A Time For Change..

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 10th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here at the farm this morning trying to write in my journal and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.  These last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for everyone I think.  At least I can sit here with my leg throbbing slightly and realize that this was no dream that all of the events happened and we’re damned lucky to be alive and I think the Light and Elune for that.

I’m watching my beloved sleeping beneath the furs on the bed with just the top of head and her ears showing slightly and it does make me smile.  I know that it is going to be hell to pay to get her out of the farmhouse and to another place of safety with the way that there appear to be more increased guards in the area.  I’m very surprised at her rapid recovery after the healer told me that it would be weeks before she could really do anything, however, I don’t think that she knew my wife that well.  That is one stubborn and strong-minded Kaldorei to start with.  She’s still weak and she still isn’t completely healed, however, she is more like herself these days and anxious to get away from Halfhill again.

Oh, we have argued these last couple of days just like we have in the past about what it is that she should do and what I want her to do.  I would love for her to leave the Sentinels and go back to Dolonaar for a while and stay with her parents and the boys, however, she wants none of that.  Her reasoning is that if I have to stay in Pandaria, then, she is going to stay in Pandaria because she has her duty to fulfill to her people as I do to mine and she doesn’t want us to be parted again.

I know that she isn’t fit for active duty yet and I don’t know when she will be again; however, she is just as insistent her staying here in Pandaria as she was when we first moved to Shattrath.  Oh, the arguments we would have there when I would tell her that I had to go somewhere on business and she well knew that it wasn’t only business that was taking me away from her.  No, those days of her staying behind are over and I realize that, however, I don’t want her to get hurt anymore than she already has.

I’m still kicking myself for the stupidity of what happened in the Jade Forest.  Both of us were stupid and blinded by our own dreams of being together in such a peaceful setting.  We both knew better and this isn’t home, this is a strange land and there is a war going on.  Not so much a war with the natives of the country as it is the old warhorse of the Alliance and the Horde clashing over something stupid. We were both just lucky to walk away from that incident with the injuries that we reconceived.  If I had slept a bit more soundly or if I had been a bit slower in my reactions, this journal would have had no author and my children would have had no parents.

I’m sitting here trying to formulate another plan on how I can resign from the Rangers and get out of Hellscream’s grasp.  I want no part of this situation any longer.  I wasn’t happy with the orders when I came here and as time has gone on, I’m even unhappy.  I want to be able to resign and walk away from the war machine and still maintain my own personal life – the company and my family is tantamount in importance.  My next plan of attack on the matter is to see how much money it will take to buy my way out of the service.

I know that Dawnglory and his lady will be leaving on a well earned trip to visit her family in the next few days and will be dropping by Orgrimmar on the way.  I am going to try to talk him into taking Faendra to Silvermoon for me and putting her in the custody of our ever-faithful Agatha to take care of before the wedding.   I know that there will be many pre-nuptial parties and cotillions to attend and the young couple will get an opportunity to know one another a bit before the final ceremony and we’re running behind schedule on getting those things started. Oh, I know there will be hell to pay when Dawnglory shows up in Orgrimmar with Romy on his arm because my sister is definitely not going to like that.  I just hope that she will maintain the decorum and let her breeding rise to the surface and be a lady about the whole situation. I’m doing what I think is best for the family and for her.

I know that I dread the thought of having to make the trip to Orgrimmar as much as anything I have ever dealt with.  I have a second plan in place if Dawnglory doesn’t want to take Faendra back to Silvermoon and that is that I will have to leave Amyn alone here and do the task myself even if I am not exactly physically fit for that sort of thing right now.  I can manage to get one girl to Silvermoon and get back to Pandaria very quickly, I think.

I am getting more than a little bit concerned about the situation in Orgrimmar anyway.  It has been unusually quiet of late.  I haven’t gotten as many letters from my little goblins as I used to get and it’s almost like they have fallen almost silent. I didn’t get my usual glowing and bubbly financial report from Zippie last week and this week, I have heard nothing.   I did get to talk to the Cloudhoof in the market yesterday and they had recently returned from a trip to Thunder Bluff.  It appears that not only is Garrosh raping this land here in Pandaria; he’s also building up fortifications in the Barrens as well.  It’s only a matter of time before he finds all of the races turned against him.

At least Felaran and her man are here to help take care of things and to help with Amyn’s recovery.  I can at least put in an appearance at the base camp for a few hours each day without worrying about Amyn being alone.

I just made myself laugh a little bit.  I’m too busy and I don’t have “time” to die.  It’s not like I can add that to an agenda somewhere – it’s time to die. I don’t think that would work out well for any of the people involved.

I know that I have several meetings coming up that I will be expected to attend in Orgrimmar with the council and I’ve been able to dodge out of a couple of them by claiming duty in Pandaria as the excuse, however, I don’t know how many more of those I can pull off.  I just don’t want to even be in the same vicinity with Hellscream right now for fear of losing my sanity and putting a dagger in his throat. I honestly don’t think that I have ever hated a man as much as I do him at the moment – he’s everything evil that has represented the Horde in the past and I hate to see the faction being ripped apart by his insanity and greed.  

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “A Time For Change..

  1. ROTFL! I think people will look at Fnor and think the war made him snap ,if he’s even considering the thought of scheduling a time to die in his agenda.There are alot of people who want the war to end,and soon,and he probably won’t be the only one wanting to resign ,and getting away from the situation with Hellscream.
    I think it would be safe to assume that fur would definitely be flying if Fae saw Fnar with Romy,With the both ladies being redheads,, it could get ugly.pretty darn fast,lol. Great read.

    • He was being sarcastic with the scheduling time to die because he has no “time” to do anything like that. He’s getting fed up with the orders from Orgrimmar and his loyalties to his faction are really getting shredded – he’s loyal to Lord Regent and that’s the only reason he’s still in Pandaria, in his mind. Oh ho, that would be a battle royale between the two redheads, no doubt. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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