Gonna Be A Daddy!!

*Some Swearing and descriptive language – if this offends you, please don’t read this.*


August 30th

Yo Book!

By the Light!! Whoa, fuck me!  Well, I will have to admit that I am sitting here with a big ol’ fucking grin plastered on my face and can’t decided whether to laugh, cry , run down the road or just sit here and grin like a fucking fool.

Yep, Romy and I are going to have a baby.  Oh, it was fucking going to happen one of these days with the way that we have been going at it since the first night we slept together.  I know that I was surprised and wasn’t surprised at the same time.  I thought that she just gaining weight with all of this rich food that we’ve been consuming here in Northrend.  If her family doesn’t do anything other than talk, they can sure eat a lot of food.  Every time I turn around people are giving us food and I’ve gotten to the point of trying to act like I’m eating because I feel like I am about to explode most of the time.

Damn, I’m happy about the baby and worried all at the same time.  I guess we’re going back to Pandaria for a while before we hit Silvermoon.  I sent off my letter to the Regent Lord stating my reasons as to why it would be a bad time for me to rejoin the Rangers – I didn’t say that they would have to drag my ass back kicking and screaming although I wanted to put that in there.

I hope they can see the reasoning behind why I don’t want to serve in the military right now.  I can do more for the cause with the moneys I can earn through Morningstar Enterprises as well as being able to support the rebels against Garrosh without wearing a fucking uniform.  I just know that I won’t be wearing a damned uniform this round.  I’m loyal to Silvermoon and the Regent Lord, however, I am not going to put everything I have worked for in danger for another war effort, even if it does mean killing off that damned tick sitting in Orgrimmar.  He wants a pure Horde – Orcs only, well, he’s got that, everyone else is leaving in droves.

I’m sure as hell not leaving Romy anywhere when she just found out that we’re going to be parents.  That has a higher priority over anything else in this world.  I will be there for her and the baby, no matter how I have to do it.  I want our baby to have everything that we can give it, mostly, having both of its parents there with them.  I never had parents, I really never have had a family and I want to savor every fucking minute of it.  I wonder what we’re having?  A boy, Light I hope not, or a little girl?  Oh, I really don’t care which it is as long as they are healthy and Romy is okay.  That’s all that matters, that Romy is okay.  Now, I’m worried about her being pregnant because if anything were to happen to her, I don’t know that life would be worth living. I never thought that I would ever care that much about another person, however, there you have it.  Romy has turned out to be my world and I don’t regret it one iota.

I can hardly wait to tell Fnor but I think I’ll wait until I hear back from the folks in Silvermoon because he has enough worries right now with his stupid self-centered bitch of a sister taking off in the middle of a war. He was lucky that he could do his pleading for release from active service in person because he has a silver tongue and can usually talk himself out of stuff pretty easily.  I just hope that my letter does the trick because I put him down as a reference so that he could tell the silly fools that I am his partner in the business.  Let’s just say that I am not setting foot in Silvermoon until after I hear back from the magisters there in regard to my situation.

I know that some people probably will think that I am a coward for not going, however, I have been serving the Horde and Silvermoon since I was old enough to join the Rangers.  No, it’s time for me to kick back and have a life of my own and enjoy it.  Yes, I will work my ass off for the company as usual, however, Romy and our baby are the top priority on the list of my things to do. Oh, I’m sure that things will be all abuzz with Felessa’s wedding in a few weeks and I am sure that there will be questions as to why I’m not doing my part, however, I don’t give a rat’s ass about my social standing, I do care about Romy and the baby.  I just hope that this whole mess doesn’t fall down on Felessa’s head.  At least I know that the groom won’t be heading off to war, he’s too damned old and his position is pretty solid in Silvermoon.

You know it’s kind of sad that I am looking forward to getting back to Pandaria for not only that big bed of ours, I’m also looking forward to getting some food that doesn’t make me feel like a stuffed turkey. I’m also looking forward to getting some of that brew of Jogu’s to blank my mind out for a bit.  No, just get a real buzz going on there and some Pandaren brew.  I want to wake up in that bed of ours and smell the air with the rain and know that everything is right with the world.

Sure, I hear that there is some heavy shit going down with that fool in Orgrimmar, however, I don’t give a damn as long as it doesn’t come near Romy and the baby.  I just want us to be able to raise our child in Halfhill and for that child to know how much both of its parents care about them.   I’m still sitting here grinning like a fool – I’m gonna be a Daddy.

Well, I guess I had better get off my ass and finish packing because I think that Romy wants to head back to Pandaria pretty damned quick – she’s had enough of the family for a while I think.

Fnor Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria





Just An OOC Update

August 16th

Just signed up for another year’s worth of WordPress.  Sure doesn’t seem like it has been that long ago that I started all of this writing on a regular basis, however, it’s been a blast and I am looking forward to doing more things. I know that I have learned a lot of things posting and I will have to admit that I have really enjoyed the community.  Naturally, I do read and write in more areas other than World of Warcraft.  I am very impressed with everything that I have seen through this site.

