grinding away.   That’s why I wanted to play my alts – to get away from Pandaria for a while.

Oh well, I’m sure that my mood will change before too much longer and I’ll get back into the swing of things again.  Oh yeah, we didn’t get the internet back until after ten o’clock last night which made it nearly impossible for me to pick my poor little characters’ pixilated brains to get a good story written today.

Cheers, hope my brain kicks in and I can get myself buried in one of my characters for a few hours at least.



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