Just An OOC Update

August 16th

Just signed up for another year’s worth of WordPress.  Sure doesn’t seem like it has been that long ago that I started all of this writing on a regular basis, however, it’s been a blast and I am looking forward to doing more things. I know that I have learned a lot of things posting and I will have to admit that I have really enjoyed the community.  Naturally, I do read and write in more areas other than World of Warcraft.  I am very impressed with everything that I have seen through this site.

Yep, just sitting here marveling at the fact that I have published closed to 400 posts in the last year. Who’d a thunk it?  My writing may not be the best and it may not be professional, however, I do know that some people enjoy reading my little “journals” and learning things about my various and sundry characters.  I actually learn things about some of my characters when I am writing for them as well.

Oh, the book that I was working on has been shelved for the time being because I am not happy with the direction that it is going and it’s rather doubtful that it will ever reach a publishers desk in the near future.  I may start another story, one that has been rattling around in my brain for several years and several false starts – who knows, I might even get it completed before I get to be too senile to remember where I “saved” it.

Oh, hit another milestone on my true main, Fnor Morningstar, last night and it was kind of sad that I didn’t have anyone in the guild on at the time.  Well, it’s kind of sad that I appear to be the only active member in the guild at the moment – good thing I’m the GM.  Finally got Loremaster of Pandaria last night and had my own little celebration here at my desk. Oh yeah, silly as it may sound, that was a monumental achievement for me because I thought that I had missed more than a few quests in some areas since it seems to be harder to track those things these days with the shared achievements.

Oh ho ho, SafeHaven finally hit Level 22 for the guild and we’re (Me) well on the way to Level 23.  I do hope to get to Level 25 before the end of the year.  What is even sillier is that I have a few guild achievements that I got purely by accident – fishing in all of those pools, repairs for all of my characters in the guild have touched very closely to that achievement as well. Some of the group achievements might be a stretch, however, boxing a few of them together has helped that some.

One thing about Fnor, he’s always there, good times and bad. He’s been my mainstay in-game for over eight years.  Oh sure, he started out as a Night Elf before he was transferred and faction changed from IceCrown, however, the character has remained the same.  He used to be one heck of a raider back in the day and was deadly with PvP for years, however, those days burned out after about four years of raiding four or five nights a week and doing PvP every bloody weekend.  Now, I’m just happy doing what I want to do without worrying about other people’s schedules and demands – yes, I am a solo casual player these days.

I will have to admit that I can’t be happier with the realm that I am currently on with all of my characters.  I love to RP and that is one of the main reasons that I am still in the game – love the interaction with other players and the stories that can be developed through that.  Oh, I’ve “visited” other realms and will always come back to my “home” realm.

Oh well, just thought I’d share some of the fun things that have happened.  I actually have gotten my three “main” characters pretty much to the same iLevel on each one and am working on three other 90s to get them there as well.  New Patch?  Oh, I’m not worried, I’m so far behind on things that I will be happily oblivious to it for the most part for quite some time yet.  Not too keen on how things are going to change in the Vale, however, I am real good at denial – I will deny that the place is going to get turned into another warzone.  One thing about being a casual player that I truly enjoy is that if I don’t like something – I don’t do it – it’s my money, my characters and my time and I’ll do what I want when I want.  Of course, I do try to keep my characters kind of caught up on gear and the like just in case I get lucky and someone wants to run a dungeon or whatnot – I hate to have my character looked down on for not being “ready” to rock’n’roll.

See ya in-game and I hope that you’re having nearly as much fun as I am.  Alts, tons of alts to work on and get them caught up a bit. 





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