Yep, just sitting here marveling at the fact that I have published closed to 400 posts in the last year. Who’d a thunk it?  My writing may not be the best and it may not be professional, however, I do know that some people enjoy reading my little “journals” and learning things about my various and sundry characters.  I actually learn things about some of my characters when I am writing for them as well.

Oh, the book that I was working on has been shelved for the time being because I am not happy with the direction that it is going and it’s rather doubtful that it will ever reach a publishers desk in the near future.  I may start another story, one that has been rattling around in my brain for several years and several false starts – who knows, I might even get it completed before I get to be too senile to remember where I “saved” it.

Oh, hit another milestone on my true main, Fnor Morningstar, last night and it was kind of sad that I didn’t have anyone in the guild on at the time.  Well, it’s kind of sad that I appear to be the only active member in the guild at the moment – good thing I’m the GM.  Finally got Loremaster of Pandaria last night and had my own little celebration here at my desk. Oh yeah, silly as it may sound, that was a monumental achievement for me because I thought that I had missed more than a few quests in some areas since it seems to be harder to track those things these days with the shared achievements.

Oh ho ho, SafeHaven finally hit Level 22 for the guild and we’re (Me) well on the way to Level 23.  I do hope to get to Level 25 before the end of the year.  What is even sillier is that I have a few guild achievements that I got purely by accident – fishing in all of those pools, repairs for all of my characters in the guild have touched very closely to that achievement as well. Some of the group achievements might be a stretch, however, boxing a few of them together has helped that some.

One thing about Fnor, he’s always there, good times and bad. He’s been my mainstay in-game for over eight years.  Oh sure, he started out as a Night Elf before he was transferred and faction changed from IceCrown, however, the character has remained the same.  He used to be one heck of a raider back in the day and was deadly with PvP for years, however, those days burned out after about four years of raiding four or five nights a week and doing PvP every bloody weekend.  Now, I’m just happy doing what I want to do without worrying about other people’s schedules and demands – yes, I am a solo casual player these days.

I will have to admit that I can’t be happier with the realm that I am currently on with all of my characters.  I love to RP and that is one of the main reasons that I am still in the game – love the interaction with other players and the stories that can be developed through that.  Oh, I’ve “visited” other realms and will always come back to my “home” realm.

Oh well, just thought I’d share some of the fun things that have happened.  I actually have gotten my three “main” characters pretty much to the same iLevel on each one and am working on three other 90s to get them there as well.  New Patch?  Oh, I’m not worried, I’m so far behind on things that I will be happily oblivious to it for the most part for quite some time yet.  Not too keen on how things are going to change in the Vale, however, I am real good at denial – I will deny that the place is going to get turned into another warzone.  One thing about being a casual player that I truly enjoy is that if I don’t like something – I don’t do it – it’s my money, my characters and my time and I’ll do what I want when I want.  Of course, I do try to keep my characters kind of caught up on gear and the like just in case I get lucky and someone wants to run a dungeon or whatnot – I hate to have my character looked down on for not being “ready” to rock’n’roll.

See ya in-game and I hope that you’re having nearly as much fun as I am.  Alts, tons of alts to work on and get them caught up a bit. 





Too Many People…Let’s Go Home

*Warning – language might be offensive to some.  A few F-bombs and blunt descriptions.  Please don’t read this if you’re easily offended.”

August 16th

Yo Book!!

Well, I haven’t told Romy yet but I got one of those blasted letters telling me to report to Silvermoon for service with the Regent Lord.  Not sure how I am going to deal with it other than the fact that I am not going to go back in the service right now.   Right on the heels of that letter came a letter from Fnor and he told me how the fuck he got out of the thing

With all of the damned rumors flying around and the people that I have seen that have evidently refugee their way to Northrend to avoid the fighting in Kalimdor has just freaking amazed me.  It seems that our good ol’ Warchief has gone off his fucking nut completely.  Seems he is interested in raising his “pure” Horde – well, that leaves out the rest of the races with the exception of the Horde.  I don’t know why the fuck this has to happen right now.  Pure Horde, yeah, right! 

The only way that nut job could get a fucking “pure” Horde is if he fucked Jania Proudmore and they had a baby – the perfect pure nut job. The whole idea of this idiot running around and living for any length of time now is damned near unbearable.  His days are truly fucking numbered and I think they started counting about six months ago.

I have always said that my loyalties lie with the Regent Lord and not the Horde.  It’s true.  I could give a rat’s ass as to what everyone else is doing, however, the Blood Elves need to withdraw from these idiots and start attending to their own business.  I will have to tell Romy about the letter and I will assume that she has gotten one somewhere in the mail as well, damn it all to hell.

We were planning on going to Silvermoon to visit with Felessa and let Romy meet her. I think that the two of them will get along okay because Felessa isn’t one of those females that likes to fight about everything and I think that she will be happy that I finally found someone instead of my running around alone for the rest of my life.  Besides, Felessa is busy getting ready for her wedding in a few weeks and the reason that I know this is that I am watching my bank account slowly dwindle down with the expenses.  How many fucking dresses does a woman need to attend the parties in Silvermoon?  I wear one set of clothes to everything and occasionally buy a new shirt to change things up.

