In The Beginning…

June 11th

Dear Journal,

My name is Taliseth Stormstrike, although, people that have come to know me call me Seth most often.  I thought that in my travels through this land that I would keep a record of my adventures that I will find along the way.  This will be for my own personal memories and for no other – I am sure that no one would really be interested in one lone man’s thoughts as he travels through life, however, there may come a time that this book will help me remember things when I reach old age.

I was born in Silvermoon City.  I realize that that is nothing special in the realm of reality, however, I’m sure that my Mother and Father were pleased with my arrival to help carry on the family name, just to keep the name alive,  if nothing more. We were not wealthy people and therefore, I’m sure that our existence was of no import to anyone other than ourselves.  My parents were trades people and worked very hard to earn a living and keep a roof over our heads, nothing special, just the four walls and roof to keep the rain out.  I remember that little house with some very fond memories and I remember the love that we all shared with one another, however, they were elderly and died when I was quite young.  I had learned a trade that has kept me fed, clothed and housed , however, I already know that I will never be a wealthy man.   I happen to enjoy picking and raising herbs which can be used for their curative powers as well as added to our food to give it a better flavor.  It’s an odd trade by a lot of standards that our society has set for the males, however, it has been my chosen profession.  My parents both were skilled alchemists as well as dabbling with inscriptions.  I, fortunately, have inherited their skills with inscription. It suited my personality quite well because of my love of writing and my love of art – yes, I do tend to have my head in the clouds a lot because of my abilities.

Of course, I was raised in the religion of our race.  I worshipped the Light for many years and will continue to do so, however, I have chosen to take on a new calling with that kind of philosophy.  With the advent of the war in Pandaria, there have been many Pandaren that have come to our fair city to visit, possibly to live and to learn our ways.  It happens to be a two way street with the learning.  After making friends with several of these furry creatures and listening to their conversations, I became very enamored of their philosophy and have chosen to follow it.

No, I didn’t live in the city proper, I don’t think that was within our financial means and I think that my parents felt uncomfortable being around so many of the wealthy that seem to congregate there.  I was able to attend some classes at the Academy for a while, although, I never fully appreciated the teachings enough to follow that to completion, not to mention, with my parents passing, the financial capacity for me to continue through to the bitter end was cut short.

 People die of old age, it doesn’t have to be some dramatic event that forces them to leave this mortal plane, their bodies just wear out.  My parents were aged by Sindorei standards when I was born and I am sure that I was quite spoiled by them because I was such a surprise and they said I was a blessing.  I don’t know about the blessing part from my point of view. I am sure that I kept their last years rather lively – I was definitely not one to sit idly by while others were out having fun and getting into mischief – I was right there with them.  I still miss my parents and I have kept the house for as long as I could, however, I think that I will begin my life of wandering the land unencumbered by these personal possessions that so many seem to have.  As long as I have a place to sleep and a meal in my belly, that’s really all that I need.

I am still a young man by Sindorei standards although I am not a child.  I am not as worldly as some of my counterparts nor am I as polished in the social graces as some.   However, I happen to think that I am pretty nice fellow and I can look at my reflection in a mirror and not feel guilty about anything that I have done in the past.  No, I wasn’t one of those young men that hung out in Murder’s Row in Silvermoon, nor was I one that wanted to join the military to see foreign lands  – I was different, maybe  that came from the fact that I was reared by much older parents than most people my age had been.  I think I wasn’t that excited about some of the things that my friends were so interested in.  Give me a good book, a piece of paper to draw upon and a peaceful place to relax and I was a happy fellow.

No, no, I definitely attended a few parties in my life and enjoyed the company of many young ladies, however, I always felt that I was out of step with the times.  Maybe I truly did have an old soul as my parents often joked about.  They said that I was born old and that I was always too serious for a child my age. Who knows if that is true or not, I’m not going to question it.

After spending a great deal of time with a particular Pandaren monk, I decided that that this was the kind of life that I could deal with.  It may be considered odd, however, it is the life that I am going to follow.  I have learned how to meditate and I have learned some of the fighting techniques in order to survive by my physical strength and my mind.  One day I hope to go to Pandaria for further study because I am sure that my teacher is very knowledgeable, however, he has told me that he is not a great man nor is he one that has learned as much from his teachers yet.  He plans on going back to Pandaria sometime in the near future and I hope that I am worthy enough to go with him.

 I know that after spending many hours in meditation, I have such an inner peace and calm that it surprises me.  I don’t feel as driven as I did when I was following the teachings that I had grown up with.  I have the physical strength to survive any battles that I have faced so far with beasts and a few brigands that I have run into.  In time I hope to become a monk of some note, however, that isn’t the only reason that I have decided to follow this path.

My plan, with this journal, is to keep a record of my progress and my adventures – my goal is to reach Pandaria and live there.  


2 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

  1. He sounds like a real sweetheart and a gentleman,compared to the young bucks,and rakes that reside in Silvermoon..its amazing that despite the lack of means he has compared to others his age, he seems to have manners than the lot of them put together.I think that he can attribute to being raised properly rather than being left to his own devices growing up. Looking forward to reading more about this young man.

  2. Hehe, he’s quite a unique fellow in his age group and being raised as an only child by older parents – he’s very old fashioned in his way of doing things sometimes. He enjoyed having some of his friends in Silvermoon, however, he always felt like he was out of step with things which is why the Pandaren fascinated him – they weren’t in a big hurry to get wealth and do the other things that the young Sindorei males were doing. Nope, Seth felt more comfortable with the bears than he did his own people, so, he’s chucked the whole lot and set out on his own. There will be many adventures to come and to write about, I’m sure. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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