Not Feeling Up to Snuff..

June 10th

Had one of those weekends where you just don’t feel like doing a whole lot.  Played a little monk up to level 20 so that he didn’t wear out his level 10 boots running all over – yep, that gear is just not there right now and I have to get someone to make some more stuff for him.

I think I have been staying up too late for too many nights and it’s caught up with me a bit.  Starting feeling kind of ill on Thursday night and haven’t felt good since then.  Oh well, stuff happens and that’s when I just kind of take a break and rest up a bit.   When you get to be my age, your body has its own way of saying “Yo, stupid, time to stop this stuff or I’ll fight back.” Naturally, I know that the majority of people don’t like to read about this personal stuff, however, I don’t feel like logging in to tell the few that might care what is going on.

Having suffered with chronic vertigo for roughly three years plus, I’ve learned that when I don’t feel well enough to play a video game, it’s time to take a break and hope that it gets better soon and/or make another doctor’s appointment so they can shake their heads, give me more drugs to try.  This medical condition has a tendency to make you have a certain amount of nausea as well as a growing depression threshold.   However, you poor people, I have a laptop that I can always write when I’m in the reclining position.

Oh, not to mention, Summer has definitely arrived where I live with temperatures soaring to new record breaking numbers.  I do like to go outside once in a while and check out that bright light in the sky to make sure it’s not just a myth.   Since I do happen to have my gaming, artwork and general all round hang out space in a loft with big skylights – it does tend to get a tad bit warm up here.

So, hopefully, I’ll be logging in for a little while sometime today to see if I can enjoy my hobby and my online friends without feeling like I’m going to fall out of my chair or barf into my keyboard – you do know that barf is considered User Abuse by most companies and isn’t covered by the warranties?

End game?  Oh, I’ll get there before too much longer…I’m just taking a longer time to get there.

2 thoughts on “Not Feeling Up to Snuff..

  1. You take care of yourself first,the game will always be here when you get back to it. I have been a couple of off days myself,which is why I haven’t been on much myself.. suspecting I may developed a slight intolerance to you can imagine the outcome of that.

    • Oh my, sounds like this has been the weekend when a lot of people have not been feeling that great – feel better soon and I hope that I will feel like logging in for a while later today.

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