At least now I know that Fnor is in Silvermoon and setting up shop for the time being. I have no intentions of staying in Silvermoon any longer than I have too because that isn’t the place for me – I’m too fucking rough around the edges to keep the little fops happy. At least with all of this shit going on, I don’t have to go to Orgrimmar, just Thunderbluff to check on things unless the goblins are already moving to Silvermoon.  Oh ho, our little goblins in Silvermoon would be hysterical because I may be rough around the edges but our little goblins make me look like a polished diamond, especially Zednick.

I know that we’re planning on having the bulk of the business being run out of Shattrath, however, we will have alternate offices in Silvermoon as well for the time being as well as running stuff through the Stormwind office and warehouse when we need too.  At least we will be on the same continent for part of that now instead of having to run things from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms.  Man, I wonder how Amyn is feeling about all of this bullshit going on in Kalimdor, she can’t be too pleased to have all of this shit happening right at her doorstep, so to speak.

I think that I have met half the population of fucking Northrend now and they are all related to Romy in some way shape and form.  I know that extended families aren’t that unusual, however, I didn’t realize that I needed to keep a roster of who was related to whom and what offspring they had and what offspring the offspring had.  Damn, I can’t remember half of them and I am always afraid that I will say the wrong thing to someone. Can you imagine what kind of bullshit would happen if I think that someone is married to someone and they are married to someone else and I ask how their spouses are doing.   You’ve got city bred people that act like they are in a misplaced area when they are visiting their cousins out in the forest camps and then you have the forest people that act kind of skittish the whole time they are rubbing shoulders with their city counterparts.  How the fuck to do they keep all of this shit straight?   I’ve gotten to the point that I just kind throw my hand up and say hello and remain kind of quiet until I can figure out the lay of the land and the relationships by just listening to them talk for a while.

Damn, I am so ready to run away and head back to Pandaria. Of course, I’d take Romy with me when I run away, I’m not leaving her behind for anything.  I think that all of this rich food is kind of hitting both of us hard.  Romy has had to have her armor adjusted because her tits are getting too big – well, I’m not going to complain about that because I think they are bigger too, might be  that we’re playing around with them too much and they’ve started to grow again – damn, they are nice and her hips seem to be a bit more rounded – all the better for me to slide in between those legs every night. Yes, we make love every chance we get and sometimes we have an impromptu session when we feel like we need it – which is usually several times a day.  I know that some of her relatives would be shocked to know that we’ve even made love standing behind the curtains in some of their little houses.  I don’t know what it is about Romy, she just keeps my compass pointing North all of the time is more than happy to help me get that under control.

I think that I have finally met my match in a lot of things.  We fit together physically and our appetites are very much the same and she has a brain that actually works.  We can talk for hours on end and never get bored with one another. I just know that I don’t ever want to get to the point that I am not holding her in my arms when I fall asleep at night anymore. Emotionally we’re well suited even if my temper does flare now and again, she knows how to bring that under control without any trouble either.  She has a temper of her own and I have had to respect that a few times as well.  No, we’re not perfect by any means and we will have little arguments here and there, however, we never go to bed angry with one another and we never sleep alone.

Now, I need to get things organized so that we can get out of Northrend and head back to Silvermoon.  Dam, I dread the thought of going back there, however, I have to take care of this letter business as well as getting myself geared up to help run the business. No, I am fucking not getting stuck behind a desk and doing paperwork, Fnor already knows how much I hate that shit and half of the stuff ends up in the circular file if I’m left to my own devices for too long.  Not to mention, my filing skills rank up there with Felaran’s, which means that shit can be anywhere. I wonder what the hell Faendra is doing and why Fnor didn’t say anything about her.  I wonder if she got out of Orgrimmar in time – well, I’m sure that if she hadn’t gotten out of there, that Fnor would have said something and we would be on our way there to get her instead of me being up here in Northrend.  Oh, that is going to be a sticky situation when Faendra meets Romy for the first time – I think that Romy will be able to handle things nicely or she will just flatten her out if she starts her usual bullshit.  Romy doesn’t put up with much and her diplomacy isn’t exactly up there, kind of matches mine sometimes.

Fuck it, when we go to Silvermoon, I suppose that we’ll have to stick around and go to a few parties before the wedding. I dread that whole social whirl shit.  The last party that I attended several months ago didn’t end well because I walked up, in my cups at the time, and asked the host who he was fucking this week – guess that wasn’t exactly the right thing to do. It was one of those parties that I really didn’t want to go too anyway, however, it was one that Fnor thought I should attend – he now regrets that idea because he had to do some damage control there.

Finally got my new armor from Sadheart in Pandaria.  It looks awesome and fits like the old days in Dalaran.  I knew that Sadheart was a good blacksmith, however, I never realized just how good he was until I got this armor.  He’s really an artisan with metal.  I know when we get back to Pandaria, I’ll have to go see him and have him make a few adjustments, however, those are minor.  I definitely know that he will be the one making my armor from now on though, that’s a given.  Good thing we have those Tauren up there helping on the farms while we are gone, however, I know that I am going to be giving them quite a bit of extra gold for their hard work. 

