Worries and Rage…

June 19th

Dear Journal,

I’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment and I’m furious at the same time.  I got my Dad’s signal that he needed to talk to me as soon as possible.  Well, we were both in Halfhill and we can usually sneak through the back fields and meet there away from prying eyes. Since he doesn’t like to risk this activity unless it is of some importance, I knew that it had to be very serious.

The news he gave me set my mind reeling and my temper flaring almost out of my control.  It’s a terrible thing to say when you want to punch your own Father in the face.  No, I didn’t want to punch him parse, however, I did want to punch what he stood for – the Horde. I know that I have only gotten that angry once or twice in my life, however, to be standing there with my Father and just feel the rage run through my blood was almost unbelievable and I have never bared my teeth at him before and I know I’ve never hissed.

The news in a nutshell was that he and my Mother had been meeting in the Jade Forest in an abandoned house for quite a while since they aren’t free to do so publicly.  I guess that they had thrown caution to the wind after a while and never really paid much attention to things after that.  They were attacked and my Mother was almost killed by a couple of Orc deserters.  My Father was injured as well, however, he was the one that fought the Orcs off and got Mom to safety.

I don’t exactly call where he has her now as “safety” in any way shape or form.  He took her to his farm here in Halfhill and has a Sindorei healer attending to her.  He better know what he is doing because the wrong word to the wrong person could get both of them killed for being traitors. It’s not like he can just casually tell the healer  “Oh, you know my wife is a Kaldorei Sentinel and she has been injured and needs medical care.”  Yeah, right, that’s like running through a Horde headquarters waving a flag for notice. Dad assured me that the healer won’t say anything, however, that has just made me feel uneasy about the whole thing.  We need to get Mom out of there and to a place where she won’t be given away.

Dad was pretty badly injured and could barely walk and how he made it to the back fields is beyond me.  Apparently he took an axe to this thigh that runs from his grown to his knee and is in the process of healing.  I hope he didn’t reopen the wound climbing the fences between his house and our meeting spot.  I did help him back as far as I could without the two of us being seen.

Now, Kae and I are involved in this mess because Mom is supposed to be my cousin and I had to go tell her commanders that she had to go “home” for a few days without permission to take care of an ailing parent.  I wonder how many “ailing” parents a family can have in one year?  I know that’s the excuse that I used for my trip to help the rebels and left without permission. 

Kae knows that I am worried to death about my Mom because she is the glue that holds this crazy family together.  If anything were to happen to her and she died, I don’t know if the family is strong enough to hold together for very long.  Dad is Sindorei and he is very much in love with my Mother and I don’t know how strong he would be if she were to pass into the arms of Elune.

So, here I sit worried about the fact that my Mother could die and the fact that I may end up having to take care of the rest of the family in her stead. I’m praying as hard as I can for her to be okay because I will be lost without her. No, I’m not a Mama’s Boy, I’m just used to having her there as the one constant in my life. If she dies, the burden of holding the family together becomes mine and I’m not sure that I am ready for that.  I mean, there is the business in Stormwind to run to make sure that we have the income to support the family and then, there are my siblings and my grandparents to think about. That’s one heck of a responsibility to hand over to a fellow my age and it frightens the heck out of me.

I’m going to meet with my Father again very soon and talk to him about moving Mom to my farm or we can take her back to Dolonaar for a while until she heals up.  She would be better off with her own people to be honest.  That’s my opinion and one that probably won’t sit too well with my Father.  Plus, I’m selfish enough that I want to see my Mother with my own eyes to make sure that she is okay, this is not fair to be so close and yet I can’t go see her because of this political bullshit.

Kae keeps telling me to calm down and stop being so edgy, however, this is not her Mother that I’m worried about.  I know things haven’t been easy for Kae these last few days because I have been as unsettled as a cat walking on a tightrope over a pond.  I know I’m fighting my own inner demon of wanting to kill every single Orc that I see right now because I can just feel the rage boiling in me just beneath the surface.

Now, Kae and I have to leave Halfhill and go out on a scouting mission and I don’t want to go, however, it’s what I am here to do. Kae thinks that  it will be good for us both to get out of Halfhill for a few days and it might be.  I just want to kill something and let this rage get out before I lose total control of myself.




2 thoughts on “Worries and Rage…

  1. Awww poor Kal..I can totally understand his fears about losing his mother; it would be devastating for the family to lose her,The war has done much to hurt everyone,and is affecting everyone , not just the ones fighting.Politics has this ugly way of showing it’s face where it’s not wanted,and leave a swath of devastation where ever it goes. I think once Kal gets to see his mother, he will be relieved to see that she is slowly recovering.It would do alot to ease his mind,and reassure him that he isn’t going to lose her .Great Read… I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Well, he will get to see her soon and he will feel much better, he’s still angry that they weren’t paying attention to things like they should have been because they had their minds on something else. I’m sure there will be more adventures to come.

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