More Adventures In Pandaria

Amyn awaked with the breeze softly blowing through the open window,  to the sound of the leaves rustling as they were caressed by the slowly moving air.  If there was a place where she could be happier in Pandaria, she hadn’t found it yet. Just being able to wake up in the same bed with her Sindorei was all the happiness that she wanted at this point – no, it wasn’t like their home in Dalaran, however, this little hideaway in the Jade Forest was as close to heaven as that she could ask for.

She lay there in the bed and was languishing in the memories of the passion from the night before and staring at the man that had been her mate for more than half her lifetime. This Sindorei with the long flowing ebon hair had captured her heart so many years ago, yet, each day that she awakened in his arms she gave extra thanks to Elune for that blessing. All these months that they had been separated while he was in Pandaria and she was struggling to find her way here seem like a bad memory.  She was with her Sindorei and as far as she was concerned, she never wanted to leave his side again.

She had heard the rumors of the Horde imploding with the rebellion of the Trolls and she had seen some changes in Pandaria as to how her foe was currently fighting.  There seemed to be fewer of them these days and her Sindorei had confirmed that he was receiving fewer and fewer replacements of his men in Krasarang.  They usually didn’t discuss anything in regard to their separate factions, however, they were both in agreement that the whole adventure by their leaders here in Pandaria had been an error in judgment – now they were all reaping what had been sown.  With the way that the Orc Warchief, Hellscream had treated the other races under his command, she was definitely surprised that someone hadn’t killed him already – only the precious Orcs were supposed to get the respect and consideration from their leader, the rest, well, they were expendable.

She slowly extracted herself from the bed, not wanting to awaken her lover, and made her way into the kitchen of their little abandoned house to make some coffee and tea. The coffee was for her mate and the tea for herself – she couldn’t understand how her Sindorei could drink so much of the acrid tasting coffee without drowning it in honey.   She always wondered why someone would have built such a beautiful home here in the Jade Forest and abandoned it, leaving all of their belongings behind.  Was it because of the encroachment of the strangers from beyond the mists that had scared them away in such haste?  It could have been, however, she and her Sindorei always made sure to leave the little house as they had found it each time they visited. She smiled to herself as she realized that their visits here were becoming more frequent and lasting longer – the stolen hours had first gone to a day in length and now, they would slip away and spend several days together, away from the prying eyes.

She had gathered her things to write, the journal, the pen and ink before she sat down to a leisurely time before their day would start again. She heard Lumina give a soft growl and glanced up to see her Sindorei wide-eyed as he started from the bed with a cry of MOVE, AMYN!!

Everything went black and she awakened peering through a haze of red, unable to move and staring into the corpse eyes of a very dead Orc. She could hear sounds of more scuffling and all she could see were the bare feet of her Sindorei and boot-clad feet of another person before another body landed on top of her – it wasn’t her Sindorei’s body, it was another Orc.

The next time she awakened, she realized that she was lying in the bed at the farm in Halfhill with a Sindorei healer wiping her face and hearing her Sindorei swearing.  Something about he didn’t care if she was Kaldorei, the healer would make her better.

Her mind was whirling with not only from her injuries but with the revelation that that she and her husband had been found out now – they were going to die as traitors, however, they would die together. She could feel her chest move with shallow breaths and feel her heart slowly pumping in her chest before her mind slipped back into the darkness.

It could have been a few hours or even a few days before she opened her eyes again to see her Sindorei peering at her.  His face was haggard, unshaven and tears were streaming down his face. She started to speak and found that her throat was so dry that all she could get out was a small squeak before a cup of water was pressed to her lips so that she could drink.

“Oh, thank the Light, Amyn!” whispered her husband  before he was replaced in her view by the Sindorei healer.

She could feel Fnor’s hand holding hers as the healer peered into her eyes and shone a bright light into them and all she wanted now was to go back to sleep some more, her head throbbed and she felt like her limbs were weighted down with stones. As she closed her eyes again, she could hear the voices of her mate and the healer as if they were some distance away.

“Commander Morningstar, I am not going to report this impropriety because you’ve told me that she is your wife and a Mother to your children.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save the baby she was carrying, however, she is going to need a lot of bed rest for the next few weeks to recover from the head injury. She’s very lucky to even be alive at this point, ” said the healer as she started to pack her bag before leaving. “I will be back in a few hours, I’ll just tell the people in the camp that you have a serious cold and require my attention, Sir.”

Fnor knelt down next to the bed and gently took his wife’s hand in his as the tears slowly streamed down his face. “Amyn, my beloved, we’re going to get through this, I promise you.”




2 thoughts on “More Adventures In Pandaria

  1. * Jaw Drops * OMG!!!! Poor Amyn and Fnor! Their worst nightmare had come true…I hope Amyn is going to be alright. Head injuries are no fun,and given the fact that she got hers from an orc makes even more compelling,and their poor little baby, so sad.

  2. Fnor is definitely devastated by the injuries to his wife and the loss of their unborn child, that he didn’t even know about, as well as the latest assault has made him even more determined to aid the rebels against Garrosh. It’s time for the war to end – yesterday, in his mind.

    ((Hehe, this was all compliments of a very vivid dream that I had last night – see you do dream about this silly game sometimes – might be a bit Mary Sueish, however, it adds to the story))

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