Well, I guess that Romy isn’t feeling too good right now.  She got up this morning and said that she was going to see the healers.  Hope her old injuries aren’t acting up again because that would definitely be a bad thing.  Maybe this whirlwind trip wasn’t such a good idea after all and she’s overdone things.  Her overdoing things wouldn’t surprise me either because that’s just the way that she is. It could be just some girly thing, women always seem to have more physical problems than we do, it might because they are more complex. I don’t know anything about that other than all of the parts fit together real well.  I hope that everything is okay, I’m sure that if it was anything serious, she would have said something to me about it before she went to the healers. 

Maybe when she gets back we can talk about going home to Pandaria for a few days before we head to Silvermoon.  It would add a few more days to our traveling, however, I am getting almost crazy  with the thoughts of getting back to the farm, sleeping in our big bed and just seeing the people in Halfhill.  Besides, I haven’t had any decent hooch like Jogu’s brew since I left there.  I’m also craving some swirling mist soup and noodles too – damn that food is good and you don’t feel like you’re weighted down with it either.  I even dreamed about those chicken and dumplings that Jogu makes too, that’s a bad thing. I’m real sure that Romy is getting tired of all of the people being around too – we had a much quieter time of it when we were on the farm.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

Life is to Be Savored…

August 15th

Dear Journal,

It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to write anything in my journal.  My masters would be very displeased with my lack of discipline, however, in this strange land there are so many distractions. Of course, one can be swayed by ones environment and that is what I am find happening to me upon occasion.  I will have to meditate and cleanse my mind of these things to regain my inner peace and calm.

Stormwind is a huge city and there are so many people here that it is oftentimes very confusing.   Yes, they are still battling with the Horde in Pandaria, however, rumor has it that this Horde is fighting within its own group.  A very strange people indeed.  I know that it is made up of many races, very much like the Alliance, however, the dominant race seems to be much more warlike and more inclined to be infected by the Sha of Anger.  I have not seen these people that they call Orcs, they  sound as though they are nothing more than a group of warring people that are a plague upon the continent of Kalimdor. 

I have talked often with my friend and fellow Pandaren, Peiling, and we have decided that these people know no other life other than warring amongst themselves.  It’s a shame because I have met many that have very good qualities that are being distracted by these other things. I have met the young fellow that Peiling has partnered with and he seems very likeable for a human, even if his temperament is sometimes on the negative side.  We have all seen hard times, however, there are some of us that can take this in stride.

Peiling and I both think that Jake has been through some very hard times in his young life so far and it has molded him into the young man that he is today.  He is in such a rush to make his fortune that he is missing the beauty of life.  We both have told him that he needs to slow down and savor what life has to offer instead of grabbing what he can and rushing onward.  I know that this is the Pandaren way, however, it has stood us in good stead all of these years while our island home was hidden away in the mists.  Of course, Jake gives Peiling and I a wave of his hand and tells us that slowing down will not keep money in the bank nor in our pockets.  Gold seems to be a huge driving force for these people.

Of course, we have the knowledge that without money, one does not eat or have a place to sleep. I sometimes wish that I was back in my village where life was much simpler and we didn’t feel driven to do things as they are here in this land.  We could savor each moment of life and enjoy what we had and didn’t feel the need to let our greed force us onward.  It does appear as though it is not so much survival of the fittest, just the survival of the one that holds the most gold, tis a sad thing to acknowledge.

Ah well, all of this writing and all of this thinking will not put food on the table as Jake has pointed out nor will it allow me to buy some more beer.  I miss the beer from home, the dwarves do put forth a fine brew, however, it does not measure up to the standards of the Stormstouts, I’m afraid to say. I am no expert when it comes to brewing, however, I know what tastes good to me and my opinion would probably not be appreciated if it were voiced aloud.

I suppose that Peiling and Jake are going to be out hunting for most of the day and I should get busy and start mining some more in order to get the gems that I need to ply my craft. The people here in Stormwind seem to appreciate the gems that I sell.  I wish that we had an open market like we did at home, it did allow us to socialize with one another instead of standing in a large building and bidding on things being sold.  I am almost sure that some of these people have not taken a bath since they were babes – ah well, that is another story for another time.



Getting The Business Restarted…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

August 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, here I sit in Silvermoon, resting on my laurels for a while.  I know that I was pleasantly surprised that my meeting with the Regent and his council went much better than I thought.  I know that I had a great deal of concern about the fact that I might be pressed back into service with this latest change of events.  Luckily, I turned on the charm, presented my reasons as to why it would be more beneficial to the Cause if I remained in charge of my personal company that was already furnishing supplies, not only to the rebels, but also to the troops here in Silvermoon, my request was granted.

Of course, that means that I will have to make sure that the employees are fully aware of what is going on and that we are, once again, going to be putting in some long hours and traveling many miles to fill these contracts that I have already received as well as the ones that Zippie has in Thunderbluff.  It is going to be rather interesting as well as physically taxing. 

