Getting Organized…Road Trip Planning

*Some swearing and blunt language – please don’t read if you’re easily offended by this sort of thing*


June 13th

Yo Book!!

Well, I got back to Halfhill the other night to find out that we had a visitor at the house.  It does seem like Daddy wants to keep close tabs on his little girl and the bad man that she is living with I suppose. I don’t mind, he was at least not trying to have a pissing contest with me this time, well, for most of the time anyway.

Naturally, the weather was real cooperative when I got home and the sky opened up and soaked me, again, to the skin as if I wasn’t already wet enough from being in Krasarang. I know that my one thought that I had in mind when I landed in Halfhill was to be able to get into some dry clothes, have a nice warm meal prepared by my lovely woman that is living with me and maybe a little romp afterwards.  No, that apparently wasn’t meant to be. Oh well, at least I got some nice hot tea straight away.  We sat there talking for a while and I could feel my clothes just slowly drying off, however, I will have to admit that the last place that seemed to be drying off were my fucking nuts – they were so cold that I think they were trying to retreat back up into my chest cavity. We won’t even talk about shrinkage.

I guess that Romy had a chance to talk to her Dad about his involvement in the rebellion before I got there because I was already prepared to jump his shit about showboating around in Kalimdor. I guess she has an Aunt that the old man pays attention too and Romy was threatening to bring this woman into the fray about the rebellion.  I’m not sure the fellow realizes that if he were recognized, killed or even suspected of taking an active role in the rebellion that the trouble would definitely fall back on the family. At least this woman seems to be as fiery as Romy, however, she deals with the old man on a different level.

Now, I am sitting here trying to disguise the fact that I have a cold by taking some potions that the healer gave me at the base camp.  Nothing like trying to get things organized enough to where I can take the next couple of weeks off and go to Northrend with Romy.  Yeah, I promised that we would go there, however, with this cold, it’s going to be interesting to say the least.  I’m kind of looking forward to meeting some more members of her family other than her Dad.  Oh, I’m not coughing that much, however, I am sure sneezing enough to make me want to hide in a dark room for a few days. It might be colder in Northrend, however, I know that I will be dryer there than what I have been in Pandaria for the last few days.

Oh, I did break the news to Romy’s Dad that if the war ended tomorrow, I would be staying in Pandaria.  Yep, I have a fucking farm that is doing well and a house – why would I want to leave here and go back to that bullshit hellhole of Silvermoon or even Orgrimmar – if there is a Orgrimmar when all of this shit is all said and done.  If Romy and I happen to have any kids, well, they are going to be raised in Pandaria, not the Eastern Kingdoms, not Kalimdor, and definitely not Northrend.  Nope, I’ll keep their happy little asses up here in Pandaria where life is truly a lot better than any kind of life I had in Shattrath.  Romy seems to be in agreement with that too, so, that’s settled.  I don’t think that Daddy liked the idea, however, he’s got his own concerns with his women and offspring that he has already sired.

At least I didn’t have to stay all day in Krasarang today because I have a shitload of things to do here in Halfhill to get ready to be gone for a couple of weeks.  Yes, Jogu will be running things and taking care of the farm for me while I’m gone, however, I do think that I will talk to Fnor and see if he will stop by here now and again to make sure that Jogu hasn’t been in too much of a drunken stupor to deal with things.

I wish Fnor would hurry up and get over whatever it is that is ailing him that is keeping him at his farm here in Halfhill. I know he’s home because I can see the lights at night, however, I haven’t seen him out and about in the market either.  It’s kind of odd but I learned a long time ago not to intrude on him if he is having one of those “I want to be alone” times that he has every now and again.  I sure hope that Amyn is okay and he’s not in a funk about anything going on there.  I actually think that I saw Felaran over there yesterday, however, you can’t be too sure about that sort of thing, it wasn’t like I got a clear shot of her visually, not with the fucking rain. Even if he’s not back at camp tomorrow, I am going to leave one of the subordinates in charge until he finally shows up again – I am not going to keep delaying my leave and the trip with Romy.  A promise is a fucking promise.

