Getting Plans Made For The Future

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 29th

Dear Journal,

Well, I’m sitting here at the farm this morning, watching the rain pour down as I drink some coffee and have a couple of cigarettes – still haven’t quite kicked the habit yet. Just enjoying some quiet time before I head to the base camp in Krasarang for a few hours.  It isn’t going to be all that difficult to leave that behind either because each time I go down there, I can feel the gorge rising in my throat.  The things that we are being ordered to do these days are not what Rangers were trained for and I find it almost insulting. I talked with Dawnglory briefly and he has told me that he has made arrangements for his resignation and his Lady’s resignation to be sent in with ample funds to cover their bribes.  I honestly didn’t think that he would stay in the Rangers and take over the command spot when I left because he is as sick of the way things are going as I am. 

I sent my resignation in the same day that Amyn left and I’m sure that the fertilizer will hit the wind machine before the end of the work.  Regardless of the outcome, I’m done at the end of the month, which is just a few days away.  I’m sure that it will get accepted this time since I sent enough gold along with it to choke an Orc. I know how much it cost to get the Cloudhoof Tauren out and I just doubled that amount, which should be more than ample for one fellow to take the shortcut out of the Oath that was broken on their end, not mine. As far as I am concerned in my mind right now, I’m already finished with my service to the Horde and if another “event’ or war comes to pass, I won’t re-enlist again unless it is strictly as an advisory position and not an active service role. I’ve decided that I am getting too damned old for that nonsense especially under this particular regime.

If we still had free access to Dalaran, like the old days, I would have already left Pandaria and would have already headed to Northrend as quickly as any mount could carry me.  Yeah, Dalaran was my safe haven away from the rest of Azeroth, however, I suppose I will get used to the digs in Shattrath once I get things finished up here.   Of course, I’m dreading the trip through Orgrimmar because that is going to rattle a few people when I step back in as the businessman instead of just stopping in to check on things like I have been doing since I came to Pandaria.

I find it rather odd that  I haven’t heard anything from Zippie and I definitely haven’t heard anything from Faendra in the last week or almost two weeks now.  Agatha sent me a letter and said that she won’t be able to go to Orgrimmar to get Faendra for another week because she is getting everything set up with Dawnglory’s sister’s wedding plans and parties.  Okay, that works for me, I’m not in a big rush to spend a lot more money on something that may not come to pass.  Amyn is adamant about the fact that she thinks that I am forcing this on Faendra and she feels that it is just wrong even if it is a tradition with the Sindorei.

Oh, we have had quite a few arguments in regard to the situation with Faendra too.  Fae has really gotten to be rather headstrong and obsessive about what she thinks is the way for her to do things, which, has made it rather difficult for me to control my temper with her.  The last argument that Fae and I had was really nasty and quite a few things were said that shouldn’t have been said.  Amyn keeps telling me that it is because Fae is young and that I have been overly protective of her and have spoiled her by giving her anything and everything she has ever asked for.  All I wanted to do was to make the girl happy, she was robbed of having her parents with her at a very young age and I have tried to make up for it the only way that I can, lots of money and her acceptance of my situation was the only thing that I had ever asked for in return. 

I do know that it is going to be nice to be my own boss again and not have to answer to the people in Orgrimmar.  I don’t know why I am filled with such dread of going to Orgrimmar right now.  It’s never been one of my favorite places to be, however, it has gotten somewhat better since they have finished all of construction and repairs.  At least you can walk down the street without having and eye cocked to the sky to avoid any falling debris and an occasional Peon.  If my calculations are correct, I should have the company headquartered in Shattrath again in about six months, if everything goes as planned. 

I am going to take my time getting to Orgrimmar anyway because my leg is still throbbing a lot although it is almost completely healed.  I guess it takes longer for your body to heal when you get older, however, the wound was pretty serious and deep, which has been the real problem.  As long as I get some physical exercise and keep the scar tissue limbered up, I’m fine, however, if I skip a day of walking around a lot or even just moving around, there is a certain stiffness there that is rather annoying.  I suppose I’ll be sporting the scar on my leg for quite a while unless I run into a good healer that knows the magic of removing scars again like I had in Dalaran.

Yes, everything points back to Dalaran and why not?  I lived there for a number of years and based my company out of the city for that entire time.  I can remember arriving there with just a few gold in my pouch and working myself into a frenzy to make life better, which I did manage to do.  I like to think that our house was one of the bigger and better places to live and I know I had quite a bit of sweat equity built up in the place because I would do a lot of the work myself.  I’m a fair carpenter and I know exactly how I wanted the inside of the house to look.  The hours, weeks and months that I spend hauling stuff to Dalaran from various parts of Azeroth – the slate for the entryway took the longest because each piece was rather large and I was doing most of the hauling myself.  It was truly a beautiful house and had all of the comforts that a Sindorei could ever possibly want for beauty and comfort.  Oh well, all of that is gone now and I did try to recreate the house pretty much when we built the new one in Nagrand, not nearly as large, however, the interior followed the original design pretty much.

I know that I will have to sit down and talk to Amyn about her leaving the Sentinels again and explain to her why I am leaving the Rangers.  I think that she will understand exactly how I feel, however, I can’t force her to give up something if she doesn’t want to do that.  Oh, when we were younger, I could wheedle her into things sometimes, however, there was usually a price to pay for that wheedling further down the road.  Yes, I can still remember her shooting me in the butt a few times for trying to force her into stuff too.  Damn, she knows exactly the spot to hit where it will hurt like hell and not leave you crippled or maimed for life though.

With the last reports that I had gotten from Orgrimmar in regard to the martial law they have invoked there, I wonder just how bad things are?  Does Hellscream realize how much trouble he is in?   Knowing of him as I do, I doubt that he even thinks there is that much of a problem and doesn’t realize that he has all of the races up in arms now about how he has handled things.  I think that his days of sitting around as the Warchief are surely numbered and it will be a blessing when they come to a close.  The next big question will be whom will take over the reins again. 

Whomever picks up the reins after Hellscream is gone is going to have a tough go of it.  I know that some of the people are hoping that Thrall will come back and take over the leadership, however, I have a strong suspicion that that is not going to happen.  I just know that it is going to take years to undo the damage that Hellscream has done to his people, all races, not just the Orc.  Also, I think that it would be rather doubtful that the Orcs would ever follow anyone other than an Orc because they are bit biased that way. 

Maybe now is a real good time for all of us to step as far away as we can from the Horde and let the calls fall where they will.  I don’t think that I have ever seen the faction so fragmented and disorganized as it is right now – at least, not in my lifetime.

Well, it’s time for me to get dressed and slog over to Dawnglory’s farm and check on things to make sure that Jogu is doing what was asked of him.  I can’t understand why Dawnglory picked Jogu out of all of the people in Halfhill to take care of the farm while he and his lady are away.  It’s not like he has a chance of rehabilitating the poor fellow or another because he’s too far gone as a drunkard.  Oh well, a promise is a promise and I will keep an eye on things.

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “Getting Plans Made For The Future

  1. I think alot of people are disheartened by this war,they see whats going on ,and feel helpless because not only they have to worry about themselves but their loved ones as well. Anyone who takes up the reins of warchief isnt’ going to have an easy time of it, thats for certain.
    Getting away from the war is probably the best thing for all around., everyone is tired,and worn; both physically ,emotionally, and mentally. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Oh, there’s plenty of fun and drama building up as the family makes the transition from wartime to “let’s live our lives” time. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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