Getting Back To Things

August 6th

Okay, I’m going to give it another go and try to get back into the game.  After playing multiple games and floundering around with them, I have decided that the love of my life for the last eight plus years is still the only way to go for me.   Let me clarify the “love of my life” – that is for gaming only – I’ve been married to the same person for 34 years.

I think that I will just get back into the game and play the way that I feel like playing.  No set schedule at this point.  It’s still Summer and there are plenty of things going on, however, I just can’t force myself to walk away from World of Warcraft for very long.  I think I have been out more in 2013 than I have at any other time in my gaming history.

I may never catch up with everyone else, however, I tend to play solo most of the time, so, my only competition is with myself and I can be a pretty cruel mistress on that level too.  Now, after a month of just generally fighting the doldrums and trying to get medications adjusted to where I can function on my computer again, it’s off to the races and back to WoW.

Oh yeah, I definitely need to reconnect with some of the people that I have been RP-ing with and get those storylines rolling again.  I had to take this sabbatical this Summer because it was “time” for it to happen and to focus back on the family and RL friends.

Unfortunately, I am at that age where you dread opening your emails to see another announcement that one of your old acquaintances or friends has passed on.  This Summer has been a rollercoaster ride with depression and the realization of my own mortality.  So, rather than sit here and wait for the “last” trip – I’m gonna get back into things that I love and enjoy it.  Who knows how short your time may be, amirite?

So, be prepared for me to be going back through the postings – I see I haven’t done any reading in about two weeks on WordPress.  Start kicking myself in the butt and writing some more of my own drivel.  Hehe, it may not be the best, however, I do enjoy it and that’s why I write and if others like it, that’s even more reason to continue.  

Soooooo, see you in World of Warcraft and maybe some of you in Sims3 from time to time. 

2 thoughts on “Getting Back To Things

  1. LOL, I like reading your writing>. it never fails to put a smile on my face! I totally know how you feel about WOW being your first gaming love.. no matter how much I gripe about it, I still love it..Summer is always bad for gaming, because you would rather spend it outside than in ,or it’s just too hot..or too many thunderstorms. It’s great to see you back again,

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