Memories of Days Gone By…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 24th

Dear Journal,

Well, Amyn should be well on her way to Dolonaar now and I hope that she will take the time to heal properly there with her parents and the little guys.  It will be a good change for her and I think that one she longed for, even if her stubborn pride wouldn’t allow her to verbalize it.  She misses her homeland and I can’t say that I blame her because I’ve visited many times, although in secret for obvious reasons, and I do love the tranquility of the place.

I see that the Fire Festival is going full swing in Pandaria this year.  I can’t recall it happening last year though, which could mean that I was too busy to take note of it.   I know that it brought all kinds of memories flooding back to me.  Of times long past and of things that were more than a little bit of fond memories.

I can remember the days when I had hired myself out as a body guard to the Bright Moon Faire group and the traveling that we did.  It was truly a lot of hard work and probably not as much fun as my mind is telling me it was now.  However, I do recall those times with a smile on my face and I can almost smell the campfires and the food cooking – oh, we were notorious for scavenging food when we needed too and sometimes getting a little light fingered around some of the areas we were traveling through – however, they were good times.  A more light hearted time where we were there to entertain people and take some joy from that.

Oh, we had quite a few people that hadn’t ever run the Fire Festival circuit in our band at the time and as I recall, Astey, the Ring Leader for the band decided that we should all take the rest of the group through the trials.  Oh, we had so much fun and probably drank too much to even be traveling as swiftly as we were, however, a mage or two with easy portals made the travel time not as lengthy as it might have been if we were doing it completely on ground mounts.  Naturally, I had just purchased my first bike and it was used quite a bit to transport some of the people that weren’t exactly geared for this kind of adventure.

I even remember the young priestess that road with me most of the way and what pleasant company she was and quite lovely to gaze upon.  It never hurts if they are pretty and have a pleasant personality.  Had I not already been involved with someone at the time – not Amyn, one of my Sindorei escapades, I might have given her a tumble. Oh well, we had fun and even if she did get scared badly enough to where she wet the sidecar on the bike, it was still fun – the cleaning wasn’t so much fun.

I know that we hit every single fire in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  Oh the thrill of power riding through the streets of Darnassus was a thrill and I don’t think that the guards were expecting quite a large band to run through there to go whiz on a fire and not attack any of the royalty there.  I remember quite a few arrows being fired at us and the glaives would go flying by your head just close enough to make your ears collapse down as close to your head as possible.  Oh, the adrenalin was definitely flowing freely.

Our trip to the Exodar was really one of stealth and it was hard to keep things in order because we had had too much to drink and I know that we were in fear of giving ourselves away with our giggling, however, the proper dousing of the flames was accomplished even if a few of us kind of missed the first boat because were laughing too hard and fell off the dock as we were leaving.  Thank the Light for a sober mage that was there with us to save our behinds that time too. It’s hard to find a good battle mage these days.

Stormwind was a real challenge for us, however, we got the job done.  I know I have never seen so many Sindorei bare bottoms in my life because we had the people hike up their garments or drop them, whatever might work for the persons involved and get as close to the flames as they could while the rest of us occupied the guards.   We had quite a few rogues with us that were able to keep the guards pretty busy with their stuns and whatnot – it was awesome.  The poor priestess that was riding with me caught the flat side of a blade on her rump and was busy lamenting her sore behind for most the trip after that as well.  Naturally, we had to hit Goldshire, just to shake up the country folk and what was really hysterical was the fact that most of the people in the township were heading to Stormwind to protect the bigger city from our whiz attack that they practically left the doors open to Goldshire and beyond.

Ah yes, those were the days before we could take our flying mounts everywhere under the sun and had to make most of our traveling by ground or by using the benevolent services of our mages.   Oh those were the days when people didn’t take everything for granted and didn’t have the conveniences that we have today.

I wish we could bring those days back again.  You know where we all laughed and worked together as a team to have fun.  Now, people are too busy taking care of their individual needs and desires more than they are of working together.  Such a shame that times have changed for the worse that way.   I just know that I can look back on those times and smile at the fun that we had.

I can even remember hiring myself out to a mercenary group for a day or two and standing in the courtyard of the Undercity while we waited for the Alliance to come stumbling in to douse the flames in the courtyard.  It definitely was like shooting fish in a barrel because we just had to wait for them to pop out of the gates and dash towards the fire.  I remember standing there with a Death Knight, a Paladin and a Mage for about four or five hours and just stacking up the corpses.  We actually got awards for defending the city that day too, can’t see how that was a major defense, we were just having fun and keeping the flames burning. Naturally, there was a lot of drinking and joking between us even when we had to chase down this little irritating gnome that wouldn’t give up, no matter how many times we’d chase her away.  Stubborn little imp.

Oh Light!  If my sons knew half of what their Father did back in those days, they would probably hide their faces with embarrassment.  I wish they could enjoy the things that we did back then, the camaraderie that was built over time, not these haphazardly thrown together groups that don’t know what it means to be loyal to their friends.

