When Will It End?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

August 9th

Dear Journal,

Will this nonsense ever end?  I am beginning to wonder if the entire world hasn’t gone off kilter and everyone except for me has gone insane. Well, I’m not that crazy myself and I think that my sanity is intact.

I was all set to head back to Orgrimmar to start getting things organized and ready to move to Shattrath and I got an urgent message from Zippie.  Seems that things have changed dramatically in the last few days and the Blood Elves have decided to openly support the Trolls.  That’s just wonderful. I mean I am happy that we’re being smart and pulling our support away from Garrosh but it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me.

Luckily, I had the majority of our funds transferred to Shattrath and to Silvermoon in order to keep the funds safe and out of the hands of the Horde, should this sort of thing come to pass.  I had a feeling that things were going to change and I generally haven’t been wrong when these thoughts keep niggling at my brain.  I know that we lost a substantial amount of stock that we had stored in Orgrimmar, however, we got enough out to keep us going for several months – some was shipped out to Stormwind as well as some being disbursed to the rebels, however, not all. We took a sizeable hit when the Orcs came in and locked everything down, not to mention I know I lost a few personal items that I would have liked to have been able to retrieve.  Oh well, there is no sense in crying about something that can’t be undone.

At least, Zippie and her family were able to make their escape good to Thunderbluff and will be there for a while until we can get them to Silvermoon for the time being.  At least I know that they are safe and didn’t get caught up in this mess before the doors were locked. Poor things have been through a lot with all of the crap that Hellscream has pulled and it’s time for them to have some peace and safety that I know I can guarantee.  Silvermoon may not like the thoughts of my company operating out of there with my mixture of employees, however, they will enjoy the money that we are able to bring in, I’m sure.

Now, at least I know why I haven’t heard from Faendra and her usual whining. I wasn’t too surprised or shocked when Zippie wrote that Faendra had run away.  It’s not a surprise, it’s a bit disappointing, however, it’s something that wasn’t unexpected.  Seems the bodyguard that I hired wasn’t worth the gunpowder that it would take to blow him to the Light and beyond. I guess that she has been gone since before the rebellion openly started with the Trolls and Hellscream locked everything down.

She’s been gone a while and apparently, the employees have been looking everywhere for her without any luck.  I suppose that I should be beside myself with worry and concern, however, the odd thing is that I’m not.  Yes, I’m worried about her and I would like to be able to drop everything and go searching for her, however, this is one time that I have to look after the welfare of the family and the company before I get all hysterical about some of her shenanigans. I know that I am definitely torn with my feelings.  A part of me wants to drop everything and go searching and the logical side of me is telling me that she is one person and I have many to take care of.  Maybe it will be good for her to be out on her own for a while and to see that life isn’t going to cater to everything that she wants.  I’ve spoiled her and I know that it hasn’t been a good thing although I thought I was doing the right thing.

I guess I was overprotective, just as Amyn said, as well as being too generous with her.  I never thought that she would have the brass or the backbone to run away, and I guess that I was wrong there.  I also feel like she thought that I would just stop doing anything and come looking for her, which, at any other time, I might have done just that.

I feel terrible about everything right now.  I have to keep the people in Silvermoon in the dark for a while until I can figure out a way to explain or at least buy my way out of the marriage that I had arranged for Faendra in Silvermoon.  I think that I will just buy them off and let her reputation stay intact somewhat, although, I think that it is going to be her problem in the future and not mine.  I can’t do everything for her. She will either live through this path that she has chosen to take or she won’t – if she lives through it, she will probably have a better understanding of what it means to have a family that cared about her.

To say that I don’t care about what happens to her is a misnomer, I do care, I care very deeply, however, I have had to set some priorities that I have to follow if the family and the business are going to survive in the future.

Not only did I get a letter from Zippie in this pouch of mail, I also got a letter recalling me to service in Silvermoon.  I resigned from the Horde to escape the nonsense with Hellscream and I always said that my loyalties lay with Regent Lord.  Well, I guess that I stepped out of one fire and ran full bore into another one without even realizing it.   If I got a letter recalling me to Silvermoon, I can well imagine that Dawnglory got one as well.  Damn it!  Just when I thought that we could step back into the life that we had lived prior to the debacle in Pandaria, another problem arises.

My current plan is to return to Silvermoon and plea my case.  I think that I can better serve my people and the Regent by getting my business back in order and serve that way.  We have always been able to handle any and all of the government contracts that we have gotten as well as working as mercenaries for a while.  My pleas may fall on deaf ears and I may have to put my uniform back on, however, I am going to try everything that I can to avoid it.  I have been a veteran and served the Horde for many years – let’s just say that I have spent most of my adult life in uniform and I think it’s time for me to stand up and say “no more” and that I will serve in another way. 

Apparently, we’re siding with the Trolls in this rebellion and are fighting the Orcs. I don’t have a problem fighting against the Orcs, however, I would like to know what is happening with the other races.  I am not going to turn my Tauren out and I am sure that they aren’t too pleased with the changes that have taken place either.  I have to sit here and shake my head a bit because I know that I have hired people from all of the races within the Horde with the exception of the Trolls or Orcs.  Call me biased if you will, however,  I have never cared for the attitudes of the Orcs and the Trolls have always had a rebellious political side that I couldn’t never quite get a grasp on.  It’s not that I questioned the loyalties of the people, it’s just that all I have ever seen is trouble that seemed to follow these two groups through the years.

So, now I am going to head to Silvermoon instead of Orgrimmar and get what I need to get done and try to get on with my life.  I may have to go back into the service and I will have to spend some time getting my business in order again before I go back to Kalimdor to fight.  Naturally, I will have to get word to Amyn to let her know what is going on if she doesn’t know already.

I will set up a part of the business in Silvermoon, however, I think that I am going to follow through on getting the base of the business back in Shattrath.  It’s funny how I have gone full circle and I will be operating out of Shattrath again.   That’s truly where it all started and I suppose it is only right that that will be where it will end, if that is the case.

One of these days, I hope, that this constant upheaval will cease and we can have a few years of peace or something close to it. Maybe the Pandaren are correct in their belief that we are a warring people and that is all that we have known – I know that I don’t want to see my sons go off to war and have to live the way that I have most of my life – there is more to life than just surviving from one battle to the next.

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “When Will It End?

  1. OH WOW?!! I didn’t know that the Blood elves openly chose to join the Trolls.. yikes! That could get ugly.. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! I can totally understand Fnor’s concern.. and now that he knows about Faendra, running off , I can imagine he’s torn between relief and worry. Great Read!!

    • ((I don’t know how open it is, just some more of the more interesting snippets gathered from the latest books and short stories that have been put out there. I have a feeling that things are going to be jumping in 5.4.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. ))

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