I am sitting here in my room at the main house here in Silvermoon and listening to Agatha and Felessa prattle on about the upcoming nuptials.  I guess there have been quite a few parties here at the house as well as many that Felessa has attended. I will definitely make sure that I put some more money into the household funds to make sure that all of the expenses can be covered without any concern.   I know that Dawnglory has been sending money to the groom’s family to cover Felessa’s dowry, however, I am not that sure as to how much money he has contributed to the family expenses at the residence.

Damn, now I really do miss Faendra because she was the one that managed all of our books here in Silvermoon as well as overseeing the business in Orgrimmar.  I suppose that I will have to find another accountant here in Silvermoon to take over the burden here.  Zippie can handle most of the business related things without too much trouble because she is familiar with it; however, I am not sure that she would be too tickled to death with taking on the books here as well.   I guess that I will go over to the college later today and see if there are any likely candidates available that would like to take on the burden.  I suppose I ought to at least offer it to Zippie first, though, damn, I do wish that we weren’t scattered all over like we are now.

I am also going to talk to Zednick about putting together some more comlinks for the employees.  Since the majority of us will be operating out of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, we will definitely need some upgrades.  The airwaves are definitely crowded in Kalimdor with all of the troop movements and it makes it rather dicey trying to get in touch with the rest of our crowd.  Oh, Zednick may be a bit of a drunkard and may be a bit moody from time to time, however, he is one of the best goblin engineers that I have been able to keep on our staff.  I’ll have to give him a raise when we get the comlinks all reset and upgraded.

I know that Silvermoon hasn’t changed a bit.  They keep going as if there is no danger and that the only thing that really matters is your social standing.  I have to laugh because I have already had some callers here at the house once word got out that I was in residence.  A couple of overtures from some of the families asking that I pay court to their daughters were really the high point of the mail that I have gotten so far.  I did respond to them by telling them that I already had a partner and their offer was greatly appreciated, however, I would have to decline.  I can well imagine that Amyn would throw a fit if she even knew that I was getting these letters.  Oh well, I am not going to get myself involved in the Silvermoon social whirl at this point.

I am in the process of trying to find an area where we can set up shop for the time being, a place that has a suitable enough building that we can use for a temporary warehouse.  I haven’t found anything yet that will work because none of the “open” buildings are quite large enough.  I suppose that if I were to use one of the smaller ones for a transitional warehouse that would only hold the materials that were transit to Kalimdor, which might help. I think that the bulk of the business is going to operate out of Shattrath because I already have the facilities there.

I knew that it was going to be a pain in the backside getting things back in order once I got to Silvermoon; however, I never realized that it was going to be as cumbersome as it is right now.  I barely have time to even think about anything else.  It’s almost like being back at the base camp in Krasarang.

I know that I am going to have to make the trek to Shattrath here very soon to get some more people hired there and open the houses back up.  I really am looking forward to being able to open the one in Nagrand.  We really didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy that one because Amyn left for Pandaria before the paint even dried on the walls.  I wonder if I can talk her into going to Shattrath for a while?  I know that she isn’t completely well yet; however, she could very easily oversee some of the operation there because she has Magdamia running things for her in Stormwind.  I’ll have to write to her and see how she reacts to that because she isn’t a woman that you can demand anything of without thinking about it beforehand.

I know that I wish that Dawnglory were here in Silvermoon right now because he could be a real help to me in getting some of this legwork done.  He always was one that seemed to fly like the wind and was able to cover more ground than I could.  Of course, that has to do with the fact that he would just keep going until he got it done, he didn’t stop to try to schmooze with some of the politicians to keep them happy.  Now, I’m not sure how “free” he is going to be with his involvement with his lady and her family.  Damn it, why did he have to find someone right now, there isn’t time for that, however, I am not going to pull him away from it either.  I guess that means that I am going to have to find someone to help me with this mess. 

I know that I never realized how much Faendra was actually doing and doing it well until she was gone.  Yes, I am worried sick about her, however, I don’t even have the time to go out and look for her.  I know that the employees in Kalimdor are still looking for any signs of her when they have the opportunity; however, it isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment.

I know that Agatha came into my office a little while ago with a tray of food and started laughing at me.  She told me that it reminded her of the old days in Dalaran when I would closet myself away for days at a time working on the paperwork for the company.  Oh, I remember those days all too well.  I know that before Faendra came to help me that I was stuck in my office for days just trying to stay on top of the paperwork.  Now, I am back in that same boat again and it is making me almost crazy.  I’m not used to being trapped behind four walls all of the time anymore, I’ve gotten used to having more freedom with my time and being able to go out and get some hands-on work done to cover some of the contracts. 

I suppose that I ought to put an ad in the paper to hire more people.  We are going to have to almost double the staff in order to meet the demands that we have from the Regent now.  I don’t suppose that I could find some of the old mercenaries that I used to run with and see if they want to pick up some extra gold.  Well, I might get lucky there if they haven’t all been called up to serve.

I think that I am going to miss the freedom that I had in Pandaria.  I know that I already miss the farm and I definitely miss the hunting. We do have quite a few contracts for the leather from Pandaria and that is going to be something that I will work on myself, just to get back there again.  I hope that the Tauren aren’t too over-burdened with taking care of my farm along with Dawnglory’s place in addition to their own farm.  I know that I am really happy that they were willing to take on the task and I don’t want to overtax them with work. 