Ah yes, those were indeed carefree times and ones that we thought would last forever.  I know that I haven’t seen any of the people from the Faire group in years and the mercs I ran with must all be dead by now.  Those were good times.  Those were times when we didn’t have to answer to the call of a mad man sitting in Orgrimmar and we could live our lives as we saw fit – those days will come back again sometime soon, I have a feeling in my bones about that.

I have already decided that if I have to force my resignation through the channels in Orgrimmar, I’m going to do it.  I’m done fighting a war for an idiot and for his greed.  It may cost me every single penny that I have in my possession, however, I’m done.  No more jumping at the orders from Orgrimmar, no more working on jokes of peace treaties that are broken before they even have the ink dry on them.  No, I’m done.  I’m going to take over the reins of Morningstar Enterprises again and run the company like I have always done for years.  If Hellscream doesn’t like it, he can kiss my Sindorei rump.

I think one of the first things that I am going to do is to close the offices in Orgrimmar over time and move the main bulk of it to Shattrath again.  It wasn’t so bad operating out of that city even if it was a pain in the butt to get the traveling down to where all of our employees could make the trip there unhindered.  For those that can’t make the trip to Shattrath, there is still the little shop that we have in Booty Bay, I’ll just have to hire some more guards to keep the thieves out of the warehouse there.  Nope, I’m done, no more commanding troops, no more taking orders.

I think the incident with Amyn and I in the Jade Forest with the deserters was the icing on the cake.  Sure, I’ll continue to serve and honor my obligation to the Regent in Silvermoon, however, no more bullshit from the idiot in Orgrimmar. I’ll hire out as a mercenary to protect my standing with Silvermoon, however, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be out there fighting constantly like I am now – I’m done, I’m too old for this crap.

No, I’m not going to stand out in the middle of a field and declare my loyalty to the rebels either.  It is going to take time to get things sorted out with the Trolls and the Kor’kon, however, I will do everything within my power to assist the rebellion as much as I can.  I’ve been helping them all along, they just didn’t know where the supplies were coming from.

Now, if I can only talk my wife into leaving the Sentinels again, that would be a glorious thing. I think I can wheedle her into it by spending more time with her and not letting her think that I am off having all of the fun.  She can even travel with me most of the time, we will just have to use the caution that we have used in the past, making our camps in places where we aren’t going to be easily discovered.  We can do this, we can bring back the life we had even if we don’t have Dalaran anymore to live in together.

We have two beautiful homes in Shattrath and Nagrand, why let them sit empty and forgotten?  No, I think that it is time for the Morningstar family and the Shadowmoon family start living together as a family once more.  We can still maintain the properties here in Pandaria just like we always have, however, it’s time for the houses in Outland to be put to proper use again.  We have worked hard our whole lives to make our family a happy one and I’m not going to let some tick-headed Orc in Orgrimmar take that away from me any longer.

It’s going to be a while before I close down the offices in Orgrimmar, so, Zippie will have a job there for as long as it takes.  There are so many plans that I need to start putting together to make sure that the transition is done without ruffling the idiots feathers.  That means money, that means bribes, that means that we’re going to have to all pull together to get the task accomplished.  No, if I have to hand carry those little goblins to Shattrath, I’ll do it, they have made the company more money and have shown more loyalty to the firm than most of the employees other than the Cloudhoof Clan. 

I feel good about taking my life back into my own hands again.  I feel like a man again, not some idiot that is blindly following orders from Orgrimmar.  Now, I just have to make sure that I let Dawnglory know what is going on and he can make his arrangements to break away from the Rangers as well.  I’ll help him as much as I can and I hope he doesn’t get all hotheaded and just take off – he’s been known to do that sort of thing.  Plus, now he has the complication of his lady to think about too – might get a bit interesting there.

This also means that I will have to go to Orgrimmar and make the decision as to whether I am going to put Faendra through this arranged marriage in Silvermoon or not.  As adamant as Amyn is against it, it might behoove me to just eat the money I’ve already spent and cancel the whole thing.  I’ll have to wait and talk to Amyn again to see what her thoughts are.  Of course, I also need to see what Faendra’s thoughts are on the matter as well, she may have decided that a Silvermoon match is what she really wants instead of constantly mooning after Dawnglory.

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “Memories of Days Gone By…

  1. Oh yeah, having her family around her while she heals is probably the best medicine for her.I think alot of people are sick of the travesty,and especially with it happening after the bout with Deathwing, people are worn thin with the constant fighting and trying to survive.Fnor has the right of it, about resigning,and I have a feeling once he does Fnar won’t be too far behind in resigning either. I think the families would have a better life in Outland, away from all the madness. Great read, can’t wait to see what decision he comes to.

    • LOL, I’m sure that Fnor spent many hours of asking himself “why” am I allowing this to happen, I don’ t need to do this, I’ve served my time. I think that it is going to be a lot of fun and I also think that they will spend a great deal of time in Pandaria too. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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