Getting The Business Restarted…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

August 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, here I sit in Silvermoon, resting on my laurels for a while.  I know that I was pleasantly surprised that my meeting with the Regent and his council went much better than I thought.  I know that I had a great deal of concern about the fact that I might be pressed back into service with this latest change of events.  Luckily, I turned on the charm, presented my reasons as to why it would be more beneficial to the Cause if I remained in charge of my personal company that was already furnishing supplies, not only to the rebels, but also to the troops here in Silvermoon, my request was granted.

Of course, that means that I will have to make sure that the employees are fully aware of what is going on and that we are, once again, going to be putting in some long hours and traveling many miles to fill these contracts that I have already received as well as the ones that Zippie has in Thunderbluff.  It is going to be rather interesting as well as physically taxing. 

I am sitting here in my room at the main house here in Silvermoon and listening to Agatha and Felessa prattle on about the upcoming nuptials.  I guess there have been quite a few parties here at the house as well as many that Felessa has attended. I will definitely make sure that I put some more money into the household funds to make sure that all of the expenses can be covered without any concern.   I know that Dawnglory has been sending money to the groom’s family to cover Felessa’s dowry, however, I am not that sure as to how much money he has contributed to the family expenses at the residence.

Damn, now I really do miss Faendra because she was the one that managed all of our books here in Silvermoon as well as overseeing the business in Orgrimmar.  I suppose that I will have to find another accountant here in Silvermoon to take over the burden here.  Zippie can handle most of the business related things without too much trouble because she is familiar with it; however, I am not sure that she would be too tickled to death with taking on the books here as well.   I guess that I will go over to the college later today and see if there are any likely candidates available that would like to take on the burden.  I suppose I ought to at least offer it to Zippie first, though, damn, I do wish that we weren’t scattered all over like we are now.

I am also going to talk to Zednick about putting together some more comlinks for the employees.  Since the majority of us will be operating out of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, we will definitely need some upgrades.  The airwaves are definitely crowded in Kalimdor with all of the troop movements and it makes it rather dicey trying to get in touch with the rest of our crowd.  Oh, Zednick may be a bit of a drunkard and may be a bit moody from time to time, however, he is one of the best goblin engineers that I have been able to keep on our staff.  I’ll have to give him a raise when we get the comlinks all reset and upgraded.

I know that Silvermoon hasn’t changed a bit.  They keep going as if there is no danger and that the only thing that really matters is your social standing.  I have to laugh because I have already had some callers here at the house once word got out that I was in residence.  A couple of overtures from some of the families asking that I pay court to their daughters were really the high point of the mail that I have gotten so far.  I did respond to them by telling them that I already had a partner and their offer was greatly appreciated, however, I would have to decline.  I can well imagine that Amyn would throw a fit if she even knew that I was getting these letters.  Oh well, I am not going to get myself involved in the Silvermoon social whirl at this point.

I am in the process of trying to find an area where we can set up shop for the time being, a place that has a suitable enough building that we can use for a temporary warehouse.  I haven’t found anything yet that will work because none of the “open” buildings are quite large enough.  I suppose that if I were to use one of the smaller ones for a transitional warehouse that would only hold the materials that were transit to Kalimdor, which might help. I think that the bulk of the business is going to operate out of Shattrath because I already have the facilities there.

I knew that it was going to be a pain in the backside getting things back in order once I got to Silvermoon; however, I never realized that it was going to be as cumbersome as it is right now.  I barely have time to even think about anything else.  It’s almost like being back at the base camp in Krasarang.

I know that I am going to have to make the trek to Shattrath here very soon to get some more people hired there and open the houses back up.  I really am looking forward to being able to open the one in Nagrand.  We really didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy that one because Amyn left for Pandaria before the paint even dried on the walls.  I wonder if I can talk her into going to Shattrath for a while?  I know that she isn’t completely well yet; however, she could very easily oversee some of the operation there because she has Magdamia running things for her in Stormwind.  I’ll have to write to her and see how she reacts to that because she isn’t a woman that you can demand anything of without thinking about it beforehand.