Silly as it may sound, I actually miss working out in the fields with the sun beating down on my back while I cleared out the weeds and the vermin.  Oh yes, always the vermin.  We always thought that we had plans and traps to keep the little buggers out and there they would be in a couple of days, just as bad as they were before.   Oh well, I am going to have to make an effort to make sure that I go spend some time there even if it means that we lose some of the civilian contracts.  We’re just buried in government contracts right now that I don’t have the time to keep everything covered. 

I definitely miss my wife more than anything else.  At least she would understand the stresses that I am putting on myself to get the company back up and running because I know that she is heavily involved with the operations of her side of things in Stormwind.  I not only miss her presence, the sex and all of the other things that come along with living with someone, I just miss being able to talk to her. There are times when you need someone to bounce ideas off of and they can give you some feedback on it.  I know that she hasn’t ever given me bad advice about things, at least.

Fnor Morningstar


Thoughts of Pandaria

August 13th

Dear Journal,

I don’t think that Kae was too thrilled with me last night because I was in one of those moods where if one drink sounded good, a whole bunch them sounded like the top of the world. I know that I didn’t have to go far to get a drink either because we keep some at the farm.

So, last night I sat on the steps at the farmhouse and watched the stars well into the night.  I was just letting my mind run free and enjoying the beauty of the place.  I don’t think that many people realize how beautiful Pandaria can be if you push the thoughts of the war aside and concentrate on how the land looks.  It’s absolutely beautiful and not a place that I plan on leaving soon or staying away from when I do leave.

I know that I haven’t been any happier anywhere else on the places that I have visited in Azeroth. Here in Pandaria I have learned to accept myself for who and what I am without having to continue to suffer through the angst of being different all of the time.  Of course, going back to the Sentinel camp always throws me back into the reality of things, however, that is usually pretty short-lived.

On my last trip to Stormwind, I was able to get my hands on some of the brandy that my Father likes and I can honestly say that I know now why he liked it so much.  It’s very smooth going down and a bit sneaky in fogging up your brain – not the taste that I am accustomed too while drinking the brews from Ironforge nor the brews that they make here in Pandaria. Plus, I did something that I don’t often do and that is to smoke a cigarette similar to the ones that my Dad always smokes, however, I know that his have felweed laced in them sometimes.  The ones that I have don’t have anything added to them.

I do know that I woke up with a headache this morning and my mouth tasted like I had been chewing on an old leather boot.  It was awful, however, I got little sympathy from my beloved Sentinel.

I know that getting a letter from my Mother yesterday kind of kicked the whole thing off.  She was talking about getting better and how she was going to start running the business again in Stormwind to help the war effort as well as something to keep her occupied instead of staying in Dolonaar with the little guys and my grandparents.  She didn’t come right out and say it, however, I could read between the lines that she wanted to me to join her in Stormwind.  I don’t know that I am ready to go back completely to that life again.  I have learned so much here in Pandaria that I don’t want to leave all of this behind and go back to where I started.

Kae still hasn’t decided if she is going to leave the Sentinels and I am staying on as a scout until she can make her decision.  I just don’t want to be away from her and I don’t want her to have to break in another partner when she is out on patrols. 

Yes, we’re still patrolling as we always have although I will have to admit that it doesn’t seem to be as dangerous as it was a few months ago.  The Horde seems to be thinning out and we are going further afield to see where they are these days.  I don’t think that they are getting in very many reinforcements for the war here in Pandaria and the ones that are here don’t have the fire in their bellies like they used to have either.  One thing I did notice is that there seem to be fewer Orcs roaming around in the bands of patrols like there used to be.  I suppose that Hellscream has pulled most of his supporters back to Kalimdor to wage the war against the rebellion.  From all of the rumors that I have heard here in Pandaria, I would say that his days are numbered.

I know that I am not as well educated as some of the others, however, I don’t think that I have ever read where a leader of a faction has successfully turned all of his people against himself.  It sure has been a bizarre change.  I know that Kae and I drew the lot to patrol part of Krasarang last week and we did run into a few patrols from the Horde, however, instead of trying to chase us down and kill us, they waved at us and kept going in the opposite direction.  How is that a war anymore?  I know that Kae and I both kind of stood our ground and waited for them to come back our way to fight, they never came back.  How does one write that down for a report to turn into the Commander?

I know that I saw fewer signs of the Rangers being out in the field too.  It’s almost as if they have been withdrawn to another area.  I wonder if they have been pulled back to fight the rebellion in Kalimdor or if something else has happened. I know that I  don’t think that I have seen a single sign of a hawkstrider in days now. I know that we got very close to the base down there and there did seem to be fewer people there and they didn’t seem to be all that intent on getting out in the field again.  It almost looked as though they were starting to pack up the camp for a move, however, I have no idea where they are heading. It’s almost as if they are waiting for a signal from somewhere to disband.

