Thoughts & Changes…

August 8th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it feels strange to be sitting here at the farm in Halfhill and gazing out the window towards my Father’s farm and watching two Tauren working his fields.  I know that he is doing what he feels he has to do, however, it just seems rather strange for him not to be close by, yet again.

I know that the attack on my Mother and himself really rattled him to the core and he was getting further estranged from his loyalties to the Horde, however, that seemed to be the capper for him.  I can’t say that I blame him for feeling that way.  Some of the rumors that Kae and I have heard here in Pandaria make us think that the Horde Warchief has lost his mind completely – no surprise there because it didn’t seem like the fellow had any real leadership qualities other than making sure that his fellow Orcs were always victorious no matter how many of the other races were killed to make that feasible.  I can understand why Dad felt the need to resign.

I know I smiled when he told me that his loyalties did not tie him to the Horde, his loyalties were with the Reagent Lord in Silvermoon.  I guess that is as it should be, after all, he is a blood elf and their population isn’t exactly enormous and never-ending.  It does seem as though this Hellscream had targeted this particular race to use as fodder for his war.  Yes, the Blood Elves are very proficient with their bow skills and their capabilities with the arcane are legendary.  They do have that grace and fierceness that comes with the breed, similar to the Kaldorei.  Well, we are related somewhat over the generations.

I got a letter from my Mother and she says that she will not be returning to her duties here in Pandaria with my Father not being here.  She feels that she is needed with her parents and the little guys until she is completely healed.  She understands her obligations to the Sentinels and will return to her duties when she feels that she can do so without endangering her family and her own life.  Well, she did have quite a head injury and from what I understand, those are the hardest to survive through unscathed.

Now, if I could just convince Kae that it is time for her to resign from the Sentinels so that we can get on with our lives without the encumbrances or obligations to that duty.  She’s really balking at the idea of cutting that thread because it is the only life that she has known.   I’ll stay because she is,  although I don’t have my full heart in it.  I can just see this war going on forever at this point or until someone grants us the blessing of killing off this Hellscream.

Now, we’re hearing rumors that the Regent Lord in Silvermoon is recalling all of the Blood Elves to fight at the side of the Trolls.  It really makes me feel bad for my Dad.  He just resigned from his service with the Rangers and serving the Horde here in Pandaria and I would be willing to bet a month’s wages that he will get called up for this latest outbreak.  Yes, there is a rebellion going full bore within the Horde.  Maybe, if we’re lucky, they will just fight themselves to the point to where the Orcs are fairly well obliterated from that faction.  I don’t know much about the Trolls, they kind of scare me with all of their voodoo practices that are so far away from what I know of the Light and my belief in Elune.  Maybe things will get so bad in Kalimdor that the Horde will pull their troops from Pandaria, that would make life a whole lot easier.  I would like to see them leave before they destroy any more of the land than they already have – the changes in the Vale have made me heartsick.  Damn greedy Orc.

I can’t say that I don’t miss having my Mother and Father around because I do.  I may not have gotten much of a chance to talk with my Dad all that much here in Halfhill, however, I did get the chance to at least see that he was alive and well when he would return to his farm.  I did get to spend more time with my Mother without her having the little guys constantly demanding her attention.  I think I have learned a lot more about her since she was up here and she definitely has gotten a lot more of my respect with how she has lived her life – complicated as it may be, she is happy with my Father and she definitely loves her children.

I am really torn right now.  Stay here and fulfill my obligations to the Sentinels and Kae or just try everything I can to get out of that oath to get on with my life.  I would much rather go back to what I was doing before I came here out of loyalty to the Kaldorei after Theramore.  I didn’t mind being and independent hunter, occasional mercenary  and courier.  Oh well, if I can at least convince Kae that we can live a good life doing those things, maybe she will relent with her hesitancy to leaving the life she has only known behind – maybe her love for me will be enough to make her want to do that. 

Oh yeah, I know she loves me, she has told me so many times.  I know I care for her very deeply, however, I haven’t been able to say that four letter word yet, even after all that we have been through.  I’m not sure that I know what the word even means at this point in my life. 




2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Changes…

  1. This war has been a real wake up call to the rest of the Horde; within monthes of discovering Panderia, Garrosh alienated not only the trolls, but just about everyone else but his precious orcs. I have a feeling if this keeps up, it’s going to be open season on Orcs,and they will end up paying for all the atrocities that Garrosh brought about..I can totally understand Kal’s concern; especiallly the way things have been happening lately.He almost lost his parents, so I can see that the idea of his father being called back into service especially after resigning, probably makes him sick to his stomach.. Great read, nice to read about Kal again

  2. I think that Kal will always be happier in Pandaria with his farm – however, he just needs to take his time and let Kae make up her mind as to what she wants, they are both fairly young as far as Kaldorei go. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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