Adventuring Alone in Tanaris

August 12th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I thought that someone might be trying to find me after all of this time.  I thought that my so-called brother might have at least sent out some search parties or something to find me and I haven’t seen anyone nor have I heard of anyone looking for Blood Elf female with red hair.  I guess that tells me exactly how much I matter to Mr. Morningstar.

I’ve gone through an attempted rape and robbery, lost everything that I held dear to me, especially the money that I stole from the office in Orgrimmar and it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone except for me.  I suppose that it is just one of those things that I have to face; no one really cares unless you’re in their presence.  That out of sight, out of mind adage seems to be true. I thought that I meant more to my family than I apparently do and it makes me sad.  I guess all I have ever been is a piece of meat that my brother can sell to the highest bidder in Silvermoon to further advance his social station there.

Not only am I having to put my skills to the test as a hunter to garner any kind of income, I’m also using it to supplement my food supplies so that I don’t have to resort to other things for money to get food and clothing.  I’m also foraging for food for my hawk strider.  She’s a bit thin and I’ll even admit that her feathers have lost a great deal of their emerald luster.  We’re struggling and no one seems to care.  I don’t worry about the cat because she is the only one in our camp that seems to be thriving on being out here in the wild.

If this is what my brother has gone through in his life, I do have to give him some respect for that, however, I’m sure that he never went hungry for days at a time because he was with the Rangers here in Kalimdor.  No real struggle there, you just returned to your base camp and they fed you and made sure that you had the proper gear to make sure you survived.  I bet he didn’t have to make do with the things that I have, so, my respect is somewhat limited.  Plus, he wasn’t a woman traveling alone with all of these sex crazed men on the trails.

I made it through Feralas and actually got some good hunting experience in and I think that my skinning ability has gotten considerably better than it was when I started out.  At least now I know how to cure the hides so they don’t rot on me and become worthless. Thousand Needles was a nightmare until I was finally able to catch a ride to the goblin barge.  What a nightmare that was. I never knew just how rude goblins could be and how much they would try to cheat you out of your money at every single turn.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.  However, I did help them out with some of the bandits that were bombing the barge with canons and stealing the lost machine parts that were lost on the bottom when the area was flooded.  Funny thing, I don’t remember anyone talking about the barge all that much at home nor the flooding.  I’m sure they knew about it, just didn’t discuss it all that much.

I pushed on to Gadget and thought that I might run into some one that might take me to Uldum so I could catch a ride to Pandaria with the mercenaries that I know are down there.  No such luck.  The people either wanted a fortune to take me there or wanted to have sex with me or both just to get me to the pass.   I even had a few that laughed at me and told me that I was too skinny to be a camp follower and needed to gain some experience and get some meat on my bones before the mercenaries would even consider allowing me to go along with them.  Of course, I would have to be experienced in the ways of pleasing a man, which they would be more than happy to teach me so that I would be assured of a spot on the next transport to Pandaria.

I even wrote a letter to my brother in Pandaria to apologize to him for running away and it was returned.  When I asked the Innkeeper why a letter would be returned like that, he told me that the person on the receiving end could have refused and sent it back, they were dead or they were no longer in Pandaria.  I even sent a letter to Dawnglory with the same results. Maybe they are just ignoring me and want me to live like this or they really aren’t there. I can’t believe that both of them would be dead or gone from Pandaria, that’s where they have been for the last year and they are both rather high up in the ranks of the Rangers stationed there. The letters weren’t even opened and had a bold red mark across the front where the address was.

I have made some friends or acquaintances in my travels and they are telling me that if I want to make the “big” money that I need to go to Un’Goro to do some hunting.  Nice hides and the meat are plentiful down there even if they are coming off some rather large beasts.  I think that my bow and Pandora can take care of most anything now; we have a lot of experience under our belts.  So, tomorrow or the next day, I will be trekking over the hot sands and skirting the bugs to get to Un’Goro.  I can’t get anyone to go with me, so, it will be a solo venture for me. I think that I have adequate supplies to make the journey and to keep me comfortably while I am there – I just lack the funds that I am used to having at my disposal.

