Cooling My Heels…For Now

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

July 7th

Dear Journal,

I am still sitting here in Halfhill for several reasons.  The first one being is that I can keep in touch with Amyn through Kal and she seems to be healing up nicely and appears to be happy staying with her parents and the boys.  I’m happy that she is getting better although I can’t even begin to put into words how much I miss her right now, it gets lonely up here sometimes especially when your wife and your best friend are absent.

Another reason that I am sticking close to the farm is because Dawnglory and his lady are off on a trip and I promised to keep an eye on Jogu while he is supposedly keeping an eye on Dawnglory’s farm.  So far, knock on wood, he seems to be pretty responsible in taking his duties seriously.  However, I know that he keeps giving me more chicken and dumplings every time I go over which means that the chickens are still having those seizures and keeling over dead.  I hope that whatever is wrong with them isn’t contagious to us two legged folk because if it is, we’ve successfully infected half of Pandaria with the amount of the stuff that he sells at the market.

I’m also sitting here waiting to get word back from Orgrimmar in regard to my resignation.  I did put in there that I was not taking a refusal this time because I’m done.  I don’t agree with the politics involved and I can’t see leading my people into be used as cannon fodder for a Warchief that seems to have lost his mind and all of my respect, which was very little to begin with.  I know that it would be just as easy for them to arrest me for treason or some such nonsense if I showed my fact in Orgrimmar right now if the idiot is displeased with my resignation.  Frankly, I don’t care if he’s pleased or not, I don’t think that I was that far up the totem pole in the political hierarchy for them to give a damn about what I did or didn’t do.

 However, I am going to have to take my chances and head back there to  check on my business and to make sure that everything is going well there.  I normally get letters from Zippie once a week and it’s been strangely silent for the last two weeks.  I usually get several letters a week from Faendra and they are usually filled with her complaints and her prattling about the fact that she is stuck there taking care of “my” business.

The last letter that I got from Fae was filled with a lot of vehemence in regard to my making her step down as the person taking charge in Orgrimmar, forcing here into an arranged marriage at the end of the summer as well as her usual complaints about the fact that somehow it was all my fault that my best friend isn’t interested in her in a romantic way.  All of the things that she writes about just shows me how much I have spoiled her in the past and how young she really is in her maturity level.  It’s not easy to recognize that your own sister is just a spoiled brat, however, I’m really starting to realize that.  She should have already been back in Silvermoon attending the prenuptial parties and getting into the social whirl there – she’s not there yet.

Something just keeps eating at my mind like a small mouse that wants to grow into a big rat some day.  I just have some bad feelings about things in Orgrimmar.  I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my resignation or it’s some kind of intuition that things are not as they should be with the business there and there could even be problems of a more personal nature.  Just those kind of nagging feelings that things are just not as they should be.

Three weeks of not hearing from Fae should set off alarm bells in my head, however, she is probably pouting with me since we had a bit of a row the last time I saw her and some things were said rather harshly.  Well, she’s going to have to grow up sometime and I can’t keep placating to her feelings above all else, she’s not the only one in the family that I care about and I have my own wife and kids to deal with.  I can’t keep giving into her. This is one time that I am not just going to fold in and let her have her way, it’s time to stop doing that according to my wife.  I have to admit that she had some good points about how I have been spoiling Fae all of her life.

Not hearing from my trustworthy little goblin is of more of a concern to me than anything.  Not only is she running the business right now in Orgrimmar, she’s the one that keeps an eagle eye out on things and keeps me informed.  To not get financial reports and some gossip from her is more than unusual, it’s damned scary. I guess you could say that that is the one thing that is causing me some anxiety because it’s totally out of character for her to be this silent.

I have no idea when Dawnglory is going to be back from his trip with his lady to Northrend, however, I can’t just sit here and wait until he returns.  I will have to get someone else to keep an eye on things for him because I have some things that just can’t wait.   I know that he will understand my having to go back to Orgrimmar to find out what is going on because if he were here, he would have already gone himself.  I know that he has been avoiding Orgrimmar because of the issues with Faendra, however, he has always been my second in command over the business anyway.

I guess that I should be happy that my leg has healed up nicely even if it does look like hell.  Yes, I’m going to be carrying these scars for a while until I can find a healer like the one I had in Dalaran that didn’t charge an arm and a leg to remove a few blemishes from my body.  I’m vain enough that I don’t like scars even if my wife finds them rather intriguing or so she says.

Just these nagging worries are driving me to distraction and I am not going to find any peace of mind until I make the trip and find out that it’s just me being a worrisome old man.  There’s just something not quite right and my gut is telling me that I need to make sure that things are as they should be.

If I don’t write anymore in my journal for a while, it’s because that oversized tick sitting in Orgrimmar has had me arrested and I’m in jail. Oh, I’m, not going to worry about that too much because I have enough connections within the council there that I don’t think that will happen and if push comes to shove, I’ll call on the people I know within the rebellion.


Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “Cooling My Heels…For Now

  1. I have a feeling things are going to get very interesting once Fnor finds out his sister flew the coop, especially with the ways things are happening.Poor guy , is really having to face the fact that spoiling her,and giving her everything she desired may have done more harm than good.In sense , having her find out things aren’t going to be handed to her, now that she’s having to survive on her own, is going to be one heckuva wake up call ..hopefullly making her realize all the sacrifices her brother made for her. Great read as always .

    • Oh, I’m sure he is going to freak out totally that she’s been gone this long and no one told him to begin with and then, he will settle in and do what needs to be done to find her. Of course, she may want to come back to Orgrimmar, however, her pride is in the way. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s greatly appreciated.

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