Still Searching…

June 14th

Dear Journal,

Okay, I’ve taken enough heat from Zippie and I’m going out to see if I can’t track the Princess down from Cross Roads.  It’s not that big of a place with lots of cows and a few elves running around, so, they should be able to remember a redheaded Blood Elf riding a green hawkstrider, right?

Uncle Zednick went with me this time because he has a theory that the Princess may have changed her appearance some and she might still be in the area.  Well, if I was her, I’d be long gone and not hanging out that darn close to Orgrimmar.  Well, he might have been right because some of the cows remembered a real rich Sindorei in the area with a green hawkstrider trying to buy her way out of town, which might have been her if she was stupid to be flashing cash around like that. Only thing is that this female Sindorei, sometimes it’s hard to tell, had black hair.  Guess she could have died that hair of hers, which means that Uncle Zednick was right.

Uncle Zednick and I decided that we would split up and he would take the North Gold Road and I could take the Southern route – well, I kind of missed the turn and ended up in Ratchet, which was fine by me because I could talk to some other goblins and not have to talk to all of these mooks. Besides there are some good animals there where I can get some hides to fill this bag full of contracts that Zippie gave me – she wants me to work twenty-four seven, seems like.

Well, I’m real excited because Pinchey and I have been roaming around for a long time together and as much as I love him, I still wanted to see if I could find a big kitty of my own like some of the other hunters have.  Of course, I’m sure that Zippie isn’t going to be too happy about the fact that I did tame Big Kitty, yep, that’s his name, and will be adding him to my expenses for stabling and feeding.  He’s beautiful with that big black mane of his and those blue eyes – he’s real pretty and he roars real big which isn’t always a good thing if you’re trying to sneak around things. I guess I’ll have to train him some more to understand what “Shhhh” means.

While I was down in Ratchet, I did do some asking around about a certain female Sindorei and nobody had seen her.  I thought maybe she had taken the boat to Booty Bay or something – that’s what I would have done.  I would have gotten out of Kalimdor and over to the other continent real fast, harder to track that way.  Nope, she didn’t take the boat from what I could gather. Lots of pirates hang out in Ratchet too, which kind of surprised me a little bit, however, with a ship coming and going all of the time, who knows what they are really doing.

I thought that I would wander around a little bit more and see if I could a skeleton or something lying out in the tall grasses that might have been the Princess and maybe a hawkstrider running around loose.  I know that’s a grizzly thought, however, the wilds aren’t exactly downtown Orgrimmar.

I saw some of these Orcs out there on the plains doing some weird crap, which I’ll have to ask Uncle Zednick about too because they sure have torn up the land.  Yep, I guess they are called Earth Shapers or something like that – they use big giant crystals and dig holes in the ground with them using magic.  Seems kind of pointless to me considering you could get a big crew of goblins from Orgrimmar to come out, blast and dig out the holes without all the hand waving and magic floating around – that magic stuff still scares me even if Uncle Zednick is a mage.  There was big Orc encampment out there that wasn’t there the last time I came this way too – that seemed kind of odd, so, I thought I’d look around there and ask a few Orcs if they had seen a female Sindorei on a green hawkstrider pass through there. 

Well, those Orcs are just rude and mean.  I tried to talk to this one guy and all he did was grunt at me and wave his axe around.  I should have known then that this may not be the best place and time for a little goblin to be walking around either.  Asked another one the same stuff, same answer, only this one kicked me so hard in the back side that I almost flew out of the camp.  Okay, not even going to mention that I was just about out of camp when I saw a nice lioness that was going to finish off my quota for leather and took a shot at her.  Well, by all that is right in the world, my shot was true and I brought her down but I didn’t get to collect any skins – some idiot in a war machine started chasing me and all I could do was run as fast as my legs could carry me – didn’t even have time to get on my trike and take off.  Had to go back for the trike when the guy in the machine decided I wasn’t worth running over like they planned.   I’m not real impressed with the Orcs these days.

I don’t even like to go over to the slums to talk to some of my friends that much anymore with all of those Kor’kon guards standing around glaring at people.  I feel real bad for the Trolls right now because they are trapped in Orgrimmar and can’t leave their area without being roughed up by these guards. What’s to keep them from locking down the slums like that?   I know that Uncle Zednick has moved some of his stuff over with the Tauren and I think I’ll do the same, Zippie can keep her stuff at the warehouse if she wants, however, you never know when those Orcs are going to come crashing in there and taking stuff – I saw some of that happen to the people that weren’t fast enough to slam the doors and lock them during the riots. What’s to keep the Orcs from locking up the Tauren the same way?  Well, sure wouldn’t want to have a pissed off cow chasing me down because they were upset.

I wish we had never come to Orgrimmar some days, the place isn’t nice at all and never has been from what I can tell – it’s dirty, full of Orcs and noisy.  There aren’t any places there were on the Lost Isle where you could just sit in the grass and enjoy things for a little while, however, that’s all gone now anyway with the volcanoes that blew up.  I should have headed up where those Night Elves live, there are nice places there, I’m sure – they like trees and they don’t destroy everything that they touch.

That’s the one thing I like about being a hunter, I’m not locked into a city.  I can roam around and live off the land when I have too.  Of course, I do like a comfortable bed like anyone else does.  I wonder how Uncle Zednick and Zippie might feel about relocating to somewhere else, you know, far enough away from Orgrimmar to where we don’t have to have these guards everywhere.  What’s to keep these Kor’kon from going crazy like the Warchief and killing everyone except for Orcs?

Well, I’ve waited on Uncle Zednick long enough here in Cross Roads and I keep thinking that he’ll turn up with some news here soon.  I know that Zippie is in twisted fit wanting to find this girl before the Boss finds out, however, I don’t really hold much hope for that – she just gave us the slip, plain and simple.  I don’t think that Mr. Morningstar is going to be all that upset after his last visit with the Princess anyway – we all heard what she was yelling at him.





2 thoughts on “Still Searching…

  1. LOl, I agree with Doodah.. Orcs are rude,and nasty..especially if you are small, then they are doubley so.. Best be careful ,and watch your step. Great read! The plot thickens * grabs a bowl of popcorn and tunes in *

    • ROTFL – well, she actually got “killed” by an errant war machine that she got too close too. Oh, she’s so not impressed with Orcs right now. Oh yeah, the plot thickens and the goblins are still looking for the errant Blood Elf. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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