Learning to Make Changes…Accepting Families

June 25th

Dear Journal,

Kal and I thought that we would give ourselves a treat and head to the Vale for a nice dinner and some socializing away from the Sentinels for a while.  It was a nice change and it wasn’t all that expensive and we didn’t have to cook.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we both like t cook, however, one does need a change of pace now and then so that you can appreciate your own cooking more.

I was sorely distressed when we walked outside and looked over the Vale and saw what the Horde have done to this beautiful place.  I don’t know if I want to cry about it or just want to go kick some serious Horde butt. This place was always tranquil and the beauty was such that it would soothe your soul almost as much as being near a Moonwell.  Now, it has been trashed out by those greedy Horde and their little goblins are scurrying everywhere digging up the ground like there is no tomorrow.  It sickens me not only on a personal level but on a spiritual level as well.

Kal seemed to understand what I was talking about because he took my hand and kissed it as he put his arm around my waist and squeezed me closer.  I think that the destruction of this place upsets him almost as much as it does me, however, he’s seen more of this sort of thing than I have with his experiences in Outland.  I know that the Pandaren have got be upset with this destruction and I hope they kick the Horde out of here.  I know that sounds childish on my part but I don’t understand why the Horde feel the need to destroy the beauty of this land because that fool Warchief of theirs has nothing on his mind except for power and greed. 

I remember the destruction that they have done to our homeland all too well.  The destruction of the forests wherever they thought they could get a foothold and the destruction of anything that was beautiful.  Oh, Ashenvale and the constant barrage from the Horde camps always makes me angry whenever I visit the area.  I won’t even think of the atrocities they’ve committed in Stonetalon.  At least we have been able to keep them under control somewhat in Feralas.

Kal has been talking about taking a trip to Darnassus since his Mother left and going on to Dolonaar to see his little brothers and his grandparents.  Oh, I’ve met his grandparents before years ago and actually lived with them for a few months as I was fostered from one home to the next.  I doubt that they remember me, however, I remember them as being extremely kind and giving people.  I think he wants to “present” me to them as someone that he is involved with.  I don’t think that he has ever done that before and he is acting like a little schoolboy about it. I suppose that I will have to relent and do something like that for him because it seems important to him and it will also give him a chance to speak with his Mother away from his Father, which might not be such a bad idea.

I know that his Father was talking about leaving the Rangers and going back to running his own business again and wants his Mother to do the same, however, I hope that doesn’t mean that Kal will leave too.  I can’t leave the Sentinels, it’s all I have ever known and it’s the only place where I feel like I belong because I’ve never known anything else.  I have no idea how I would act with things just being free to do whatever I want – all I have ever known is my duty, patrols, scouting and the set routines that we have.  I don’t know what I would do if those things were taken away.  Yes, I care about Kal very deeply, however, there is nothing formal between us, we’re not mated and we haven’t even discussed that yet.  I don’t know what to do.  I guess there isn’t any reason for me to worry about it now because nothing has been said outright that Kal would leave his duties with the Sentinels.

I know that Kal is very heavily involved with his family and if I am going to spend any time with him at all, I will have to adjust to that and I can do that.  I’ve still never met all of them yet, however, they seem to be nice people.

I have to admit that I am more than a  little bit worried about the changes that might be coming for us because I don’t know any other life than the one I have had.  I guess that I will have to put my faith in Elune and hope that she guides me down the right path.  I would hate to lose Kal and if there came a time that I had to make a choice between Kal and the Sentinels, I already know which one I would take because my heart has led me to this man.



2 thoughts on “Learning to Make Changes…Accepting Families

  1. Looks like there are changes abound for everyone.,and Romy is also feeling sick at seeing what Garrosh has done to the Vale; a perfect haven,and Garrosh’s greed has to go and desecrate it for his own ends. I can imagine how hard it is for Kae to adjust from being a Sentinel; she’s always had a life that was scheduled ,and having all that free time would probably drive her crazy. However she is going to have to realize that being involved with Kal , is going to mean, she is going to be exposed to his family as well which I think will be good for her. Great Read.. poor girl is going to have alot of changes to go through.

    • Changes seem to be happening very quickly and Kal’s life has always been one of constant change, which, I’m sure that Kae was aware of when she became involved with him. His family and heritage were enough of a change or her – she is frightened of being taken away from the things that she has only known – she will have to learn. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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