I know that a lot of us have been wanting the war to slow down and even go away, however, I don’t think any of us were expecting things to change this dramatically or this fast.  I know I was looking forward to the day when the war was over here in Pandaria and we could start building a more permanent peaceful life, however, I wasn’t expecting that to happen for years to come.  Oh, I’m not bemoaning the fact that people aren’t trying to kill me all of the time, that’s kind of nice, it’s just feels like someone turned a switch somewhere and the fighting has dwindled down to near nothing.

I think that is what brought on the drinking bout last night.  I am not quite ready to step back into my old life again.  I don’t want to be in the position that I once had where I was sent out with contracts to get this or that item and come back to Stormwind to turn it in.  I have gotten very accustomed to doing what Kae and I have been doing here in Pandaria.  We grab a few contracts when we are in Stormwind and come back home to gather the products that will fill them.  Very relaxed and very free lance. I don’t think that I want to go back to the way that it was, I never had any time for myself and it cost me dearly.

No, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working for my parents, however, it wasn’t all that I wanted from life.  The money was good and there was always plenty to do and places to go, however, it never seemed like I had time to put down any roots and meet any people.  I know that what friendships I had developed in Stormwind did kind of fall to the wayside because I never had the time to spend with them because I was always off working.  At least in Pandaria, I have the scouting with the Sentinels, the farm and then, time for Kae  – time for me to do some reading, which I dearly love, and then I get to meet some of our neighbors that seem to change from day to day.

I wish there were words that could properly describe how I feel about living in Pandaria and having my own home that I share very willingly with Kae.  Sure there are ugly parts of the continent and extremely dangerous areas, however, the sheer beauty and the inner peace that you feel when you have a chance to step back and look around you, taking all of it in, is truly amazing.  I think that the only time that I have ever felt this way was when I was able to get into the temple in Darnassus – that is truly a peaceful place.

One of these days I will listen to Kae and not drink as much because it leaves me rather muddle headed most of the time.   I think that I am getting those “looks” from Kae right now because she wants to go fishing and maybe get some swimming in today.  We don’t have to report back to camp for a few days, so, we have some time to just enjoy ourselves.






Adventuring Alone in Tanaris

August 12th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I thought that someone might be trying to find me after all of this time.  I thought that my so-called brother might have at least sent out some search parties or something to find me and I haven’t seen anyone nor have I heard of anyone looking for Blood Elf female with red hair.  I guess that tells me exactly how much I matter to Mr. Morningstar.

I’ve gone through an attempted rape and robbery, lost everything that I held dear to me, especially the money that I stole from the office in Orgrimmar and it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone except for me.  I suppose that it is just one of those things that I have to face; no one really cares unless you’re in their presence.  That out of sight, out of mind adage seems to be true. I thought that I meant more to my family than I apparently do and it makes me sad.  I guess all I have ever been is a piece of meat that my brother can sell to the highest bidder in Silvermoon to further advance his social station there.

Not only am I having to put my skills to the test as a hunter to garner any kind of income, I’m also using it to supplement my food supplies so that I don’t have to resort to other things for money to get food and clothing.  I’m also foraging for food for my hawk strider.  She’s a bit thin and I’ll even admit that her feathers have lost a great deal of their emerald luster.  We’re struggling and no one seems to care.  I don’t worry about the cat because she is the only one in our camp that seems to be thriving on being out here in the wild.

If this is what my brother has gone through in his life, I do have to give him some respect for that, however, I’m sure that he never went hungry for days at a time because he was with the Rangers here in Kalimdor.  No real struggle there, you just returned to your base camp and they fed you and made sure that you had the proper gear to make sure you survived.  I bet he didn’t have to make do with the things that I have, so, my respect is somewhat limited.  Plus, he wasn’t a woman traveling alone with all of these sex crazed men on the trails.

I made it through Feralas and actually got some good hunting experience in and I think that my skinning ability has gotten considerably better than it was when I started out.  At least now I know how to cure the hides so they don’t rot on me and become worthless. Thousand Needles was a nightmare until I was finally able to catch a ride to the goblin barge.  What a nightmare that was. I never knew just how rude goblins could be and how much they would try to cheat you out of your money at every single turn.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.  However, I did help them out with some of the bandits that were bombing the barge with canons and stealing the lost machine parts that were lost on the bottom when the area was flooded.  Funny thing, I don’t remember anyone talking about the barge all that much at home nor the flooding.  I’m sure they knew about it, just didn’t discuss it all that much.

I pushed on to Gadget and thought that I might run into some one that might take me to Uldum so I could catch a ride to Pandaria with the mercenaries that I know are down there.  No such luck.  The people either wanted a fortune to take me there or wanted to have sex with me or both just to get me to the pass.   I even had a few that laughed at me and told me that I was too skinny to be a camp follower and needed to gain some experience and get some meat on my bones before the mercenaries would even consider allowing me to go along with them.  Of course, I would have to be experienced in the ways of pleasing a man, which they would be more than happy to teach me so that I would be assured of a spot on the next transport to Pandaria.

