Death Could Be Imminent…

July 4th

Dear journal,

Well, death could be imminent or something real close to it anyway.  I just got a letter from the Boss that he’s going to be coming back to Orgrimmar to run things, however, he will be taking his sister to Silvermoon if she is agreeable to the situation.

Oh hello!! Your sister isn’t even here and we’ve been searching for her off and on for about a month. Zednick and Dooddah were able to recover her tack and a few other items that were apparently stolen from her – they stole it back and hightailed it back to Orgrimmar. The guys that took the stuff were sitting in Crossroads and getting drunker by the moment with some very loose tongues.  Zednick gave me the bill for the rounds that he had bought for them  – I think he padded the bill because there is no way that even an Orc could drink that much without passing out.

What we do know is that she is out in the Barrens with her hawkstrider and no money that we’re aware of because the Orcs had most of it in their possession. She must have spent a lot of money or the Orcs did because we got about half of what was taken. Maybe all of the Orcs didn’t stay together after they beat up a harmless girls and took all of her stuff.  Who knows, at least we have an idea of where she “was” when all of this went down.

I sent Dooddah back out to look some more, however, I did tell her not to come back until she found something worthwhile.  Poor kid has been out there now for four days and not a word from her.  Zednick is pissed at me and he’s gone out to find Dooddah because she takes things so literally sometimes and he thinks that we might never see her again.  He also told me that I was being hateful and meaner than an Orc – which made me cry because it hurt my feelings because I’m just trying to do the right thing.

Oh, I’ve heard the gossip in the street about how a certain high ranking Ranger is leaving his position in Pandaria to come back to run his private business.  Can’t say that some of those high muckity-muck mooks are real thrilled with the idea that one of their is openly walking away from the Warchief, however, that’s gonna happen more and more I think.  I know that there was some talk of confiscating things and I hit everything that I could – it is going to take days to get all of the stuff back in the warehouse because it’s scattered all over Azeroth.  Wish I had thought about sending it to Shattrath instead.  I just know that I have sent word to tall of the places where I sent stuff for them to ship it back to me.

I am seeing more and more of these so-called veterans coming back into Orgrimmar these days.  It looks like the Warchief is going to be running mostly Orcs and mercenaries for his campaign up in Pandaria instead of regular troops.  That’s not my problem, however, I did hire a few of them to bring back some of those archeology finds to me – by contract.  Mercs will do just about anything for good money.

I know a lot of the guys from the slums are up in Pandaria now doing mining and such.  I can’t tell if they were conscripted or if the Warchief dug real deep in his pockets to get them up there.  I know that I wouldn’t go up there for all the money in the world, it’s no place for a goblin.  Well, at least not this goblin.

I just hope I still have a job after the Boss gets here and finds his sister gone, his stock spread out over half of Azeroth.  At least I got most of the money back that was taken when she ran off.  That should say something and we’re still showing a profit since the last time he was here. 

Damn that girl, why did she decide to grow half a backbone and take off now because she didn’t want to marry some yahoo in Silvermoon?  Oh sure, she would have been dancing on air if it had been that blonde hunter – the second Boss instead of some kid mage in Silvermoon. 

Well, I better find some plate underwear to wear under my robes when the Boss gets her in the next day or two because he’s gonna be chewing my butt. Oh, I’ve seen him get angry before but I don’t know how he is going to react to all of this crap either.  Who knows, he might take off and go out searching for his sister himself and leave us alone here in Orgrimmar?    I don’t know what all is going to happen, I just know that we had all better hang on tight and hope that we still have jobs when he does find her.



2 thoughts on “Death Could Be Imminent…

  1. Well in a good way , they at least know that she is out there somewhere even if it is from learning that she had been robbed, from listening to the orc’s drunken bragging. I can totally understand Zippies fear.. that would be a rather hard thing to explain but I think Fnor will be understanding about the stock being spread all over if the case comes to the point where Garrosh will do what he can to get as much out of Fnor as he can for this supposed ” dereliction of duty” Given Garrosh’s current history for pettiness, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and confiscate everything to prove a point and making himself richer in the process. Great read!!

    • Hehe, Zippie is a smart little gobbling and she thought that moving stuff around would make the threat less imminent in having it confiscated. She’s just afraid that the Boss is going to blame her for Fae’s disappearance. I’m sure that there will be plenty of fun times ahead. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. 😀

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