Still No Luck…

June 3rd

Dear Journal,

Okay, we got all the employees looking for the Princess and so far, nothin’.  Not a thing, no one saw her leave the stables on that hawkstrider of hers and none of the guards remember seeing a redheaded girl on a green hawkstrider leave the city – I even greased their palms a bit and they saw nothin’ – stupid Orcs, she didn’t just disappear or levitate out of the city, she’s not that kind of girl, she’s a hunter, she had to leave on a mount or on foot.  Hmm, Uncle Zednick says he’s not heard anything from any of the mages he’s talked too about her up and leaving – he said they’re like a brotherhood and if someone made a portal for her, he’d find out about it.

I’m not gonna panic, I keep telling myself that but the Boss is gonna be so mad when he finds out that his sister gave that hired mook, the bodyguard, the slip and blew town. I was able to pull some of the money out of our savings account to put in the cashbox that she stole, plus bought a new cash box which I’m gonna bill the company for – ain’t my fault she got a case of the glue gloves and took my box too.

Now, I’ve changed the combination on the  safe and I wasn’t able to put the surplus cash back in there because I don’t have that kinda money.  I already gave Dooddah a smack upside the head for suggesting that I use what was given to me and raise money that way – I’m not that kinda girl and my prices would be too high for the guys here in Orgrimmar anyway.

Yeah, yeah, I sent Dooddah out to track because she supposed to b a good hunter and all she found were a bunch of plainstriders and a few boars.  She said she got chased by some kind of weird trolls but things are kinda hinky with them right now anyway and I’m not sure I believe it.  She’s my sister but I swear by the cashbox that she is kinda weird. She said she heard there was a girl hanging out in Crossroads for a few hours trying to get outta there, however, this one had black hair even if she rode a green hawkstrider.  So, we kinda blew that one off.

Besides, this girl sounds like she was dressed to the nines and had all kinds of equipment and cash that she was flashing around – I’d hope that if our Princess was going to run away that she’d be smarter than that. I asked Dooddah if she was going back to see if she could track this girl and she asked me why – see what I mean, the girl can be seven kinds of dense. I told her to get her little green butt back to Crossroads and see what else she could find out.

I asked a couple of the Tauren that work for us if they would keep an eye out for the Princess and they said they would.  I doubt that I will hear anything from them for a while, besides the Mama is kind of blind and we get all kinds of stuff mixed in with the herbs that she brings us sometimes – the snake in the bag was probably the worst thing so far – although, the crab was probably the worst in Uncle Zednick’s eyes since it grabbed him by his manparts when he was emptying the bag – made for some nice eating though, the crab, not the manparts.

Okay, it’s been a week since she took off and nobody’s seen nothing.  The city got locked down by that Warchief and we’re having enough trouble getting supplies in and out of the city without laying down some serious cash to the guards, which is gonna cut into the profit margin.  The Boss was supposed to be back in town at the end of the week but he sent a letter to me saying that he was going to be delayed another week due to his duties in Pandaria.  Well, that bought us some more time at least.  However, he sent a letter to the Princess too and he told her he was going to be here and that she should have all of her stuff packed and ready to go because he wasn’t going to stay in Silvermoon very long and she was supposed to do whatever Agatha told her to do.  Man oh man, he’s gonna be real upset when he finds out she ain’t here either. The Boss also told me to pay the bodyguard for another week, heh, well, the bodyguard took off the same day that the Princess did, he didn’t want to face the Boss either.

I still haven’t built up the nerve to write the Boss and tell him that his baby sister flew the coop and we have no idea where she is in Kalimdor, well, we think that she is still in Kalimdor. Who knows, she might have decided to go back to the Undercity or even to Silvermoon because that’s where she used to hang out when she was growing up. Yup, I should get some of the guys on that side of the world to start looking for her too – I can get a letter smuggled to that Dranei in Stormwind to see if she has heard anything.  You never know about those people over there, they might know something.

I can see how my letter would go to the Boss in my head and it ain’t pretty.

Yo Boss!

Remember your sister that we were supposed to be keeping an eye on here in Orgrimmar?  Well, she ain’t here and we don’t know where she is.  Remember that 10K you had in the safe, well, it ain’t here either – we think that it left with your sister.

Business is going great and have a nice day.


No, I don’t think that whole thing would go over well in a letter, so, I think that I’ll just kind of wait for him to show up or the other Boss might come in, the  blonde hunter that was so gung-ho for the archeology stuff.   I’m going to need more than a new business proposition if things turn out the way that I think they might.

Oh well, time for me to get my inventory done and see what kind of profit margin we’re gonna have, at least I think that will be good news for the Boss. Maybe he won’t be too upset about his sister disappearing if he knows he’s still making money?

Zippie Prattfall



2 thoughts on “Still No Luck…

  1. Aww poor little goblin girl.. I can see why she’s so stressed; facing the wrath of Morningstar doesn’t sound too appealing,and I can totally understand her reasoning.

    • Poor little thing is almost crazy with the thoughts of what might rain down on her head while she keeps trying to figure out ways to make it better before the Boss really finds out. Uncle Zednick and Dooddah are kind of thinking that the letter might not be such a bad idea and they would have plenty of time to run. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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