Birthday Parties and Little Kids …Family Times

Had a fairly busy and uneventful weekend with the family.  Well, I can’t say it’s uneventful, our granddaughter turned three and that means that there had to be a birthday party with plenty of little kids, cupcakes (birthday girl’s favorite treat) as well as plenty of other family members around.

I’m going to show my age here and I really don’t care.  When my son was growing up, there were tricycles that you just went out and bought with what money you had available.  Nothing fancy, nothing real expensive, you just went for the one that was the favorite color of the child.  I know that you could get them preassembled too – for those of us that are less mechanically inclined.

OMG, who knew that the trike market has gone bonkers with so many to choose from – well, ours had to be pink because that is Em’s favorite color.  She already has one of those loud noisy big wheel things that used to drive me wild when her Father was little and she also has one of those little cars with a roof over it (has a trunk to put your neat stuff in for those vacations you go on) which always makes me laugh – I think the girl is either going to be a cab driver or a traveling salesman when she grows up at this point – she likes to take “trips” a lot.

Of course, Grandpa had to find the pink trike and make sure that it was what Em would like it – I think it was more of the Grandpa thing of giving your grandchildren stuff you couldn’t afford to get your own kids when they were at that age.  Anyway, our little munchkin ended up with a very nice trike which made me giggle quite a bit because not only was it pink, it had a bell on it too so that she can let people know she’s coming down the walk.

So, I guess you could safely say that this was a family weekend with lots of family things to do.  I don’t know if the Fates had this all planned out in advance, however, all of our family things – birthdays;etc, seem to happen in the Summer months when it is a lot nicer to be outside. Oh yes, trips to the park are a must-have to tire out the younglings so that they will sleep soundly.

Now, for my next trick which will be getting the patio put back in order and hosing it down in the process.  I don’t mind the extra work because it was well worth it with the fun that was had by all.

Sorry, didn’t get anything written this weekend, so, it’s back to banging my head on the desk and pulling out a good story.  See ya.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Parties and Little Kids …Family Times

  1. oh I know how that goes.. got three munchkins,who have birthdays this month; my nephew, my daughter ,and niece all in that order.>M y daughter’s birthday is wednesday,but we are having her party on saturday,since there isn’t so much going on then.It will be her tenth birthday, so it’s sort of a big deal.
    Your grand daughter sounds absolutely precious,and I bet she totally enjoyed her birthday party.

    • Oh, yeah, we have a lot of birthdays during the summer and lots of little family get-togethers that make my game play kind of crazy at the moment, however, family does come first. Hehe, being this physically active doesn’t do me a whole lot of harm, I don’t think, just feel worn out when I’m done with a full day of the kids. Love it though. Happy B-day to your daughter too, yes, ten is a big one – wait until the big 16 gets there!!

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