Oh, The Discussions We Sometimes Have…

May 29th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that Kae and I are finally starting to wind down a bit since our last patrol up in Kun’lai.  That seemed to be the longest four days that we have spent up there for a long time.  It seems as though there is a great deal of unrest amongst the Horde these days.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to my Father about it but the rumors that we are getting here in Pandaria is that the Horde is imploding.  Sure does look like something is going awry in the worst possible way for them. 

I know that Kae and I both were spotted a couple of times by Horde scouting parties and they made no move on us at all.  It actually kind of creeped us out a bit because we’re used to being shot at, at least chased some distance before they give up, however, this time, they just saw us and didn’t do anything at all.  I know that I have seen fewer Rangers up in the area, which is all well and good because that always fills both us with trepidation because you never know if my Father will be with them or not.  For a commanding officer, he sure does seem to spend a lot of time out in the field with his men.  I’m happy our commander doesn’t feel like disturbing her beauty rest long enough to get her hands dirty and go out in the field with the rest of us.

We were able to get in some personal hunting while we were on patrol and I have a substantial amount of hides to send back to Maggie in Stormwind again.  Of course, I’m keeping out some of the best pieces to make some things for Kae and I because we’re both in dire need of some larger saddlebags.  Yes, we are starting to accumulate more “stuff” the more we’re together.  One of those things where I would have already sold it off or thrown it out, Kae is going “we might need that” to me.

My Mother seems to be rather pleased to be able to come and visit us at the farm since it overlooks Dad’s place.  She can at least catch a glimpse of him when she is here and he happens to be in Halfhill.  I know that they are still stealing a few hours to be together alone every now and then.  And yes, Lumina is very definitely going to have kittens and Kae has already said that she wants one.  Mom is going to give her the pick of the litter, I guess.  I’m glad that the two women in my life are appearing to be at least friendly to one another.  Kae talks more openly around my Mother than I ever thought would happen and that’s always a pleasant thing to overhear them talking about me when I was a little boy and the things that I used to get into.

I guess that Mom has explained to Kae about the rebel cause and the Horde stuff in the warehouse and Kae seems to be able to accept the explanation more readily than she did when it came from me.  I guess Mom went into more detail with her about how things are done with the company because she knows that Kae and I are still working for the same goal when we’re not doing Sentinel business.  Who knows, if things go as badly for the Horde as they appear to be from the rumors, the company in Stormwind will be even more valuable than it already is.

Mom said that Aunt Faendra is going to be getting married to some fellow in Silvermoon that Dad arranged for her and Mom doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.  Oh, the Sindorei are definitely different in how they handle things like marriages and family alliances than what the Kaldorei are.  I had to laugh at Mom because she was telling Kae and I that it was a blessing in disguise that I took after the Kaldorei more the Sindorei, I would probably have a rougher time of fitting in with that group of people.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about it.  At least I won’t have to endure one of those arranged things – if anything happens, it will happen because I want it too and the person involved with me would have to be in agreement to it.  Marry or mate for love, don’t do it for money and social climbing.  Seems kind of barbaric to me the way the Sindorei do things like that.  I guess that Aunt Fae isn’t too thrilled with the whole thing either from what Mom had gathered in her discussions with Dad.

I know it’s nice for us to be at the farm for a few days.  I will admit that my shoulders are giving me fits these days.  I guess I need to start thinking about springing for a new set of shoulders since my current armor doesn’t seem to fit as well.  It’s too tight right across the shoulders.  I think that Kae and I both need to look at getting some replacement gear.  Oh, hers fits her perfectly, I’m the one that seems to be still growing.  I kind of miss those days when we lived in Dalaran and all I had to do was to march down to the smithy and he would set about making a new set for me without any money up front.  Well, he had the Morningstar account and had had it for years.  He’s the fellow that really kept us all looking great.  Ah well, those days are gone for good I suppose.  I’m still kind of shocked at the changes there but I guess that’s how it’s going to be.

My Mother embarrassed me to death the last time that she was here when she asked Kae if she was taking any precautions against getting pregnant.  She even gave her some of the herbs that she uses because she had brought quite a supply from my Grandmother’s the last time that she was in Dolonaar.  Mom said that she wasn’t ready to become a grandparent yet and if I was truly my Father’s son, then, we’d be going at it like rabbits.  Mom, how could you do that to me?  I thought Kae was going to laugh until she cried because she saw how dark my face got and the shocked look that I had going there. Kae told Mom that she thought I must be taking after my Father because I seemed to have quite the appetite for what we were doing when we were alone.  My Mom just nodded her head and smiled the biggest smile.  I think that she did that on purpose.

I guess I was just embarrassed that my Mom knew I was “doing it” just like I was embarrassed the first time I walked in on she and Dad having some fun times.  Oh well, I guess we’ve all agreed that it’s a normal fact of life that men and women will do the horizontal dance when they get the chance.

It’s almost time for the Faire again and I think that we’re hoping that we can take some time off and go this time.  We missed last month’s fun.  I know that Mom is going to remind Dad of the fact that it’s coming soon in hopes that he will be able to get away and go with us.  I would like for Kae to meet him away from Pandaria and the prying eyes.  I think she is going to be in for a big surprise when she finally gets to talk to him.  I laughed when she told me that she thought he was a very attractive man for a Sindorei.  She kind of likes to take a peek at Dawnglory every now and again too.  I hope we get to meet my friends from Stormwind again and maybe Kae will be relaxed enough to where she can get to know them.

Well, guess what, Dawnglory has some redheaded woman living with him at his farm now.  That sure didn’t take long for him to get  a woman in there.  I saw her early this morning and she looks a bit beat-up and frail.  I guess that’s how the Sindorei women are these days.  Oh, I’m sure that Dawnglory didn’t hit or anything like that because I know him well enough to know that that isn’t his style. Love and leave ’em, yes, not beat them up and leave them.  I suppose that she must be kind of special for him to have her living there with him.  I wonder if she is  a Ranger too?  I’ll have to ask my Dad when I see him.

Oh well, I guess that we’re going to have to do some other things today while we’re here at the farm too.  Looks like weeding is in order after all of the rain that we’ve been getting.  Kae has already made breakfast while I was writing and is standing in the kitchen tapping her foot like she always does when she wants me to hurry up with whatever it is that I am doing.  


2 thoughts on “Oh, The Discussions We Sometimes Have…

  1. HAHA!. yes, mothers do have a way of knowing how to embarrass their children in the most awkward times..I guess it’s payback for the all the times ,their children embarrassed them with their antics. I know Romy’s father is still having issues accepting the fact his little angel is grown up…though I doubt he’s ready to hear about her living with a man, let alone having sex with said man..
    I have a feeling things are going to get real interesting among the three families in the future, especially with all three families being involved with the Rebellion in manner or another. Fantastic read!

  2. Yeah, I think that Kal wanted to crawl in a closest somewhere when his Mother was having a rather frank conversation with the woman living with him. Hey, paybacks are a real bear when parents get the chance to throw one in there now and again. Oh yeah, I think that all of the families will be having some interesting times in the near future. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it does mean a lot.

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