Starting Over…Living Alone

June 22nd

Dear Journal,

Did you ever have one of those days where you felt like things were not going to go right no matter how hard you tried to get it done?  Well, I’m certainly having one of those days.  Brianca decided to move back to UC without even so much as a good-bye.  Well, I kind of knew that was coming because she wasn’t all that thrilled with living in Orgrimmar to begin with, however, I was sure shocked that she just decided that she had had enough.  Think it might have had to do with the fact that she just doesn’t like Orcs and with all of these guards around, that was enough for her to take off.

I’ll definitely miss her and I will definitely be going home more often to visit her too.  I don’t mind living here alone but it was more fun when my sister was here so that we could talk together and just kind of be ourselves.  It sure is going to feel weird for a while to go somewhere to eat like the living do and ask for a table for one.  It’s not like I really mind it, however, it does make one feel a bit lonely.  Maybe I’ll find someone that will consider being sociable with me without thinking that I am going to take a bite out of them when they aren’t looking.

I’m just kind of sitting here at the house right now looking around and yep, she did take her coffin with her, that means she’s not planning on coming back any time real soon either.  I hope she only took the dirty laundry that was hers because I sure don’t feel like trying to do any shopping for stuff here in Orgrimmar and having to deal with some moron when I try to explain that I need this particular size of underwear – no, not a loincloth, there isn’t anything to hide in a loin cloth, I just like to feel like my bony butt is covered up, just in case.  If she was going to take anything at all, I wish she had taken the couch with the cinderblock under it because the one leg was missing.  Oh well, I’m not here to impress anyone, however, that side of the couch felt extra hard and we tried to sit in the middle or the other end and offered the hard part to people that stopped by.

Guess this means that I will be picking up some of the contracts that she left here because she had a few that were outstanding, however, I’ll talk to Zippie and make sure that I don’t have to pay any penalties for the ones that are over-due.  She’s pretty understanding as far as a goblin goes and she knows that I have been out there helping her try to find the Princess without the Boss finding out.

Hey!  A Forsaken can do a little blackmail too, you don’t have to be a goblin to think about stuff like that.  Sure, I’m not going to be as good at it as they are, however, I can still give it a go.  I don’t think that she wants me to let the Boss know that his kid sister flew the coop. It’s been a couple of weeks and we haven’t been all that successful with any of it either, however, I’m still putting in some time trying to find out things and that should be worth something.  Right?

I don’t see what the uproar is about, the kid didn’t want to get her butt shipped back to Silvermoon to marry some fellow that she didn’t even know.  I think that I would be a bit pissed off too.  I mean, if I were in that space, living and had hot hormones running through my veins instead of this sludge, I’d wanna pick the fellow that I intended to be with by myself.  I think Blood Elves are weird enough as it is anyway because they have all of this tradition crap and social ladders that they feel like they have to climb – no wonder they have a shortage of people running around.  Damn, I don’t think I’d want to fill out an invitation to get with a dude to make a baby.  Not that were possible considering my current circumstances  – I’m dead in that category, I’m Forsaken.

I will have to admit that I have noticed a few more Forsaken coming into Orgrimmar lately and that might be for a whole bunch of reasons.  Maybe more people are moving into UC to get away from the crap here in Orgrimmar.  I know that if business wasn’t so great, I’d probably think about moving back home too.   Can’t say that I have seen a whole lot of Blood Elves moving into Orgrimmar of late, maybe they have decided to stay in Silvermoon or maybe even Thunderbluff – who knows, they might be able to get past the smells in UC enough to where they can tolerate living there.  I just know that we don’t like it when places get too crowded and some of us have been known to thin out the population a bit now and again.

I was just thinking, I’ve never lived alone.  Bri and I have always been together, even before the plague when we were humans – we are sisters.  Now, that makes me sad because that means that I have no one left here in Orgrimmar to call family, just a sister that lives in UC now.  I suppose that this is going to be a real adventure now even if I don’t have anyone to share it with at the moment.  I hope that Bri will be okay in UC alone too because she’s in the same boat as I am, neither one of us has ever lived alone.  Maybe she’ll come back one day or maybe I’ll move back, who knows?





2 thoughts on “Starting Over…Living Alone

  1. Awwww hang in there Hazey, I ‘m sure things will start looking up for you .I know how hard it is to start over again ,especially when you are on your own but things will get better when you least expect them to. Great read , Hazey sounds like a real no nonsense lass.

  2. Oh, she will do fine and eventually she will run into some more of her old friends, I’m sure. Hehe, she’s kind of a cranky old thing sometimes, however, she does have heart of gold, I think. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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