A Pandaren Hunter Walks Amongst Us…

June 5th

Dear Journal,

My name is Panmoshu and I come from the Wandering Isle – it seems so long ago, however, my cousin Chang Wu has assured me that it has only been about a month. Chang is finding his way around this strange land and I decided to follow him, although he did forbid any of us to follow him.  I chose to follow him anyway because why should he wander this land alone without family with him.  I wanted to have adventures too even if I am a girl.  Girls like to have fun too, Chang.

He’s the one that suggested that I write this journal to keep a written track of my adventures here in this Eastern Kingdom.  There are many places to see and many people to meet. I know that some of the humans seem to resent us being here in Stormwind, however, I can see why they have awakened the Sha in Pandaria – so much anger, so much violence and so much mistrust.  Chang says that this is how these people were raised, they have only known war. 

If they would only learn to share things, there would be no war – there is no need to punch someone in the face for the apple that you saw fallen from the tree – you can cut the apple in half and share it together.  I think that’s an easy thing for even these people to understand. One does not eat the whole apple if another hungers, that is what I learned at the temple when I was younger. I think my old master at the temple would call this greed – it seems to be very common amongst these people.

I know that I wish that I could spend as much time meditating as Chang does, sure does seem like he spends a great deal of his time doing that.  I, on the other hand, have discovered that it is more fun to go out and do the things that I did in my homeland.  I always loved to hunt, skin the beasts for their leather, sell their meat at the market and make things.  I can still do this here in this land, however, I do have to watch for others that will not share.  They do not have a market like we did at home, so, it takes a bit more time to sell my wares – they have this big building that they call the Auction House where they sell their things.

I like how we did these things at home much better.  At the market, you have time to talk to people while you’re selling your wares, it isn’t this constant shouting and pushing to get your bids in so that others might compete with you for the few coins that you get.  We would haggle with the people in the stalls some times over prices, however, we never got violent about it – we would even sit down and share beer – things are different here.

I have met many people of many races in this land. It’s like looking into a bowl of soup and seeing all of the vegetables floating around in the steaming water when you walk out the door of the Inn where we are staying.  I have seen the Gilneans that sometimes will change into a beast – that was scary the first time that I saw that and I did scream and run away. Since that first encounter, I have talked to a few of them and they seem to be likeable even if they do have two different personalities.  This wolf that they turn into isn’t very nice and I am afraid that they would want to eat me. Chang says that they were Cursed by these other people called the Forsaken – the skeletons that wear clothes and run around as if they were alive.  I have seen such things in the wilds outside of Stormwind and I usually run away – they might want to eat me too.

The Night Elves are a strange group of people, they live for Nature and take great care of the land, especially the trees.  They are very tall and some of them are very warlike in their demeanor with tattoos on their faces. Most of the ones that I have seen are females and they seem to be the ones that do a lot of the warring against other people – the males seem to be less impatient when I ask them questions.  Their homeland is across the sea and they call it Kalimdor – another big place for me to explore with Chang.

Maybe when Chang has learned as much as he can about these people in the Eastern Kingdom, we can go to this Kalimdor too although I have heard there are some very mean people that live there called Orcs.  I have never seen an Orc. Many people say that they don’t belong in this land – wherever they came from must be much larger than this.   Chang says that we mustn’t judge people, however, I think I can do that because I grew up on a Turtle swimming the seas until the mists lifted, we knew no other peoples.

I know that I miss the rest of my family sometimes and would like to go home.  Chang tells me that that is when I should meditate and talk to the other monks.  It seems like it is very expensive to go home now anyway and getting back there would take a very long time.  I should find peace within myself and endure the life that I have chosen – well, I did want to be an adventurer and I guess this is part of it. 

I can see why these people are warlike too.  I met their King the first day that I arrived, while he told me of many things of his land, I was very surprised when he wanted me to fight him.  Why would a man of his stature and station in life want to fight a lowly Pandaren hunter?  It might be a custom or their way of welcoming people to their land.  I did fight him although I was afraid that his guards were going to kill me so I didn’t hit him as hard as I could have because I am very strong and didn’t want to hurt him.  I won, he welcomed me to his city and that was the last time that I have seen him.  I guess Kings do not go out in their city very often.  This is indeed a very strange land.

I am sitting here waiting for Chang to come back from his meditating, smelling of beer again, I’m sure.  I have made other friends here in Stormwind and have found a few other Pandaren too.  I think I will go out and walk around and see some more sights – this city is big and I am sure there are places that I haven’t seen yet and many people to meet – I just hope I don’t run into any rude ones, they do seem to be rather plentiful here.







2 thoughts on “A Pandaren Hunter Walks Amongst Us…

  1. She sounds so adorable,and so inquisitive. Don’t worry little Panda girl, there is alot of nice people out there besides the rude ones; the challenge is getting out there and meeting them. Great read.. can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Oh, she’s very curious about things, that’s why she followed Changwu, he’s older and wiser than she is or so she thinks. She wants to be an adventurer, just like the people she has heard and read about, however, she’s still young enough that she would like to be able to go home soon – she misses her family. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting – it’s always appreciated.

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