Back In Her Arms Again…

*Language – blunt and a few swears.  If you’re easily offended by this sort of thing, please don’t read this entry.*


June 4th,

Yo Book!!

Yesterday when I returned from the base camp in Krasarang, I was pleasantly surprised to see Romy in the market place wandering about.  I had thought to surprise her and bring home something different for us to eat than Jogu’s chicken and dumplings, which, I imagine that she was getting rather burned out on even if they are delicious.

See that redheaded woman walking through the crowds of people was a pleasant and wonderful sight to behold.  It’s funny how it makes me feel every time I’ve been away and come back home – to see this woman out and about just made my heart start to pound and naturally, I had to go join her.

Well, well, well, it’s about fucking time that this happened again, I was beginning to wonder if we  were ever going to be able to be intimate again.  Let’s just say that when we were talking in the market, she was giving me all of the signals and giving me these little verbal taunts that were making my blood start to pound in my head and elsewhere.

Damn, we barely got in the fucking door before we were all over each other, clothes flying everywhere and, try as I might, I kept trying to be thoughtful and was aiming towards my armor stand as the buckles were loosened by my lover and my hands were busy trying to get her clothes off of her as well.  Fuck, who knew that women had so many of those damned little buttons on an outfit that barely kept them contained.

Let’s just say that we definitely followed the healer’s orders and were as gentle as we could be with our lovemaking.  I sure as shit didn’t want to injure her in my zeal to make her physically happy at the same time.  I’ll just say that we were carful and there isn’t going to be one of those interactions between us that a repeat performance isn’t granted as many times as we can tolerate.

Naturally, being in Halfhill, the thunder and lightning started right on queue and here came that rain again.  I will have to admit that while we were active, that chill breeze wafting through the house was a welcome reprieve from the heat that we were generating between the two of us.

We did lay there for a while afterwards and talked.  This is really the first woman that I have been with that I feel comfortable lingering in bed with them and just talking about everything under the sun.  We always talk about her family and, now, we even discuss her Father as we linger under the blankets for a while.

I was amazed to find out that her Father had left his position in Thunder Isle to head back to Kalimdor and take a more active role in the rebellion.  I was amazed, then shocked and then I got pissed.  The fellow wants me to take care of his daughter and protect her and off he goes to make a grand showing of supporting the rebels against Hellscream.  Here I am trying to protect his daughter, even if I’m sleeping with her, and he goes off to be the hero.

Oh, hello there, asswipe!  I know that he is a Death Knight and it’s harder than hell to kill one when they get into their bloodlust, however, they can be killed just like any other creature on Azeroth.  Did he even think about the fact that his actions would somehow come back on his family and acquaintances if his actions were made note of?  Oh hell, no, he just fucking didn’t think.  I realize the poor fellow may be a bit brain damaged and he might be a slight bit off-center, however, when it comes to this rebellion, discretion is definitely something needs to be sought for.

Fnor and I have been involved  with the rebels long before the Trolls decided to step up to the plate and take the forefront of the battle. However, one of the things that we have always been careful of is that our actions cannot be traced back to us, the company and to our families.  I guess we learned a long time ago that being a showboat will only get your fucking ass killed and your family along with you.  I have no desire to see Romy, Felessa or any of the Morningstars being killed off like so much trash.  No, I’m discrete and I fully intend on talking to Romy’s Father when I get the chance and tell him exactly what I think of his courage and valor.  It’s a one way ticket to the headman’s block or to the gallows.

I think that I surprised Romy a little bit with my temper, however, I am not going to hold back my emotions about things when I am with her.  I’m not there to dance the dance of being polite and playing those little mind games that couples sometimes play with one another.  If I think shit stinks, I’m going to say that and I’m sure as hell not going to dress up.  Can you imagine me saying “That fertilizer is very aromatic!” No, if it fucking stinks, that’s what I’m going to say. If she wanted midgame and the niceness that might go along with the guys from Silvermoon, she should have chosen one of them for a lover and not yours truly.

Oh well, it was truly amazing to be able to be physical with Romy again.  All those nights of lying there next to her were a temptation that were a real test for me, however, they are fucking gone now. I know that I have feelings for her that rise above the lust, however, I’m not sure that I would call it love like some of the other people might – I just like being with her when I can.  Oh yes, fucking duty keeps me away, however, to know that she will be there when I return has been the most amazing thing that I have ever had happen. Kind of makes me feel happy, nervous and frightened all at the same time, you know what I mean? I look back at some of the relationships that I have been in and there is no comparisons – well, you can’t exactly call a one night stand a relationship and I’ve only had those for the most part. I think that means that I have only had one relationship that lasted longer than a night before this and the girl took off, never to be seen again.

Romy and I are still finding out things about one another.  It’s really kind of an experiment of time, patience and compromises.  I once asked Fnor how he and Amyn had stayed together for so long and he said it was all compromise – sometimes he won and sometimes she did.  Oh, the one big fucking thing that he said that really registered was “never go to bed together angry, always find a resolution to the argument before you go to bed”.   I guess that makes sense somehow, however, if you have an argument right before bed, that might fucking mean you have to makeup before you fall asleep – I like that making up part.

Oh, Romy and I talked about taking some time away from Pandaria too.  We might be taking a trip to Northrend to see some of her kin up there.  It might be kind of interesting although I was hoping that we could tour this country together a bit more – I’m sure we will have fun either way.  I’m kind of nervous about meeting her “tribe” as she calls it.  You never know how these people are going to react to another male stomping around their territory.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria




2 thoughts on “Back In Her Arms Again…

  1. Oh she was a happy camper when she saw him in the market, happier still when they were finally to resume their more pleasurable activities.. though she is going to talk to her father about his involvement with the Rebellion,and try to urge him to back off .. if that doesn’t work, she’s calling in the big guns.. her aunt Desiree.

  2. Hehe, I think that Fnar might have even broken into a dance when he saw Romy out at the market – the other dance came later, however, he’s one happy Ranger. He’s happy and frightened at the same time with the way that they are staying together – he’s been a confirmed bachelor for a very long time, however, he likes his life much better now even if he doesn’t admit it. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. 😀

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