A Little Sad and A Little Rant

I will admit that Summer is probably a busy time for fall of us, however, there are times when you just get so much on your plate that you want to back off and regroup – which is what I have done in the last week or so.  I wish I could say that it has all been for fun reasons, which, it hasn’t been.

We had one of our long time neighbors pass away a week ago which was a shock and a total surprise for all of us that knew her.  She had been having some health issues recently that didn’t bode well for her; however, the doctors seemed to think they had things under control.  She was a long time asthma sufferer and had some allergies kick in which made the asthma go even more berserk.  Poor thing spent a week in the hospital and came home for a few days – she thought she was feeling somewhat better and she passed away.  She will be sorely missed by those of us who knew her and we always will remember that she was always planting more flowers – she loved her plants.

This week started off with a bang, in the true sense of the word.  Our son had a good friend of his commit suicide after a long battle of depression due to his family life going down the toilet – not all marriages work out, no matter how hard we try.  That was a shock to our son and left him feeling at a loss as to what he could say to the young man’s family.

Now, we were recovering from that bit of bad news when one of our son’s cats got sick.  He calls himself the crazy cat guy because he has three cats that he dotes on.  Well, this was his oldest cat and she was a cranky old thing sometimes, however, he ended up having to have her put down yesterday due to liver failure. Oh we’ve all lived long enough to where we have lost other pets in the past; however, as you get older, these precious little things become an integral part of your lives and members of the family.  Poor kitty had led a hard life before she was adopted by our son and she lived with him a good ten years – why some people take joy in abusing animals is beyond me, however, she was another rescue animal.

I haven’t been playing WoW a whole lot in the last couple of weeks for several reasons – I had other things to do as well as losing some of the enthusiasm for the game.  I’m also kind of waiting to see what is going to happen with new changes coming in 5.4, however, I haven’t made it out of 5.2 yet – the big thing that is looming in my mind is the changes in how the realms are going to be handled.  I had a terrible time with the advent of CRZ due to the fact that I really wasn’t used to “rude” being multiplied tenfold.  Not to mention that a once transparent and smoothing running game became rather jerky and was very archaic in its movement – one step forward and ten steps back did not make for good game play. Oh well, I’m sure that the developers had a reason for torturing the players with this “new” feature – now we know why, I think.

Anyway, I’m sitting here waiting to see what is going to happen to Azeroth with these even “newer” changes.  Since I run multiple accounts, there is some debate as to whether I will continue doing so in the future due to the changes and for financial reasons.  If the game isn’t fun anymore, don’t play it and definitely don’t pay out the nose for it.

I do keep logging back in to see if the old magic will appear for me and so far, it’s been the same old thing without the muses showing up to help me write my storylines.  I just need to get my head back into the game – I’m not fond of where the Lore is going currently because war is one thing, twenty-four-hour- seven wars is not something that I enjoy. 

I had hoped that the developers would have left Kalimdor transparent to the characters at the lower levels because what is happening now is that some of my alts tend to get stomped when wandering through areas that were once designed for them to level in.  It’s kind of hard to pull those quests together when you have roving bands of Kor’kon  that are quite a few levels higher one-shooting you as you trot out to do some gathering.  Yes, it is a “conflicted” area, however, my little guys aren’t high enough to even know about Pandaria yet, much less know that Garrosh has turned into a total douche to the rest of the races.  I was in hopes that things would stay as they were similar as to how they handled Theramore and that debacle – once you ran the scenario – the place was decimated for all eternity – not so with the characters that haven’t done it yet.

I won’t even go into how many broken “quests” there are now in Kalimdor.  Seems like the “new and improved” area for the latest patch did more damage to the old content than the changes that were made in Cata.  Oh well, that’s my personal feeling.  Most of my issues appear to be only in Kalimdor, if I jump my characters over to the Eastern Kingdoms – things are just peachy. However, my biggest problem is that the majority of my characters are Horde that I am leveling with any kind of consistency.  Oh, if I just want to relax and enjoy what’s left of the game, I go play Alliance.

One of the things that I have been doing as well is to start playing “other” games instead of WoW.  I’m finding that the graphics are much improved in these games than they have been in WoW.  Makes you feel a bit weird after playing a more enhanced game and then logging back into Wow.  I’ve been a staunch and loyal fan of World of Warcraft for roughly eight plus years and I guess the glow has finally faded.  I think what is keeping me in the game right now is the friends that I have made and family – kind of a pricey chat room when you feel yourself slipping further behind and further away from things.

No, I’ll stick around and play until I see how the mechanics of the game are going to work out in 5.4.  I’ve already decided that I don’t really want to upgrade my computers to accommodate the game unless I enjoy the game more than I am at the moment.

So, there you have it, a little sad and a little rant, all in one post. 



2 thoughts on “A Little Sad and A Little Rant

  1. I totatlly hear you there about WOW and the upcoming patch..I think it’s time to start gathering up the contact info from my online buddies and see if we can’t all hook up elsewhere in case things go further and further down the drain in regards to mechanics and storyline. I think Blizzard is going to have to really go all out to get any of their lost subscriptions back. as more and more people are getting less enchanted with the constant war going on.It’s becoming less a story and more like filler these days as the developers are trying to figure out ways to screw up the game even more. Other games won’t kill WOW..Blizzard is doing a fine job at it themselves.

    • Well, it is called World of WarCraft – war being the key element, however, I don’t think it’s been as constant as it has been in this expansion. Love everything about the game, however, this time around there just doesn’t seem to be much respite from the constant conflict. Yep, I’m starting to get together a list of the people that I want to keep in touch with outside of WoW just in case,

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