Meeting Family…Getting Homesick

*Some swearing – not as much as he normally does. Please don’t read if you’re easily offended.*


August 8th         

Yo Book!!

Waking up in the predawn hours this morning was not something that I had planned, however, it does give me an opportunity to write in this fucking book.   I think that I am getting homesick for Pandaria, the farm, the people and most of all, I miss being able to feel at “home”. I kind of miss that “me” time that I used to have a bit, however, I am sure that once we get through our visitations up here in Northrend, that we will head back to Pandaria.

Oh, Romy and I have had a marvelous time.  Meeting a lot of her family has been more than a little bit interesting and I’m truly unaccustomed to such a large extended family. I know that I can remember some of the faces, however, some of the names have escaped me because the family is huge.  It’s fucking huge!

I think that we have pretty well covered most of Northrend by now, however, there are always a few more that we have still go visit. Being on my best behavior for this long is starting to make me go a bit batshit crazy, however, if it is making Romy happy, that’s how it will be.  I know I have met a few people that I have secretly thought to myself that I hoped they didn’t breed anytime soon because I didn’t think we needed more “stupid” bred into our race, we have enough already.

I know that I am not missing the routine of getting up and heading off to camp to listen to the morning briefings and getting the orders out to the men every day and I am sure not missing the bullshit that we had to put up with when we got fresh recruits in that thought that they were the next best thing to the Regent Lord.  Silly kids really had a lot to learn when they took that theoretical information and tried to put it into practice out in the field sometimes.  I know I have told a few of them that the Alliance didn’t read the same text books that we did and therefore, they didn’t have to follow the lesson plans.  No, war is definitely freeform and doesn’t follow any set pattern or rules that I am aware of and if I had thought that it did, I would have been dead years ago.

I know that I haven’t ever been this happy in my life and it makes me apprehensive because I almost feel like the Fates are going to get jealous and take it all away.  To wake up each morning lying next to this beautiful woman and to make love to her every night hasn’t killed my ardor for her, it has, in fact, increased it.  The more I am around her, the more I want to be with her. It’s like I have finally found my match and I would definitely be fucking hard pressed to go on without her.  If this is what love is, I guess that I am in love with her.

Oh, I’m sure that her family would like for us to follow the traditions and get married and all of that bullshit, however, I don’t think that is going to happen.  We’re both happy with the way that we are living now.  If we happen to have children, so be it, we’ll continue to live the way that it makes us happy.  I know that each time we make love there is always that possibility of offspring and the thought of it really doesn’t scare me like it did a few years back.  I don’t know what kind of parents we would be, however, I know that we would try our best to be more than just figureheads and shuffle them off to some nurse or nanny.  Besides, it might be fun to have a kid, you never know, at least they won’t be raised like the little Silvermoon fops.

I know that we have both been trying to discover what love is and we’re trying out damnedest to learn what it really means.  I think that Romy has shown me a few things that I never thought about and they have been lessons learned well.   We’re smart enough to know that we can’t suffocate each other with our feelings and we’re both allowed to have lives away from one another.  As far as me straying from her bed, it’s not going to happen.

I know I’ve changed over these last few months.  I can remember when I’d walk into an Inn, scope out the territory and the probable targets for the night’s pleasure.  If they could put two sentences together and weren’t ugly enough to keep the sun from rising, they were probable prey. Most of the time I would try to make sure that they weren’t married or involved with someone because I do hate running naked down an alley or something with my clothes clutched to my chest – besides, I’ve lost a few pairs of decent boots for having to make a quick escape.  Oh, I still look at the menus offered, however, I don’t think I’ll order anything for a while.

I haven’t heard anything from Fnor for a while and I am a little bit concerned.  I know that we both got our release papers, as did Romy, however, he usually keeps in touch with me about the business if nothing else.  Now, of course, he’s kind of keeping an eye out on the farm even if I do have Jogu taking care of things. Well, I’m pretty sure that if anything was going on that he needed my help with, he would get in touch with me although it might take a few days for the mail to catch up with us.

Oh yeah, Northrend has always been one of my favorite areas, however, I am yearning to go for a good swim like we used too at the Jade Temple and being able to go fishing for hours on end.  Right now, it seems like we’re always busy with family, Romy’s family.  I need to see if we can slip away for a few days to be alone and do some things without being scrutinized by someone else.

I know this is all part of building a relationship with someone, however, I want the relationship with her, not all of these other people.  I know that they are like extra baggage on a journey and we can drop some of them off from time to time.

I know that it definitely feels weird to be in Northrend and not be able to go to Dalaran. That was my home for a number of years when I was in the territory and now that that Proudmore bitch has gone nuts, things have definitely changed.  It’s too bad because that was a beautiful city and it was a place where you could relax and drop your guard a bit even if you did have Alliance wandering around.  I always felt like it was more of a Blood Elf city not only with the architecture but also with the number of our race that lived there – taught there as well as directed our own lives. Now, it’s a haven for the barbarians that wouldn’t know how to appreciate the beauty and the majesty of the place. Oh well, maybe one day we will be able to return.

It’s a shame that Shattrath is the only “open” city that we have right now.  I know that as long as I lived there, it was always a place where it could get a bit rough, however, any real heavy duty fighting, even a bar fight was kept down to a minimum. Now, it’s a haven for some of my people and I am sure that there are other races taking advantage of the haven as well.  I know that Romy has no great love for the place, however, I would like to go back for a while.  I still have access to the house there that Fnor owns as well as the one in Nagrand. I would like to show Romy how things really should be looked at in Nagrand. I miss those days of sitting up on one of the islands and just drawing or even sleeping my life away.  I don’t know how she would feel about that though.

I still sit here and laugh about the times that I would disappear and Fnor would come to Nagrand to find me. He always knew exactly where I’d be and what I’d be doing.  Can’t say that I ever took any women down there with me either – that was my safe haven where I could be a slob if I wanted to be, which I did do frequently.  Of course, I was always careful not to drink too much when I was sitting on my island paradise in the sky because that drop-off could be fatal.  That may be why I liked Dalaran so much, it was off the ground, just like my island in Nagrand.

Oh well, my lovely companion is starting to stir from her slumber and I suppose that we ought to get dressed and get ready for another day of meeting people and talking to them.  She has a big family, I am sure that I feel like we have met half of Northrend at this point.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



I suppose I ought to drop that while we’re traveling, however, it’s still my home and I am looking forward to getting back there soon.




2 thoughts on “Meeting Family…Getting Homesick

  1. Heheh. she’s wishing she warned him ahead of time , how big the tribe was, so he wouldn’t have felt so shellshocked with so many new faces. As much as she loves Northrend, Pandaria has become her home,,and she’s already starting to miss it. Fnar is very important to her,and she wants to make sure that he is happy as well . Awesome read!!!

  2. Well, at least he’s getting an idea of how big that family is and how it works. He’s not used to family and now he’s surrounded, still happily with Romy though. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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