Haven’t Written In A While

July 1st

Dear Journal,

Here it is already a new month and things are pretty much status quo here in Darnassus.  Felley and I looked around Stormwind when we went visiting last and I think that we are going to stay in Darnassus for a good long while yet.

We found several different places to live in Stormwind; however, they were rather costly and would have taken the pack fund down to almost nothing, which is something that I refuse to do at this point.  We all know that winter is right around the corner and that the game is a little tougher to get at that point.  Not to mention, the pelts that we will need to sell in order to make it through the cold.  It’s going to be interesting this year.

I think that the pack as a whole is doing really well and the people are working together as a team.  I never realized how much of a disruption Sonshine was to the pack until after he left.  We’re a happy group and we all seem to get along rather well.

The good thing is by not taking a place to live in Stormwind, we were able to find suitable quarters for Abigayle and for Caldwic.  At least they aren’t living with us anymore all of the time.  I know that the lack of privacy was starting to make me a bit more than crazed.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having them stay with us for a while; however, it was very cramped in there. 

I’m proud to announce that Abigayle and Caldwic have learned how to control their wolf forms a lot better.  Poor Caldwic had a terrible time with his and would slip into his Wolf without even thinking two seconds about it.  We all try to maintain our human forms when we are in cities or the towns to avoid any problems with the other humans which will arise once in a while.  There are people that still don’t understand that there are people living in those wolves that they throw stones at sometimes.

At least we’ve all made several trips to Stormwind to sell out pelts and to see the sights a few more times since I last wrote and we’re accumulating some extra money.  Naturally, anytime we go, the girls have to go shopping for a few things.  Felley has been getting a few bolts of cloth now and then to make some dresses for them, which will be nice when we are in town and they want to get dressed up a little bit.  We’ve made a few more friends in Stormwind, however, none that seem like we might want to join a pack with them or anything.

It sure does seem as though we do run into more packs all of the time these days.  There seem to be more Gilnean stranded far from home.  I keep thinking that maybe one of these days that we will be able t take our homeland back, however, that could be a long time down the road.  Of course, it won’t ever be the same place that we once lived either and we all realize that.  It’s just that even though we have been welcomed in Darnassus and Stormwind, you always feel like you don’t quite belong.

I know that sometimes when we are out in wilds hunting that our good friend Sonshine has been stalking us.  As far as I know, he hasn’t joined up with any other pack that are based out of Darnassus and that’s no wonder.  Word spread pretty quickly about his behavior in our pack and how he had treated Abigayle when they were together. 

That was indeed a sad situation and I do wish that Felley and I had known about what was really going on long before we did.  Not only was Sonshine taking all of Abigayle money that she earned, he was actually beating her on a regular basis if she didn’t have any money.  Of course, that’s where Caldwic became involve with things – he was Abigayle’s friend and he was trying to protect her from Sonshine.  He admits that it wasn’t much of a fight because he didn’t know how to control Wolf and Sonshine knew all of the right things to do to get him to turn.  Well, that’s over and done with and we shouldn’t have to deal with Sonshine McBride very often.  We just make sure that we all stay close together in the wilds and not give him a chance to attack any of us.  I don’t know what his purpose is other than to intimidate the two youngest members of the pack, however, it’s working.

I know that we have all gotten into kind of a routine with our hunting and that’s nice because that means we know what each of us is supposed to be doing on a given day and a given time.  No one seems to mind having at least one day’s rest in there in either because even though times might be hard, you need that one day where you can do whatever you want to do – or at least I do.

Of course, I still go help out the Sentinels now and again, which Felley still doesn’t know about because she would be upset that I am putting myself at risk each time I do one of these little mercenary duties.  It’s not all bad and the money is good and these Sentinels still don’t know what I look like in human form because I always “chance” upon them as the Wolf.

Well, I suppose that I should stop writing in my journal and get busy because our rest day was yesterday and I took full advantage of it.  I know that sleeping most of the day away wasn’t what some of the others had in mind, however, I was tired and that’s what I wanted to do with my free time.  Naturally, I got the tsk-tsk from Felley even if she was smiling when she did it.


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