Busy Busy

July 11th

Ever thought that you might want to run some maintenance on one of your computers that are in terabytes?  Yep, shot myself in the foot this morning when I started doing some heavy maintenance that hasn’t been done in a year.  Yep, most of it is auto and there was no problem with the machine, however, being a geek, I thought that I better do some of it and “it really shouldn’t take that long” kind of thing.  So, I have my better gaming machine tied up in maintenance, kind of forgot about the heavy duty sun glare that rains down on the other machine at this time of year to where you can’t see it – so, here I sit with my lappy that is a hundred years old until my machines are finished with maintenance or I can see the screens. 

It has been a rather strange Summer so far and very busy in RL – yes, I wrote about the passing of some friends and pets last week that put me into some pretty awful depression and it still walks up and smacks me in the forehead and I have to go QQ to myself. Not to mention I am still struggling with the “quit smoking” campaign that isn’t going so well currently – backup, regroup and try it again with the same goals in mind isn’t fun.  Oh, let’s not forget the “scattered” thunderstorms that have been assaulting where I live with consistency every afternoon and will be for the rest of the month – nope, don’t need a cooked computer to be replaced.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that when I get in these moods, I go off and do other things than scamper around in WoW or write – I play other games. Yes, Virginia, I do know there is a Hoover in the closet and I do know how to run it – cleaning house is my least favorite thing, however, one must deal with that too.

I have really started getting into Sims3 again – I got as many of the expansion packs as I could afford, including the newest one and I’m off to the races.  I will have to admit that I have laughed at some of the juvenile antics that some of the animations do now and with it being 3D, it’s even more hilarious for some reason.  Okay, there’s that kid in me that thinks it’s a hoot when the lightning goes off and some Sim (not your own) wets the floor.  Oh yes, going to college, pulling pranks, playing different Supernaturals and so forth have been a blast.  One of these days I’ll figure out the customizations a bit more and post a screenie or two.

I know that I have missed some of the acquaintances and dear friends in WoW, however, I fully intend on logging back in with a bit more frequency than I have been.  One of the things that I am waiting to see with World of Warcraft is how much the game mechanics are going to be played with in 5.4.  If the game changes too radically, after eight years of playing, and if I don’t enjoy it, I will take a sabbatical until the next expansion, even as much as I love the game.   I have quite a bit of time and money tied up in the game; however, I will be curtailing some of my less frequently used accounts very soon.  If I’m not playing them, why pay for them?

See you in-game when my machines are finished making me wait.  *sigh* Don’t think I’ll do this again – maintenance – unless I do it overnight.

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