Dark Moon Faire Tickets

June 5th

After putting through I don’t know how many alts, just on the basic go for the exp quests at the Faire, I sat here thinking, why am I doing this other than to try to level up my guilds;etc?  Well, I had been toying with the idea of rerolling another Druid – this time for the Alliance and rolling a Monk for the Horde – another race other than Pandaren.  Sooo, with that being said, I decided that since I had all of the pets, toys and all of the neat stuff that you can get at the Faire already in my group of characters.  Why not roll the characters and get the regular BOA gear and start from scratch?

Well, I didn’t realize how many months I had been running the Faire without doing anything with those wonderful DMF tickets accumulating over several characters.  Whee!! Had enough to actually fully outfit the two without having to spend anything else on them over than the guild helms and capes. 

I’ve already freely admitted that I am an altoholic, what’s two more to add the plethora of pixilated buddies?   Like I have said many times before, I may never live to see end-game in its entirety, however, I am enjoying the fun of getting there – see, they aren’t all hunters, I do try to play other classes now and then.    I will also admit that I do use WoW as a time filler and one heck of a hobby that I dearly love too – what’s a person to do when they love to role play and they love to play video games?

I’ve kind of started playing around with some of the new content with the advent of 5.3 a little bit, however, I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet because I’m still grinding out the reps from the previous patches.   Dungeons, phtfftt, haven’t done a whole lot of them because I am terrified of pugging without friends – if I suck at dps because I’ve miscalculated my reforging, at least I could have some kind of moral support there as I dissolve into tears.  Hunter rotations, well, I think I can do those in my sleep and probably have with BM and SUR hunters running wild in my teams.

I’ll probably make it all the way through to end-game about the time Blizzard releases a new expansion.  I can remember having quite a few fully capped and raid worthy characters during Cataclysm, however, since the drop of MoP, I’ve kind of given up on that dream a bit.  I have two really raid worthy 90s now and four that are kind of toddling along at their own pace.  Nope, don’t beat myself up for not having everything just perfect because I know I won’t ever reach that “elite” level that so many strive for.

Just wanted to drop a few lines here to let you know that those tickets at the Faire can be used for some pretty cool BOA gear, plus, I still run the tourney a bit now and then to have access to the gear up there for my little guys.  It’s the little things that keep an altoholic going on into the night with their fun times.

2 thoughts on “Dark Moon Faire Tickets

  1. oh I totally hear you about the dungeons.. though with my one mage, I pretty much got her from level 15 through 40 on dungeons; been trying to shake my phobia of pugging,but I refuse to heal PUGS ,friends are another matter.
    For Reforging and gemming , I found this to be a good site http://www.noxxic.com/wow to check out.Though I ‘m not that crazy wth their rotations but for the most part they are pretty good, If you need enchants, and stones, give me a shout, I have plenty of both on hand, or I can make what you need.

    • I’m slowly but surely “raising” an enchanter although admittedly my Horde characters are running pretty much bare at the moment unless I spring for stuff in the AH – that’s another reason why I avoid a lot of things in-game because I know I need to do that, just don’t have the “need” for it when I am primarily questing 95% of the time. Alliance side I do have some help in that area though. Thanks for the offer, I may have to take you up on that – thanks for reading the commenting.

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