Getting Away…Going To The Faire

June 7th

Dear Journal,

I know that I shouldn’t be laughing, however, I am.  Oak and I finally just told our pack that we needed some “alone” time and that we were going to the Faire.  I know that doesn’t sound very nice, however, we’re not old enough to be raising children, much less two children that have special needs – one from being abused and the other from being so new with his Curse that he sometimes has trouble maintaining control – he’s learning though.

We haven’t been alone in forever or so it seems sometimes, however, we couldn’t have these two youngsters living under the carriage in the Tree that the elves were nice enough to give to our people.  We had them move in with us and we’ve been looking for a suitable area for them to live that won’t be all that expensive.  I laughingly told Oak that we should get bunk beds in our room – I didn’t realize that he would take me literally and we got bunk beds. Silly man looked at me rather strangely when I told him I wasn’t climbing any ladders to get into bed with him.

We decided not to take the portal that you can take from Darnassus to the Faire and decided that we would take the boat – that cherry grog is one of my favorites and we both had a couple of mugs before we reached Stormwind. Oh, to be able to stand on the deck and feel the sea breeze and watch the water stream past the boat is one of my favorite things, maybe I would have married a sea captain or such, just so I could ride on the boat.

Ah, yes, Stormwind, it seems even more crowded than before and it’s not even a holiday or anything that I am aware of.  So many people in such a confined area make for some rather interesting times.  I know that we took our time going through the city and actually were able to drop off the skins that we have gathered for the contracts – we now have some extra money to put in the bank for the pack and for ourselves as well.  The Draeni at the warehouse always looks at us as if we had fleas or something whenever we come in, however, Oak always jokes with her and she starts to smile before we leave. I guess that they have even more people working for them now – free lancing people or mercenaries, I don’t know what they are called, however, I saw quite a few people standing in there or delivering goods as we were collecting our pay.   I know that Draeni really must have a field day when a group of Pandaren people come in – they are always furry and we’re aren’t. 

I know that Oak and I were very fortunate to be able to find a room in the Inn where we could leave our belongings before we changed into something a little more suitable for the Faire.  I put on my blue dress and had to laugh when Oak told me that I might want to leave off the bustle, what with the way that the canon ride shoots you out over the water and he didn’t want me to be floating around in the water with my skirts over my head – he had a good point.

I know that I am always thankful when we have some money and are able to enjoy a few pleasurable things because it was such a rarity for us when we first got together in Darnassus.  Oh, those were indeed sad times because Oak and I actually moved in with one another to save money, that’s truly a sad state of affairs.  Now, we stay together because we want too – no strings other than what we might have developed emotionally. 

I will have to admit that my living with Oak, as we are, would have shocked my Father and Mother if they were still alive.  I was one of those girls of better breeding back in Gilneas and steeped in the conventions that a good girl didn’t share her bed with a man until she had been married and even then, it was usually separate bedrooms and you made appointments with one another before you did anything. I know when I told Oak about some of the rules that we were breaking, I thought he was going to laugh until he cried.  His only comment was that he always wondered why most of the wealthy only had small families – those appointments must have had some conflicts with other things.  Now, I think nothing of the fact that we are cohabitating together and that we have no need of those “appointments” with one another.  I often wondered why my parents always seemed a bit distant and aloof with one another when I was around and I suppose that they really were following the social standards of their time.  Well, times have changed and I am thankful that I have a man in my life like Oak.

Oh, the Faire was even more fun this time than when we were there a couple of months ago.  We were having pack issues and the funds weren’t available for us to be able to take the time away from Darnassus.  This time things are settled down and we just got paid for all of our hard work.

We took in all of the sights at the Faire and ate so much of the strange food that I am surprised that we didn’t get sick, however, I do like the pickled kodo feet – they really make your mouth pucker up with that tangy dill flavor they have and the meat, although not plentiful, is very tender.  I know that every time I would eat one, Oak would wrinkle his nose in disgust while he was eating some other food – that man has a real sweet tooth sometimes.

Oh, he was right about the bustle being a bother with the canon ride.  I swear Oak spent more time trying to get my skirt off my head than he was in helping me out of the water.  I had on a petticoat, however, that was also wrapped around my head – which meant that there must have been a few people that caught a glimpse of my pantaloons.  We both ended up laughing so hard that we fell in the sand, which meant that we would have to slip away from the crowd and try to get some of the sand off of our bodies, which we managed to do, however, there is a cave over there that I don’t think we’ll stumble into again with a giant rabbit in it.

We did get back to Stormwind rather late last night and the streets were still all bustling with people coming and going.  We are still planning on trying to find a place to stay here in Stormwind eventually; however, we may wait a while to see if some of these people don’t leave. We were planning on taking some time to look around at the vacancies here in town today after my sleepy male wakes up. I bet the pricing is going to be horrendous; however, it won’t hurt to look anyway.

I hope we have time to go to Ironforge again; the place just amazes me with it being inside of the mountain like it is.  What with the Great Forge going all f the time, the place is never cold.  I don’t think that the dwarves would mind if a bunch of people from Gilneas came to stay up there for a while.  Maybe we could even take the time to look around outside to see how the hunting would be for us too.  Never hurts to have several avenues available to you when you’re thinking about changing your location.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Darnassus and all of the people in there, however, a lot of the other people from Gilneas are of the old school and if they realized my family connection, I would be frowned upon most highly.  Here I am a woman of good breeding living with a tradesman.  Oh well, at least in Stormwind I would imagine that the social boundaries are a bit more flexible.  I do miss the social gatherings that we used to have at home and I would think that some of the events would be more readily had here.

I hear moaning coming from the bed and that mean that Oak is realizing that he shouldn’t have had those last two drinks last night.  Time for me to finish up here and get dressed so that we can go out and find some breakfast before we start looking at houses. 



2 thoughts on “Getting Away…Going To The Faire

  1. Hehe, sounds like Oak and Felley had a great time. not sure why it is men always have to push their limits when it comes to drinking. you would think they would know better ?! That was a delightful glimpse into their current day to day lives. Sad to say, rents in the city like Stormwind can be atrocious., I wish them luck in that area.

  2. Oh, they had a marvelous time and finally got away from their “pack” duties for a while, which they desperately needed. Yes, Oak likes to have a drink every now and again, however, the beverages at the Faire are not only delicious but very intoxicating and it wouldn’t take much to get someone physically impaired. They have fun together – their lives have changed so much since they were Cursed, however, they are very flexible and have accepted their fates. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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