Hide ‘n’ Seek

June 28th

Dear Journal,

I know that life is supposed to be serious most of the time; however, there are times that I just have to break away and get into some good old fashioned fun.  I am too darn young to walk around all serious twenty-four seven.  I know that I have my responsibilities to attend too and I have to be careful with my relationship with Kae, however, there are times that a guy just has to break out and get silly.

After making sure that my Mom and Dad were okay, I had to cut loose for a while and I did just that.  Yes, I met up with my friends from Stormwind and we had the best time in Stormwind.  It was just for an evening and there was much fun to be had – some drinking, some women to be flirted with when we had the chance and so on.

Well, who would have thought that a bunch of adults would do something as silly as we did with a child’s game of “hide and seek” – well, we did and I’ll admit that my sides were aching from laughing so much.  The rules were pretty simple although they weren’t all that clear, however, I just kind of figured that it wouldn’t be too nice to hide inside a building where you couldn’t’ be easily seen. We had to give out clues as to where we would be hiding and let the others try to figure it out. Oh, we also had to stay within the confines of Stormwind proper.

Oh, that first one had me running all over Stormwind and I’m sure that a lot of the population thought that they had a Night Elf suffering from a case of madness or just had gone off the edge.  Searching every place that I could think of that I thought might be a good place to hide really gave me no help.  Nope, the girl didn’t hide where I thought she would and when she was found, it was so obvious that that it made me start laughing.  I was trying to make the game much more difficult than it was supposed to be.

Add a few mugs of beer to the game and it got to be even more fun.  I know that I should be ashamed of myself, however, I’m not – I needed to just feel that freedom that I had when I was a young boy in Shattrath.  You know the kind of freedom that you can only have as a child. Of course, I’m not sure that I drank that much beer when I was a young boy, however, I think I am making up for it now – the only thing missing from the game was the dwarves from Ironforge with their special brew – however, we might have all been falling down drunk by the end of it.

I finally got my turn and I will have to admit that I thought I was being pretty easy to find – gave out my clues, lay on the ground and watched the clouds pass overhead and watched the night start to move in.  It did seem like a good long time before I was finally found, however, that was part of the game that made it fun.  Give out some real evasive clues and hope that people will spend some time looking for you.  Yep, had a great time and had a great headache the next day but it was well worth it.

I think one of the fun things that we did was to keep hugging the poor baby panda and taking the bamboo shoots.  It was fun running around in “disguise” as a baby panda especially in the Cathedral area where all of the real “serious” folk gather to discuss their issues of the day or to even create any.  I had a good time trying to get different people to pet me and some of the ladies were rather attractive for humans.   Of course, our ring leader found the most available and the most attractive Night Elf female standing there all alone and lonely.  Damn his time!  I wouldn’t have minded getting picked up and held in those arms either.  Of course, he had to do his panda growl and all that nonsense, so, rather than get into a baby panda wrestling match or even flipping back to our normal selves – which would have been embarrassing as anything else could be – we’d have been very easily recognized.  The whole night wad just fun and I needed to laugh for a while and feel like life is really worth living.

Of course, Kae was none too pleased with me dragging my behind home right before dawn and still kind of drunk too.  Good thing that she has patience and maybe next time she will come with me.  I swear that woman needs to learn how to play and not be all “grown-up” all of the time.  It’s fun to act like a kid again even if I do have the adult responsibilities to go with it now.

Naturally, I have a bunch of chores that need to be done here on the farm today, like weeding, chasing vermin or having them chase me – it’s always questionable as to what really is going on sometimes.  I also need to sneak over by Dawnglory’s house to find out what is going on too – there were all kinds of weird noises coming from the house this morning when I got up.  Oh, never mind, I think I know what those noises were; I’ve made a few of them myself.  I wouldn’t mind meeting that woman that is staying with him these days, she’s pretty attractive as far as Blood Elf women go, a little short in stature and less endowed than Kae is, however, she’s still nice to look at.  Hey, if Kae can look at Dawnglory and my Dad, I can look at Dawnglory’s woman if I want too, I’m not dead yet and it doesn’t hurt anything to look.


2 thoughts on “Hide ‘n’ Seek

  1. LOl, hard to picture Kal playing hide and seek,but that must have been an absolute blast..poor guy will be relieved about his parents leaving the service.especially with the close call they had. Its always good to cut loose and have a little fun once in while..With the world as crazy as it is,you can’t take anything for granted.
    LOL, I’m sure Romy would be sneaking a few peeks at Kal.. but its probably more to figure out how so someone so big could come from a Sin’dorei and Kaldorei pairing.. it completely boggles her mind.

    • ROTFL, nope, Kal is not a little boy at all. He is still young enough that he hasn’t forgotten how to “play” and he does it with gusto, now, if he could only get Kae to learn how to throw your cares out the window now and again. Kal is a good foot taller than his sire, that’s real noticeable when you have them standing next to one another. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s greatly appreciated.

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