Living in Halfhill …

June 1st

Dear Journal,

It’s hard to realize that there is a war going on sometimes in Pandaria, however, there is and it’s something that Kal and I need to remind ourselves of occasionally.  We’ve been so happy with the way that our personal lives are going that we’ve kind of gotten away from the fact that we’re here to do a duty to the King in Stormwind.  Oh well, I’m sure that no one has really noticed that we’ve slacked off a bit.

If all of the rumors are true that we’ve been hearing here in Pandaria, the war here should be over soon.  I don’t see how the Horde can fight within themselves and still continue the battles on this continent as well.  Just from a military point of view, the whole thing seems rather impossible.  A rebellion within the Horde to overthrow their Warchief seems t be the new area of concern. With the way that all of these people have been treated, the races other than the Orcs, it just seems like this Warchief is not the brightest anyway.  I’m not overly fond of Orcs to start with because of how they have pillaged the land in Kalimdor and to be honest, if they got wiped from the face of the planet, it would probably be of a great benefit to all. Elune knows they don’t truly belong here.

Kal has been spending more time with those friends of his from Stormwind and I think it is both a good thing and a bad thing.  I hope he’s not slipping around and seeing that Worgen girl again, you never know what a fellow might be thinking and doing.  He has been going back to Stormwind about once a week to take our skins and things back, turns in the contracts that we’ve filled and picks up some more contracts.  Sometimes he stays overnight. You might wonder why I don’t go with him? 

Well, the whole thing is that some of the people he likes aren’t exactly law abiding citizens and he thinks that I need to forget about being a Sentinel when I am on my own personal time.  He doesn’t understand that being a Sentinel is not just an on and off again thing that you can just turn off.  His Mother seems to be able to do that though, I guess I should talk to her about it because she’s adapted a lot of the things in her life to where she’s able to “not be” a Sentinel sometimes.  I guess I should at least give it a try if I am going to fit into Kal’s life more, however, it’s going to be hard to do. What is it he said?  Something about his family being more open-minded and cosmopolitan in their manner of dealing with things – I need to look up that cosmo-whatever-it-is thing and see if I can get my head wrapped around it.  I guess some of that free thinking must come from his being raised in Shattrath with his parents, which is a pretty strange situation when you think about it.

After living with Kal for a while in the truest of senses, I am finding out more and more about him.  He’s funny, he’s young and he enjoys having nice things, much more so than any man I have ever been around before.  He likes his armor to fit perfectly and I have to laugh because with all of the physical activity that we’ve been doing, his shoulders are much broader and his armor is more than a little uncomfortable for him to wear these days.  It’s time for us to do more shopping.

He even tells me about the times that he and his family lived in Dalaran, openly – his Father and Mother used to take walks and meet friends at some of the establishments there. It sounds like he had a wonderful life there before the Purge and wishes that it had never happened. I don’t think that he has been back to Dalaran since then, either, although in his heart it will always be a city where he found that he can be acceptable in any social gathering – well, Shattrath isn’t exactly one of the places for many social gatherings like there appears to have been in Dalaran.  From what I have been able to figure out, his Father isn’t exactly a poor Sindorei hunter as some people might have thought him to be when he first moved to Dalaran – he has come a long way.  He’s still a very good looking man for a Sindorei, even as old as he is, I’m sure the women chased him like they do his son now.

I really have enjoyed getting to know Kal’s Mother.  She is everything that he told me she was and more.  Oh, I can see that she is a good Sentinel, what I couldn’t see is how she was a good Mother to her children, however, you can see her fine hand in his self-discipline and I think that I can see his Father’s influence in how he deals with certain things.  Oh, she does have a temper too, which I haven’t seen directed at me, however, I can see little sparks of it now and again when she is here because she makes no secret in front of us that she is displeased with the fact that she can’t live openly with Kal’s Father even here in Halfhill.  Too many prying eyes and I am sure wagging tongues would make it too dangerous for their relationship to be known.  It would be very dangerous for Kal and I.

Oh, we finally got some more furniture for the house and it really is lovely.  I really enjoy some of the changes that we’ve made with the house because it always seemed like I was a visitor here sometimes even though we’ve been living together as friends for quite a long time.   As Kal puts it, it needed a woman’s touch and some girl things to be shown in the house – like my glass animal figurines being out on the bookshelf instead of being tucked neatly away.  Kal has even found some more to add to my collection even though they aren’t the glass of Kalimdor, the jade tiger and crane that he has added look beautiful.

Oh, my mind is just in a quandary this morning because Kal and I have decided that we will go to the Faire again when it starts.  I know that I had an enjoyable time and I think that this time we will have even more fun because we will be meeting his grandparents and his two youngest brothers.  Meeting new people always makes me nervous and this is no different because it is always important how a man’s family feels about the woman that he is currently involved with. I know that we have the time off and we could better spend it here in Pandaria rather than going off to the Faire, however, Kal is very insistent that I start meeting the people that mean a lot to him.  He even thinks that his Mother will get his Father to join us for a while – I am looking forward to actually getting an opportunity to speak with this fellow that helped produce such a wonderful son.

I’m nervous about meeting these people because even though some people may not think this way, it does matter what a man’s family thinks of the woman that they are involved with.  I don’t need a stamp of approval from them, however, it would be rather disconcerting to Kal if I’m deemed not acceptable.   I guess I need to pack a robe of some sort because Kal is insisting that we go some other places and will be actually going out to dinner in Stormwind with some of his friends.  Well, it’s time for me to learn how to put the Sentinel part of me aside and just enjoy being with other people regardless of the differences.







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