Let’s Have Some Fun…

August 6th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that it has been really hard to keep up with all of the farms even though it is something that I dearly love.  At least I don’t have the duties from being in the military to override the things that I want to get done.  I do find it kind of relaxing to be out there working in the fields sometimes despite the fact that there is a never-ending war going on with the virmen.

Of course, Mr. Morningstar’s farm was the easiest to take care of because he had everything setup just “right”.  I really wouldn’t expect much less from that particular man, he’s just that way.  However, Mr. Dawnglory’s farm is different, not as refined and has some touches that I would have never thought of.  He has a real fancy outhouse that must double as a library at times – it has a door that opens on the top to let the air and light in when you’re in there.  Silly Blood Elves.  Of course, he has a new woman in his life and he wasn’t really paying that close attention to his farm before they left on their trip.

Naton and I had things pretty well under control with all of the farms enough to where we had some friends of ours take care of them for a couple of days.  We both wanted to go home and see Mom and the boys and get our fun in at the Faire. 

Of course, we had a marvelous time.  I know that it probably gets to be boring to some people to keep going and doing the same things over again, however, we all enjoy and it’s fun for us. Mom always meets up with people that she hasn’t seen for a while and that leaves us free to roam the Faire grounds and play the games.  I’ll admit that we do our fair share of people watching too. 

I actually saw quite a few Pandaren at the Faire this time, which shouldn’t be all that surprising.  I wonder what they think of our entertainment.  I’m sure that it must seem a bit strange and barbaric to them.  Yes, we all rush around and try to get to as many games as we possibly can and I just watched the Pandaren stroll around looking at things and taking their time getting to the games.  They really do follow their own philosophy of “Slow Down” and I think we would all learn a few things by doing likewise.

I swear Naton is going to wear that canon ride out completely.  The silly man loves that feeling of flying free like that.  I know it’s unnerving to some to see a plate clad Death Knight flying through the air screaming at the top of his lungs “Steak Tartar Incoming!”  I know that he always immerges from the water laughing and ready to give it another go.

I will have to admit that my favorite game is the Tonks – oh, how I love to race around madly hitting the targets and dodging the missiles getting fired at me.  The whole trick to having a successful run in that game is to keep moving constantly and firing at anything and everything – you just have to watch the freewheeling zep flying around.  I guess I really shouldn’t get as much satisfaction from completing the game in one pass, however, it does leaving me grinning ear to ear when I do.

Tahfal and Nahai like to fish there.  Why they think that’s the best place in the world to fish is a mystery to me.  I think they like to fish so that they can be fishing and watching the people as much as we do.  Silly boys, sometimes they actually stop fishing long enough to talk to people and seem to enjoy that quite a bit.  I think they are both a bit shy.

Oh, we had so much fun and it was hard to tear ourselves away and head back to Pandaria.  Of course, we were only gone for a couple of days and a night, which seems like a real short time but it was well worth the trip.  I think that Naton and I both like the freedom that we have to come and go from Pandaria and the farm is really looking nice.  Yes, we’re still planning on staying here regardless of what goes on with the Horde and bring Mom and the boys up here – they would definitely love it.


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