Busy Busy Busy…Yep


“Yep, there are better things to do, like fight a war, chase some orcs, have a few beers – made me tired”

Kal is really working hard here with his zippy chair from Nat Pagle that came with the hat after he caught how many gazillion fish for that damned hat.  It was a surprise to me, didn’t know you got the chair complete with a beer in the cupholder  – what more can a fellow ask for – it’s hard work fishing.

4 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy…Yep

    • It’s an awesome chair and falling through the chair after a few beers won’t be anything “new” for Kal – Thanks for letting me know about it though, that would be embarrassing.

    • Yes, and don’t forget that not only do you get the cool hat that you can leave on when you run dungeons – you get this nifty chair. Haha, wonder how many times I’ll end up doing that?

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