I even wrote a letter to my brother in Pandaria to apologize to him for running away and it was returned.  When I asked the Innkeeper why a letter would be returned like that, he told me that the person on the receiving end could have refused and sent it back, they were dead or they were no longer in Pandaria.  I even sent a letter to Dawnglory with the same results. Maybe they are just ignoring me and want me to live like this or they really aren’t there. I can’t believe that both of them would be dead or gone from Pandaria, that’s where they have been for the last year and they are both rather high up in the ranks of the Rangers stationed there. The letters weren’t even opened and had a bold red mark across the front where the address was.

I have made some friends or acquaintances in my travels and they are telling me that if I want to make the “big” money that I need to go to Un’Goro to do some hunting.  Nice hides and the meat are plentiful down there even if they are coming off some rather large beasts.  I think that my bow and Pandora can take care of most anything now; we have a lot of experience under our belts.  So, tomorrow or the next day, I will be trekking over the hot sands and skirting the bugs to get to Un’Goro.  I can’t get anyone to go with me, so, it will be a solo venture for me. I think that I have adequate supplies to make the journey and to keep me comfortably while I am there – I just lack the funds that I am used to having at my disposal.

I was able to trade for some tack for my hawk strider from this seedy Sindorei that seemed like he was hiding from the law or something.  He didn’t really try to drive a hard bargain other than the fact that he just wanted me to talk to him for a while.  I think he was just lonely for female company or something.  I was talking to one of the little goblin girls that I had made friends with and she told me that he was one of the highest paid assassins in the area and that people avoided him a lot because they didn’t want to   be dead when he suddenly had a temper issue.   I guess that happens a lot with him.  At least I can talk to the goblin girls; they aren’t as snarky and nasty mouthed as their counterparts for the most part.  I know there are a few of these little green fellows that I definitely wouldn’t want to be caught alone with. 

I guess I should have known that there was something seriously wrong with the fellow because he never would give me his name, not his first name and not his surname.  I gave him mine and he raised his eyebrows as if he knew the name which kind of alarmed me.  I know that these guys will sometimes kidnap people and charge a ransom to return them to their families – apparently, he doesn’t do that kind of work.   Well, I don’t think that he would come out and tell me he does that sort of thing for a living.  The goblin girls just called him Blaze and told me that he occasionally paid good money to spend some time alone with them, which tells me that he has sex with them.  Ewww, that’s almost disgusting even for a horny male.  Honestly, the more that I have been out on my own, the more I am finding out is that men are driven by what they keep covered in their pants, most of the time, anyway.  One of the girls told me that I ought to try to bed him because he always paid good money for the time that they spent with him.  No, my virginity is still intact and it is going to stay that way until I can capture Dawnglory’s attention. 

I suppose with the length of time that I have been gone and no one has been looking for me that the wedding is probably off in Silvermoon.  That’s okay, I didn’t like the fellow, or his description at least.  I think that I had met him a long time ago when he was just a boy with pimples all over his face and his hair was appalling. I know that he is a grown man now and probably takes care of his appearance a lot more than back then; however, all I could think of was this kid with bumps on his face touching my body and it almost made me throw up. 

I know that I am really happy that I have been able to buy some ink and a new pen because at least I can write in what is left of my journal.  It gives me some peace of mind at least and I can at least keep track of my travels so that if anyone ever finds it, they will know that I was a good person, at least an educated person and not one of these ne’er do wells that I have run into on m travels.  I don’t see how a Sindorei could possibly allow himself to get into some kind of unsavory business for a few pieces of gold, it just doesn’t seem to be right.  It must be in their breeding. Oh, I’ve seen a few noble sons down here and they aren’t any better than the ne’er do wells in the area except they do want to let you know that they come from a rich family in Silvermoon – mostly it’s to impress me and they want to get into my pants.

There is one fellow that has kind of caught my eye a bit. He does remind me an awful lot of my brother in his appearance; however, this fellow has followed a different path in his life.  He’s not a Ranger and he’s not one of the Sunstriders that has fallen on hard times.  He’s a monk.  I have never met a monk before and they are definitely different in the way that they think about things.  Sometimes he will be just sitting in the corner of the Inn with his eyes closed and a few times I thought that he was dead and he would snap out of it and would tell me that he was meditating as he was taught to keep in touch with his inner being.  Okay, if that’s how they do it, I suppose it’s okay.   He said that he once was a Ranger and decided to follow the path of  the Monks that he had met in Pandaria.  I wonder if he isn’t one of the deserters that we used to get contracts for in Orgrimmar – might be, however, I am not going to press the issue because he is the only male friend that I have that hasn’t tried to take me to bed.  Maybe monks don’t work that way, you know, maybe they get altered so that that isn’t a part of their lives anymore.  Oh, I am so not going to ask him about that, he might be interested in proving that his equipment still works if I bring up the subject.

I suppose that I ought to wrap this up for the night and get some sleep because we are going to start on our trip to Un’Goro tomorrow and it is going to take a couple of days to get across the hot sand.  I’m not looking forward to that either because I know that there are some nasty trolls out there that like to hide in the dunes.  I wonder if they are the same kind of trolls that were attacking Orgrimmar and I can’t go back there because of it.  Darn Trolls.

Faendra Morningstar