I was able to trade for some tack for my hawk strider from this seedy Sindorei that seemed like he was hiding from the law or something.  He didn’t really try to drive a hard bargain other than the fact that he just wanted me to talk to him for a while.  I think he was just lonely for female company or something.  I was talking to one of the little goblin girls that I had made friends with and she told me that he was one of the highest paid assassins in the area and that people avoided him a lot because they didn’t want to   be dead when he suddenly had a temper issue.   I guess that happens a lot with him.  At least I can talk to the goblin girls; they aren’t as snarky and nasty mouthed as their counterparts for the most part.  I know there are a few of these little green fellows that I definitely wouldn’t want to be caught alone with. 

I guess I should have known that there was something seriously wrong with the fellow because he never would give me his name, not his first name and not his surname.  I gave him mine and he raised his eyebrows as if he knew the name which kind of alarmed me.  I know that these guys will sometimes kidnap people and charge a ransom to return them to their families – apparently, he doesn’t do that kind of work.   Well, I don’t think that he would come out and tell me he does that sort of thing for a living.  The goblin girls just called him Blaze and told me that he occasionally paid good money to spend some time alone with them, which tells me that he has sex with them.  Ewww, that’s almost disgusting even for a horny male.  Honestly, the more that I have been out on my own, the more I am finding out is that men are driven by what they keep covered in their pants, most of the time, anyway.  One of the girls told me that I ought to try to bed him because he always paid good money for the time that they spent with him.  No, my virginity is still intact and it is going to stay that way until I can capture Dawnglory’s attention. 

I suppose with the length of time that I have been gone and no one has been looking for me that the wedding is probably off in Silvermoon.  That’s okay, I didn’t like the fellow, or his description at least.  I think that I had met him a long time ago when he was just a boy with pimples all over his face and his hair was appalling. I know that he is a grown man now and probably takes care of his appearance a lot more than back then; however, all I could think of was this kid with bumps on his face touching my body and it almost made me throw up. 

I know that I am really happy that I have been able to buy some ink and a new pen because at least I can write in what is left of my journal.  It gives me some peace of mind at least and I can at least keep track of my travels so that if anyone ever finds it, they will know that I was a good person, at least an educated person and not one of these ne’er do wells that I have run into on m travels.  I don’t see how a Sindorei could possibly allow himself to get into some kind of unsavory business for a few pieces of gold, it just doesn’t seem to be right.  It must be in their breeding. Oh, I’ve seen a few noble sons down here and they aren’t any better than the ne’er do wells in the area except they do want to let you know that they come from a rich family in Silvermoon – mostly it’s to impress me and they want to get into my pants.

There is one fellow that has kind of caught my eye a bit. He does remind me an awful lot of my brother in his appearance; however, this fellow has followed a different path in his life.  He’s not a Ranger and he’s not one of the Sunstriders that has fallen on hard times.  He’s a monk.  I have never met a monk before and they are definitely different in the way that they think about things.  Sometimes he will be just sitting in the corner of the Inn with his eyes closed and a few times I thought that he was dead and he would snap out of it and would tell me that he was meditating as he was taught to keep in touch with his inner being.  Okay, if that’s how they do it, I suppose it’s okay.   He said that he once was a Ranger and decided to follow the path of  the Monks that he had met in Pandaria.  I wonder if he isn’t one of the deserters that we used to get contracts for in Orgrimmar – might be, however, I am not going to press the issue because he is the only male friend that I have that hasn’t tried to take me to bed.  Maybe monks don’t work that way, you know, maybe they get altered so that that isn’t a part of their lives anymore.  Oh, I am so not going to ask him about that, he might be interested in proving that his equipment still works if I bring up the subject.

I suppose that I ought to wrap this up for the night and get some sleep because we are going to start on our trip to Un’Goro tomorrow and it is going to take a couple of days to get across the hot sand.  I’m not looking forward to that either because I know that there are some nasty trolls out there that like to hide in the dunes.  I wonder if they are the same kind of trolls that were attacking Orgrimmar and I can’t go back there because of it.  Darn Trolls.

Faendra Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Adventuring Alone in Tanaris

    • Oh yeah, she’s having to learn it the hard way because there really isn’t any one out there looking for her – they are fighting for their own survival for the family and for the company. I’m sure that she is going to have many adventures and she bumbles her way through things. Some day soon, I hope, she will figure out that her brother was only trying to do what was best for her. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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