We’re Still Lookin’…

June 6th

Dear Journal,

Well, if Zippie thinks I’m gonna move back to the slums when all of the dust settles about the Princess taking off, she’s crazy.  No way am I going back to living under that little tin shed and sharing space with the girls.  Nope, I’ll move in the Tauren, for that matter, I’ll move to Thunderbluff, they know how to treat a goblin nice there – come to think of it, they treat everyone nice over there.  I’ll just have to watch my step and not get stepped  on, they aren’t too good about looking down for people like me that are altitude impaired.  Yeah, I’m short.

I did talk to some of my mage buddies and nobody made the girl a portal.  She musta made it out before the lockdown happened, which means that was before midnight.  The stable guy is worthless, he doesn’t recall seeing her at all and now he can’t remember which mount she had.  Sounds like she used some goblin savvy to make him not remember stuff – like crossing his palm with some gold.

Now, I’m gonna be talking to Zippie and telling her to ease off on people.  She’s turning into a regular demon wench which it comes to the business.  Yeah, yeah, she got put in charge of things, but that doesn’t make her the next best thing to Gallywix either as far as making money.  She made Dooddah cry the other night and I’m not gonna have that – you don’t tell your sister that she’s stupid and needs to go out and do more work.  Almost sheeped, yep, should have done that, might have caught her attention.

She thinks that the Boss is gonna come in here and be all pissed off and stuff.  Nope, if I know elves at all, he’s gonna be frantic.  Yep, they sure do go into a tizzy when things are perfect and this ain’t exactly perfect.  I don’t see how he can blame anyone except for himself with this stuff – he shoulda taken that girl with him and not left her here in Orgrimmar, yep, that’s what I woulda done, nope, never trust one of these women when they get all temperamental and hysterical about stuff.

As I see it, the only thing that Zippie can get blamed for is the missing money from the safe because she didn’t change the combination when she took over the job.  That should have been the first thing that I would have done, yep, no sense in leaving that money lying in there without proper protection.  Sure, she could have asked me to do something about it before it happened too, silly shaman.

Man, I sure wish brother had made it out of our home before that lava rock flattened him out. I’m not their Pappy, I’m just their bachelor Uncle that has no clue how to raise kids.  Hells bells, they get upset with me if I have a few drinks and start casting magic every now and again – I still think that Orc looked better with those bunny ears, didn’t change his disposition, however, it made me smile.

From what Dooddah told me, seems like the Princess might be the rich elf that was hanging out in Crossroads for a while.  So, I guess I’ll hike up my robes and head that way with Dooddah and we’ll see what we can find out.  I bet a few copper that it was her, yep.  If I was her, I’d have changed my look too, doesn’t take much to dye your hair these days and that red hair would have made her memorable, I suppose. Think I’ll stop by the engineering shop and see if I can’t pick up an extra pair of rocket boots for Dooddah, we might need those if I think the Princess is heading where I think she is.  Don’t know why she didn’t just take off to Gadget and take the boat to the Eastern Kingdoms – nope, she probably thought that she could get lost faster here in Kalimdor.  Heck, I would have taken the zep from Orgrimmar over there – those guys never remember nothin’. Yeah, I checked to see if she was smart and did that and no dice, she hadn’t taken a zep or my buddies would have noticed since they get a free shot looking at the elf girls.  I even crossed some palms to make sure if they might remember anything – a lot of copper goes a long way, however, they didn’t see her.

Now, if Zippie loses her job with the Morningstars, we can always try to go back into business again.  The only reason that it failed the last time was because we didn’t have enough investment capital and we sure do now.  That idea that Zippie had about the archeology is a real money maker and we’ve been skimming off the top on that one.  Wish she had been sipping that cola a bit more when we were in business to come up with a plan like that.

Sure, the Boss is a nice fella and I think that he’s gonna be real upset with his sister taking off, however, he’s smart enough to know that it’s not Zippie’s fault He’s the one that hired that bodyguard or whatever he was supposed to be and that let us off the hook. I hope that Dooddah and I are in the office when he comes in because we’ll set him straight on that one.

Yeah, the girl had the hots for his business partner and if I was a girl elf, I probably would have had the hots for him too.  He’s one of those bad boys that always gets noticed by the woman.  Wonder if I should dye my hair blonde and see if the girls notice me that way too? Wonder how much it would cost to get my toupee dyed too, might look a bit silly with the rest of my hair being blonde and all. Hey, I’m older, true, however, that doesn’t mean the equipment don’t work, you know.  A fellow likes a woman now and again.

I already moved a bunch of my stuff in where the Tauren are here in Orgrimmar, I don’t like all of those Orc guards hanging around, they got sticky fingers when it comes to goblin gold.  Besides, I don’t like how they are treating the Trolls that are still stuck in the city, that ain’t nice at all.  What’s to keep them from doing that to us?  Nope, moving in with the cows is probably a better idea.  Yeah, we still have a space at the warehouse where we can stay, however, I’m not waiting til the last minute to get out of there if that elf goes off the deep end.

Sure, there’s a rebellion going on with the Trolls and the Orcs – well, with that fat-assed one that calls himself a Warchief anyway, he’s not real bright.  I remember when I first got here to Orgrimmar and how he acted when I met him – yep, didn’t make a real good impression on me at all – sent me off with a raggedy robe and told me to get to work.  Sure, the Orcs gave us shelter when we didn’t have any place else to go, however, we’ve paid for it ten times over.  Nope, don’t like the fella, didn’t like him then and I sure don’t like him now.  I wonder how he treats these Pandaren furry folk when they show up in his throne room – if it’s like how he did the goblins, I’m surprised they are still here.

Zednick Prattfall


4 thoughts on “We’re Still Lookin’…

  1. LOL, uncle Zed sounds like a real live wire.,and sounds like he has his hands full with his nieces.I can totally imagine the things he has to go through in trying to raise them,and keep them out of trouble.Goblins are always fun,and seem to have a real survival instinct.Great read.. cant’ wait to read more !

    • Uncle Zednick is quite the handful himself – he’s still trying to live down getting drunk and barging into see Hellscream and “mooning” – Yep, the Boss had to bail him out of jail and smooth down some very ruffled Orc temperament – ((Goblins are a blast to play and I do occasionally RP with them – not often.))

  2. ***SNORTS Coffee through nose *** ROTFLMAO!! OMG!!! I”m surprised he didn’t lose his head for that ..Garrosh isn’t well known of his sense of humour. Very ‘Cheeky” of Zednick

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