I know that I wish that Dawnglory were here in Silvermoon right now because he could be a real help to me in getting some of this legwork done.  He always was one that seemed to fly like the wind and was able to cover more ground than I could.  Of course, that has to do with the fact that he would just keep going until he got it done, he didn’t stop to try to schmooze with some of the politicians to keep them happy.  Now, I’m not sure how “free” he is going to be with his involvement with his lady and her family.  Damn it, why did he have to find someone right now, there isn’t time for that, however, I am not going to pull him away from it either.  I guess that means that I am going to have to find someone to help me with this mess. 

I know that I never realized how much Faendra was actually doing and doing it well until she was gone.  Yes, I am worried sick about her, however, I don’t even have the time to go out and look for her.  I know that the employees in Kalimdor are still looking for any signs of her when they have the opportunity; however, it isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment.

I know that Agatha came into my office a little while ago with a tray of food and started laughing at me.  She told me that it reminded her of the old days in Dalaran when I would closet myself away for days at a time working on the paperwork for the company.  Oh, I remember those days all too well.  I know that before Faendra came to help me that I was stuck in my office for days just trying to stay on top of the paperwork.  Now, I am back in that same boat again and it is making me almost crazy.  I’m not used to being trapped behind four walls all of the time anymore, I’ve gotten used to having more freedom with my time and being able to go out and get some hands-on work done to cover some of the contracts. 

I suppose that I ought to put an ad in the paper to hire more people.  We are going to have to almost double the staff in order to meet the demands that we have from the Regent now.  I don’t suppose that I could find some of the old mercenaries that I used to run with and see if they want to pick up some extra gold.  Well, I might get lucky there if they haven’t all been called up to serve.

I think that I am going to miss the freedom that I had in Pandaria.  I know that I already miss the farm and I definitely miss the hunting. We do have quite a few contracts for the leather from Pandaria and that is going to be something that I will work on myself, just to get back there again.  I hope that the Tauren aren’t too over-burdened with taking care of my farm along with Dawnglory’s place in addition to their own farm.  I know that I am really happy that they were willing to take on the task and I don’t want to overtax them with work. 

Silly as it may sound, I actually miss working out in the fields with the sun beating down on my back while I cleared out the weeds and the vermin.  Oh yes, always the vermin.  We always thought that we had plans and traps to keep the little buggers out and there they would be in a couple of days, just as bad as they were before.   Oh well, I am going to have to make an effort to make sure that I go spend some time there even if it means that we lose some of the civilian contracts.  We’re just buried in government contracts right now that I don’t have the time to keep everything covered. 

I definitely miss my wife more than anything else.  At least she would understand the stresses that I am putting on myself to get the company back up and running because I know that she is heavily involved with the operations of her side of things in Stormwind.  I not only miss her presence, the sex and all of the other things that come along with living with someone, I just miss being able to talk to her. There are times when you need someone to bounce ideas off of and they can give you some feedback on it.  I know that she hasn’t ever given me bad advice about things, at least.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Getting The Business Restarted…

  1. LOL, I think he’s going to be more flabbergasted,when he learns just how involved Fnar and Romy are. However I don’t think it will be too long before they finish their visit in Northrend.although she loves her family, they can drive her a little batty at times 🙂 I bet it was a relief for Fnor, not having to worry about going back into war, especially since he can contribute in other ways .I bet he was shaking his head at the invitations by noble families to court their daughters.. especially since they weren’t so forthcoming when he was searching at the time ; also realizing how much his sister did work ,and work well on the books was probably pretty humbling too.

  2. Oh yeah, I think he is going to be surprised by a lot of things in the future. He is realizing now that his sister did do some work even if she was a pain the butt. I know that he will be happy to see Dawnglory back again too because he has been his right hand man for quite a few years. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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