As far as leave for Romy, yeah, I kind of did some changing of things so that she would have as much time as I did on the books so that there wouldn’t be any trouble with that – naturally, she is still on medical leave, which gave us plenty of fucking cushion to add days on there. I’m happy that we’re finally going to be able to take a trip together and get away from a lot of stuff going on here in Pandaria and Kalimdor.

I did tell Romy that we needed to stop by Orgrimmar for a while on our trip so that we can see how the business is going and I can show her around there a bit – she needs to meet some of the employees there and maybe me showing up with a woman will get Faendra off this stupid infatuation that she is always wailing about to everyone. We are also making a quick trip to see Felessa in Silvermoon, it’s been months since I’ve seen her and I do want to scare away this little Ranger that she’s gotten involved with – I don’t want anything to go wrong with her arranged nuptials at the end of the summer.  Wouldn’t that be a choice thing, after I’ve stuck my neck out, spent all of that money to get this shit set up?  I hate pulling the patriarch card on Felessa, however, I will do it.

The more I sit here and think about this trip, the more excited I am to get the whole thing started.  It will be the first trip that I have ever taken with a woman – well, a woman that I have living with me too.  This is going to be fun and a part of me wishes that we could start on the trip right now.

I’m also sitting here with mind kind of fucking wandering like I’ve been at Jogu’s brew again and I’m starting to wonder if my feelings are more than they should be.  I don’t really know what love is and that kind of scares me a bit.  Is this wanting to be with her all of the time more than just lust and is it something that makes you feel very anxious to get back to her when you do leave her behind?  I wish to fuck I knew. I just know that I’m not interested in chasing any skirts, even if they are choice morsels, and I don’t want to be with anyone else.  Is that love?  I also know that I’m not lonely anymore, which is a good thing, I was about to go out of my mind sometimes with the loneliness – it’s different when you’re in a strange land and you can’t seem to make the connections with people on a social level.  Sure, I have some friends and acquaintances, however, they are just as crazy as I am with everything that is going on.

I just know that I have found someone that I want to spend my time with.  When I leave to go to base camp and know that I am going to be gone a day or two, I don’t want to go and leave her behind. I know that every time I leave and come back, I can feel my heart starting to pound and I know that I have a big grin plastered on my face when I see her.  I almost want to sing with joy just with the view of her face. If that’s love, I think I like it.

I know that we have a lot physical activity in the bedroom, however, the part that I have come to enjoy is being able to lay there with her and just talk – yes, that sounds corny, I’m sure but just lying there and holding her in my arms and listening to the sound of her voice.  I’ve never felt this way before and I hope that the feelings are reciprocated.  I’m almost afraid to tell her how I feel sometimes because I don’t want her to think that I am trying to take ownership of her or even thinking about marriage – that is a huge taboo for the two of us because we’ve seen what it does to people.

I’m afraid that if I tell her how deeply I am starting to care for her that she will run away.  I’m also afraid of getting my heart broken too.  Fuck me, I’m really afraid that one day I’ll come back to the farm and she won’t be there and that would be the worst day of my life.  She’s everything that I ever hoped to find in a woman and I don’t want her to disappear.

Fucking cold and potions it’s even throwing my swearing off. Oh well, I’ll just keep getting things ready so that we can leave on our trip. 

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Getting Organized…Road Trip Planning

  1. OHhh poor Fnar,nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes after being out in the wet and the cold. I think he would be definitely happy and relieved that Romy’s feelings are very much the same as his,and she has no intentions of ever leaving him; he’s the one man she’s been waiting for all her life,and now that’s she’s found him,, she doesn’t want to lose him. It’s going to be interesting to see both their reactions when they have their talk ,I think they are going to be nervous and scared about how the other is going to react. Great read, its always fun to read Fnar’s posts,

    • LOL, yeah, he wasn’t expecting to see Romy’s Daddy at the house that night and didn’t feel comfortable in stripping down in front of the fellow to put on dry clothes, so, being the manly man, he just sat there and suffered while trying to be polite.

      Oh yeah, Fnar is deathly afraid that he is gong to come home one day and she will be gone because he has had that happen to him before when he started caring about someone. It took him a long time to get over that bit of drama in his life. He’s afraid that if he tells Romy about his feelings that she will run away too. I’m sure that they are going to have fun talking this out when they take their trip.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s always appreciated. 😀

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