What Am I Doing?

*Language – blunt and a few swears – if you’re easily offended, don’t read this.*

May 31st

Yo Book!

Yeah, it’s me and it’s the middle of the fucking night and I’ve been outside drinking with Jogue.  Oh yeah, we have these late night discussions every now and then when I have a case of insomnia and I definitely wasn’t in the mood to go chase some strange tail when I have a perfectly wonderful woman sleeping in my bed – actually the best woman I’ve ever slept with, however, I’m sure as shit not going to tell her that.  Oh the things that she does to me have me reeling from time to time.

Well, the sex part has been in absentia the last few days because she is still recovering from a concussion, broken ribs and who knows what else may have been damaged in that scuffle that shouldn’t have happened with a Mogu.  I know that I was very happy to hear that her Lt. Commander is no longer on the mortal plane though – he was going to be a dead man either way if I had any say in the matter.  Good ol’ Morningstar with all of his diplomatic skills can still be a blood thirsty bastard when the mood strikes him.  Guess, it kicked him square in the ass this time.  Of course, the rumor mill is grinding away at the demise of the bastard in question.

I’m sitting here at the table feeling almost too fucking plastered to write, however, it’s probably best that I sober up some before I go to bed with Romy.  She’s sound asleep and seems to be sleeping rather peacefully tonight at last.

I have no idea what was in the pain medication that she was taking there for a while, however, it may have stopped the pain but it sure gave her some horrendous nightmares or something.  I have the fucking bruises to prove it.  Not to mention when she kneed me in the groin, I had more than just tears in my eyes – she was sound asleep.  I could always tell when she was going into one of those nightmares too because she would start twitching in her sleep and then she would let out a growl or moan kind of thing that woke me right up.  I’m still not used to sleeping with anyone every single night yet, so, just the slightest movement or noise kind of has me on edge.

I have to admit that I enjoyed meeting her Father, however, I’m happy to make note that he is not a frequent visitor to Halfhill at least.  Nice guy, bosom buddy in the future, doubtful.  He wants to make sure that I will take care of his daughter, I get that, however, I sure as shit don’t need some patriarchal dude telling me that every other sentence.

I’m looking at Romy now and the bruising on her face has all but disappeared now and the swelling has gone down, however, I will have to admit that she had me worried there for a while with the concussion and how her breathing was all fucked up with the broken ribs.  That’s why we haven’t been doing the horizontal dance lately – she can’t breathe.  I’m real worried about how fragile she is right now and I fully intend on keeping her on light duty when she finally gets the go ahead from the healers to return to active duty again.

She’s just as beautiful to me now as she was the first day that I met her.  I know under those sheets there is a body that is almost like a fucking statue – every line is perfect and those hidden places, well, let’s just say that I think I could lose my soul forever with the way that she makes love. She has definitely been my match in the bedroom. She’s beautiful, that long red hair spread out over the pillow like a veil and I can just imagine the rest, her lips slightly parted as she takes in a breath.  Let’s just say that if we were able to do anything physically right now, that’s what I would be doing.

I’ve enjoyed the time that we have had though.  We’ve lain in bed for hours just holding each other and talking.  She’s a very deep person and I enjoy hearing that husky voice of hers talk about her life with her people in Northrend. She even listens to me when I talk too. I like the way she laughs sometimes even if it does bring on a coughing fit now and again if I make her laugh too much. It’s not intentional, I can assure you, she makes me feel like I can say anything that I want to her and she won’t take offense. She makes me feel like I’m smart and very witty – yeah, I’m a fool for a compliment now and then.

I’m kind of sitting here this morning wondering about what the hell I’m doing and about what I have gotten myself into.  I’ve never had a woman living with me full time and it does feel a bit awkward at times.  I mean, I used to just rip off a fart without thinking about it, now, I feel like I should do the polite thing and go outside.  No more whizzing out the door into the yard if I wake up in the middle of the night either – oh well, I guess I needed to be civilized a bit anyway – I think I hit the cat a couple of times before I realized it, she still gives me dirty looks, poor little housecat.  I mean I’m not totally uncouth, just a bit rough around the edges after living around a bunch of guys in a camp. I’ve come to the realization that women may not fart either – at least I haven’t heard one yet since Romy has been here. Maybe that’s a good thing because I’m sure there are sections of Silvermoon that would have blown up in a methane explosion if they did. Oh well, get off the biological warfare thoughts there, Dawnglory.

 I’m just sitting here looking at this woman and wondering what is going to happen to us down the road.  I care about her a lot and would like for this relationship to last for a while.  I’ve only been close to being in love once and the girl took off without any warning – I’ll never know what went wrong or if she was just a nut job.  What the fuck!  What’s there not to love about me?  I’m tall, I’m blonde, I’m wealthy in my own right and I have no strings attached to a family that expects me to do anything.  Well, my sister might but she’s getting married off soon and that will be one less financial entanglement for me to deal with.

I guess I should go back to bed and wrap my arms around this woman while she is still mine to hold and go back to sleep.  The sky is starting to show some signs of the dawn and I should get another hour of sleep at least before I have to put on my armor and head back to base camp. Sure wish we could do something besides sleep though – that might be the one thing I ask about in the near future.  I’m not ready for that to go away for a long time.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing?

  1. I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading Fnar’s posts, they are honest,blunt,and downright hysterical at times.This one is no exception; and its been a joy to read. He has been so patient with Romy while she was healing,and she’s definitely noticed.,and is planning to reward him quite well for it 🙂 Great read..and a great way to start off my day.

    • Hehe, glad you enjoy his writing – he’s definitely a “guy” and the lack of his people skills has gotten him into all kinds of trouble in the past – with Romy’s help, maybe he can smooth off the rough edges although she is very much like him with her frankness. I’m sure that he will be pleasantly surprised when they can resume their relationship in the near future. – Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. 😀

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