No Money…Alone In The Wilderness

June 18th

Dear Journal,

I suppose I ought to be thankful that I am still alive, however, I’m not that thankful about it considering that I have almost nothing left. I should have known better and I didn’t heed my own advice about traveling through this area unnoticed.  No, I had to ride my favorite mount with the tack that Fnor had given me for Christmas – all shiny and gold plated.  I shouldn’t have talked to so many people and let them know that I was traveling alone and not with a caravan.

I’m a bit battered and bruised right now, however, I do have my mount, no tack and the clothes on my back and my weapons that I found discarded on the road.  Yeah, I know, stupid girl!  I got robbed not even five clicks from Crossroads. I know my brother would be jumping for joy at the stupidity of my actions that got me in this mess. Now, I have no money, not a cent of the gold that I took because they took everything. Why they would want my jewelry and my hairbrushes is beyond me, however, they took those too. I’ve got my hair tied back with a strip of leather because they even took the combs out of my hair.  I suppose I should be thankful that they didn’t rape or kill me – I guess I must not be that good looking or something.

I know that I took a real good hit on my head and I don’t know what happened after that.  When I woke up in the brush, my clothes were partially off and my pants were left dangling on my leg and they had cut my undergarments away from what they were or might have been planning on doing. I wonder if something scared them away or what happened, however, I just know that I had myself a good cry while I was getting my clothes back on.

I found my journal thrown over in the bushes as well as a few other things that they apparently didn’t think they needed or could get gold for.  I just know that they probably couldn’t read the journal or I would have heard their laughter for miles.

Okay, I have my mount at least and that means I won’t have to be walking through the Barrens.  I have no food or water, however, I do have the means to get those with my own hands.  I’m not helpless and I do have a means to earn my way, however, it would have been so much easier if they hadn’t of taken my gold and my other things.  Now, I am going to have to earn my way and that is just not going to be fun at all.

Part of me wants to turn around and head back to Orgrimmar, however, with what I heard and saw in Crossroads, that might not even be an option any longer.  I guess the silly Trolls decided to go into some kind of open rebellion.  I know I am seeing more columns of Orcs out here now than I have ever seen outside of Orgrimmar.  Where were these wonderful guards when I was getting robbed and almost raped? Maybe that’s what scared them off. I know that it was six guys that robbed me, some Orcs were in that group and they might have been part of these guards or something.

I know the little girl in me wants to go back to Orgrimmar and suffer the consequences, I suppose. The woman in me is wanting the freedom that I now have even if I don’t have any money. I don’t want to have to face those little goblins at the office and I sure don’t want to face my brother right now because he is going to be furious that I ran away and probably spoiled all of his plans. It would be easy for me to go back, get sent to Silvermoon and run away again before the wedding too and I bet he doesn’t even think about that.

No, I don’t want to think about going back, that would be stupid on my part.  I know how to hunt and I know how to skin animals.  I should be able to make a good living doing that and the other things will come along in time.  I will admit that I am scared because I’ve really never gone out alone like this before in my entire life, however, my brother taught me well enough when I went out with him that I should be able to survive. I guess those family camping trips weren’t a total waste of time even if I did have to spend a lot of time with my half-blooded nephews – they are good kids, just not acceptable by society.

At least, now that I don’t have anything, I won’t have to be worried about getting robbed. I won’t be able to buy my way to Pandaria to be with my love like I had planned, which is the worst part of it.  I had planned on getting in with a group of mercenaries, if I could pass myself off as one, and make the trip that way.  It was a great plan and I had hoped to join up with the ones that I have heard about in Uldum – there are lots of mercenaries hanging out down there from what I hear.  They stay down there to avoid being conscripted by the Warchief, I suppose.

I know that I can’t help but sit here and cry a little bit because I know what I did wrong. I shouldn’t have been so noticeable with my possessions and I shouldn’t have talked to so many people.  I should have just stayed off to myself.  I didn’t do anything smart – the only thing I did smart was to get out of Orgrimmar before it got locked down and went under martial law.  I’m learning and I guess I’m learning the hard way too – things will just take longer to get done now and it’s my own fault.

A part of me wants to write to my brother and tell him I’m okay because I know that he might really care about what happens to me, then again, he’s probably too busy with that wife and the kids to even notice that I’m gone too.  Oh yeah, there’s a war going on that might be keeping him away from his family too, however, that’s his problem not mine.  I bet he doesn’t even know I’m gone yet.



2 thoughts on “No Money…Alone In The Wilderness

  1. ACK! Poor Fae..she’s damn lucky she only got robbed, not anything else..that has to seriously suck bad.Guess she’s going to be growing up alot faster than she realizes…but WOW, what a wake up call!. Great read!

    • I’m afraid that she is going to be one of those people that has to learn things the hard way – maybe she was too protected by her big brother, after all? Oh, I’m sure that she will learn a whole lot in her travels. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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