Summer Time …Let’s See What’s Outside

July 20

I think I have been busy this month with the birthdays and just generally getting outside for a while and seeing that bright light in the sky in person.   I know that I sure haven’t been inside writing that much and it’s been too warm to take the lappy outside and sit on the patio to write as would be my normal custom.

I suppose a lot of the people I normally play WoW with are doing pretty much the same thing that I am doing currently.  Waiting to see what happens with the game.  I had some “bad” food last night and was up in the middle of the night and decided to log into the game to see what was going – well, after checking my RealID list and seeing the number of people that haven’t logged in for days, seems we’ve all kind of taken a sabbatical.

I know that I am have been doing other things, playing a few other games when I do sit my butt down in front of the computer and am having some fun with that.  I think I have a serious case of burnout with WoW and the constant grind for gear and the constant manipulation of the Lore in rather erratic changes here and there that make it not as cohesive as it once was.  Let’s say that my character immersion has been shot to hell and I haven’t been able to get “lost” in the magic as I once did.

Nope, haven’t cancelled any of my multiple accounts yet, however, the thought is crossing my mind more frequently than it ever has.  Part of my game play is the most enjoyable with “friends and acquaintances” that I have made over the years, however, it looks like they are kind of packing it in as well.  Kind of depressing after eight years of playing the game almost daily.  I think the longest I took off was in November of last year when my beloved dog was put down and I went into some heavy mourning over my furry friend and got behind everyone else – since then, I’ve been dragging myself through the motions and trying to get back into it. Love the game, enjoy the people for the most part, however, maybe it’s time to just take a few steps back and see which way the developers are going to change the last vestiges of the game that I have enjoyed for so long.  I’ll just take the wait and see look

Nope, won’t stop writing for my characters and will log in when the mood strikes me, however, at this point it has been rather infrequent due to the schedule that I have with activities outside of the home.  I’ll see you when I see ya.


5 thoughts on “Summer Time …Let’s See What’s Outside

  1. I know what you mean about character immersion being shot all the heck.I’m having that same problem. It’s hard to keep with the lore when Blizzard keeps changing it all the time.I love WOW but I hate what Blizzard is doing to it .. guess we’ll have to see what happens next.Summer has definitely kept me busy with other things,so I haven’t been on WOW too much, especially with the thunderstorms happening here…however I think taking some time off during the summer won’t be so bad.. especially with this heat. Who knows being a away from it for a little while may reinspire me.

    • Oh, I have to agree with you one hundred percent with the changes – however, I’m kind of avoiding my computers upstairs with the storms and the heat “arrrrtgh” – Just got back home from spending time with our son and granddaughter – she is still working on that trike riding thing. 😀 Next weekend is going to be the “pool” trip which should be interesting.

  2. I’ve been complaining about the heat for so long, I’m starting to wonder if I have anything else interesting to talk about, lol. After so many years of playing too, I know what you mean. We’ve seen so many people come and go. I always wonder when my time will come, but I’m still hanging in! Have fun with your family and stay comfortable.

    • I think some of my notice of the heat this year is from a change in some of the medications that I have been taking – seem to make me a bit more sensitive to things – weird stuff. Yep, I’m trying to hang in there and after eight years plus, it’s a trial. Oh, part of our problem here is that we have had a lot of humidity and storms almost daily – we’re in an area that is normal arid and dry – add the humidity and it’s gross.

      I used to play daily and now I am finding myself hard-pressed to log in every couple of days due to the fact that I am trying to figure out which way to go in the game. Hehe, still have my mains in both factions to deal with and I will try to get back into the swing of things and recapture that immersion that I have lost.

      Thanks for your comment, it’s greatly appreciated because I know how busy you are yourself with your writing and RP. 😀

  3. I just got bored with the repetitiveness of Pandaria. I just let my time run out and I didn’t renew it. I haven’t played for a bit now because I was just SO BORED.

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