Assignment – Hillsbrad

June 12th

Dear Journal,

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to get my first posting where I did, however, one does not question the reasoning powers of the higher ups unless you want to spend the next six months cleaning the stables and I dislike that idea completely. 

I know that I am making the magisters crazy with my weekly trips in there with the same questions in regard to this Dawnglory guy.  Well, this week was kind of expensive because the magister actually had something for me this time.  It was a picture of the guy that I am inquiring about and the picture told me exactly what I wanted to know.  This man is my Father, he has to be because the image, although somewhat faded in the photograph was enough like me to be me – a lot older, however, he won’t be able to deny the family resemblance. Same nose, same hair, same smile – the eyes aren’t as large as mine but I got that trait from my Mom, I guess. Now, I just have to find out exactly where he is.

I know it’s going to be a big shock to him to find out that he has a child, not so much as child anymore, however, it should just rattle his senses enough to where he will at least acknowledge me.  That way, I can go back to my grandparents in Silvermoon and tell that I did find my Father without their help and my Mom wasn’t just some silly fool.  She knew who the man was, she just didn’t tell anyone.

Of all the places to be assigned!  Somehow I must have made someone angry with me because I’m to report to Hillsbrad to start my rounds as a Ranger.  From what I’ve heard it’s an awful place and full of Forsaken.  It’s bad enough that I have to leave Silvermoon and some of my friends behind but now I have to go stay around Forsaken, the whole thing makes my skin crawl.  I wanted to complain about the assignment like some of the others were doing, however, I didn’t step up to complain when I heard what they were being told.

I guess only the best of the best are being sent to Orgrimmar to help quell the rebellion there, the rest of us have to continue on with our training so that we can earn our way to Pandaria.  I guess I should be happy that I wasn’t at the top of my class because that assignment actually sounds worse than what I got.  I can’t imagine being stuck in Orgrimmar all of the time at the beck and call of the Kor’kon.  I don’t care what their title is, they’re still savages and they are still Orcs.  I haven’t met many Orcs in Silvermoon, however, the ones I did meet were of lesser education and they were just rude.  Just because you’re an Orc doesn’t make you that special, especially if the Warchief is crazy and he’s an Orc.

Oh, there’s lots of talk in the barracks about the things going on in Kalimdor.  Seems like the Orcs have gone completely crazy along with their boss.  Doesn’t sound like it’s a good place to be at all and the survivability isn’t that great for a Sindorei sent out with them on patrol.  Especially if the Sindorei happen to be Rangers that are supposed to be scouting for them and are supposed to join back with the Orcs to help with any fighting.  I hear that the Orcs just go into some kind of blood lust and sometimes they kill anything that moves, even the people that are supposed to be their compatriots.  Doesn’t sound too good to me, however, the people that go there first and survive are sent directly to Pandaria and they don’t have to spent months slogging through the mud around Hillsbrad.

The only thing that I am really not looking forward to is running into those people from Gilneas because they turn into wolves now.  Can’t be all that exciting because they are really big wolves and would stick out from the rest of the wildlife there, I suppose.  My Commander over there is some Forsaken lady and to be honest with you, I really don’t know how that is going to work out.

We were supposed to be billeted in Undercity and I think that it’s a good thing that that idea got killed off real quick when we were shown the “coffins” that we were supposed to sleep in.  No, I wasn’t going to do that in any way shape and form.  I’m not sleeping in a coffin and I don’t care if they are supposed to be real comfortable and all that.  What’s to prevent someone from closing the lid on the thing and you get hauled off and buried in your sleep?   No, we all kind of rebelled against that idea even with the orders that were given to us that we were going to like it.  No, a few of us put our money together and we’re staying in Brill.  It’s full of Forsaken too, however, it’s above ground and the stench is at least bearable with whatever they call this “fresh” air.  I thought I was going to gag when we were in the city – the water was so green and slimy looking that we all thought that it must be poisoned. 

I thought I had seen and gone through a lot with boot camp and the training that we got there, however, we were at least given a decent place to sleep in the barracks and we could eat the food.  I’m not sure that I am going to be able eat anything around these Forsaken. I know that we were told before we came over here that they had some odd habits, however, they didn’t tell us that they were cannibals or that’s what it looked like to me when we were riding through the area to get to Hillsbrad.   We passed through some areas where the Forsaken were fighting what we think were Worgen and they didn’t look like they were looting the bodies so much as they eating parts of them.  I know a couple of the other fellows just threw up out the back of  the wagon.

At least we were able to keep the mounts that we had in Silvermoon.  I know that I would have hated to give up my hawkstrider after spending all of those months training him.  He’s a real pretty animal, all black and the tack that I was able to get for him really sets that off.  A fellow still likes to look nice when he is on a mount like that.

Hanlin Darkstrider


2 thoughts on “Assignment – Hillsbrad

  1. AHAHAHAH.. oh I can just see Fnar’s face when he comes face to face with Hanlin ; it would be like seeing himself in the mirror.. well seeing his younger self anyway. It would definitely be a shocking revelation.if he thinks Fnar is going to be shocking.. I can only imagine what Fae is going to think if she runs into Hanlin,and realizes there is a younger version of Fnar out there. Great read! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Oh, it’s slowly coming together and I’m sure that young Hanlin will eventually catch up with the man that he thinks is his Father. Yep, they sure do look alike. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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