Too Many People…Let’s Go Home

*Warning – language might be offensive to some.  A few F-bombs and blunt descriptions.  Please don’t read this if you’re easily offended.”

August 16th

Yo Book!!

Well, I haven’t told Romy yet but I got one of those blasted letters telling me to report to Silvermoon for service with the Regent Lord.  Not sure how I am going to deal with it other than the fact that I am not going to go back in the service right now.   Right on the heels of that letter came a letter from Fnor and he told me how the fuck he got out of the thing

With all of the damned rumors flying around and the people that I have seen that have evidently refugee their way to Northrend to avoid the fighting in Kalimdor has just freaking amazed me.  It seems that our good ol’ Warchief has gone off his fucking nut completely.  Seems he is interested in raising his “pure” Horde – well, that leaves out the rest of the races with the exception of the Horde.  I don’t know why the fuck this has to happen right now.  Pure Horde, yeah, right! 

The only way that nut job could get a fucking “pure” Horde is if he fucked Jania Proudmore and they had a baby – the perfect pure nut job. The whole idea of this idiot running around and living for any length of time now is damned near unbearable.  His days are truly fucking numbered and I think they started counting about six months ago.

I have always said that my loyalties lie with the Regent Lord and not the Horde.  It’s true.  I could give a rat’s ass as to what everyone else is doing, however, the Blood Elves need to withdraw from these idiots and start attending to their own business.  I will have to tell Romy about the letter and I will assume that she has gotten one somewhere in the mail as well, damn it all to hell.

We were planning on going to Silvermoon to visit with Felessa and let Romy meet her. I think that the two of them will get along okay because Felessa isn’t one of those females that likes to fight about everything and I think that she will be happy that I finally found someone instead of my running around alone for the rest of my life.  Besides, Felessa is busy getting ready for her wedding in a few weeks and the reason that I know this is that I am watching my bank account slowly dwindle down with the expenses.  How many fucking dresses does a woman need to attend the parties in Silvermoon?  I wear one set of clothes to everything and occasionally buy a new shirt to change things up.

At least now I know that Fnor is in Silvermoon and setting up shop for the time being. I have no intentions of staying in Silvermoon any longer than I have too because that isn’t the place for me – I’m too fucking rough around the edges to keep the little fops happy. At least with all of this shit going on, I don’t have to go to Orgrimmar, just Thunderbluff to check on things unless the goblins are already moving to Silvermoon.  Oh ho, our little goblins in Silvermoon would be hysterical because I may be rough around the edges but our little goblins make me look like a polished diamond, especially Zednick.

I know that we’re planning on having the bulk of the business being run out of Shattrath, however, we will have alternate offices in Silvermoon as well for the time being as well as running stuff through the Stormwind office and warehouse when we need too.  At least we will be on the same continent for part of that now instead of having to run things from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms.  Man, I wonder how Amyn is feeling about all of this bullshit going on in Kalimdor, she can’t be too pleased to have all of this shit happening right at her doorstep, so to speak.

I think that I have met half the population of fucking Northrend now and they are all related to Romy in some way shape and form.  I know that extended families aren’t that unusual, however, I didn’t realize that I needed to keep a roster of who was related to whom and what offspring they had and what offspring the offspring had.  Damn, I can’t remember half of them and I am always afraid that I will say the wrong thing to someone. Can you imagine what kind of bullshit would happen if I think that someone is married to someone and they are married to someone else and I ask how their spouses are doing.   You’ve got city bred people that act like they are in a misplaced area when they are visiting their cousins out in the forest camps and then you have the forest people that act kind of skittish the whole time they are rubbing shoulders with their city counterparts.  How the fuck to do they keep all of this shit straight?   I’ve gotten to the point that I just kind throw my hand up and say hello and remain kind of quiet until I can figure out the lay of the land and the relationships by just listening to them talk for a while.

Damn, I am so ready to run away and head back to Pandaria. Of course, I’d take Romy with me when I run away, I’m not leaving her behind for anything.  I think that all of this rich food is kind of hitting both of us hard.  Romy has had to have her armor adjusted because her tits are getting too big – well, I’m not going to complain about that because I think they are bigger too, might be  that we’re playing around with them too much and they’ve started to grow again – damn, they are nice and her hips seem to be a bit more rounded – all the better for me to slide in between those legs every night. Yes, we make love every chance we get and sometimes we have an impromptu session when we feel like we need it – which is usually several times a day.  I know that some of her relatives would be shocked to know that we’ve even made love standing behind the curtains in some of their little houses.  I don’t know what it is about Romy, she just keeps my compass pointing North all of the time is more than happy to help me get that under control.

I think that I have finally met my match in a lot of things.  We fit together physically and our appetites are very much the same and she has a brain that actually works.  We can talk for hours on end and never get bored with one another. I just know that I don’t ever want to get to the point that I am not holding her in my arms when I fall asleep at night anymore. Emotionally we’re well suited even if my temper does flare now and again, she knows how to bring that under control without any trouble either.  She has a temper of her own and I have had to respect that a few times as well.  No, we’re not perfect by any means and we will have little arguments here and there, however, we never go to bed angry with one another and we never sleep alone.

Now, I need to get things organized so that we can get out of Northrend and head back to Silvermoon.  Dam, I dread the thought of going back there, however, I have to take care of this letter business as well as getting myself geared up to help run the business. No, I am fucking not getting stuck behind a desk and doing paperwork, Fnor already knows how much I hate that shit and half of the stuff ends up in the circular file if I’m left to my own devices for too long.  Not to mention, my filing skills rank up there with Felaran’s, which means that shit can be anywhere. I wonder what the hell Faendra is doing and why Fnor didn’t say anything about her.  I wonder if she got out of Orgrimmar in time – well, I’m sure that if she hadn’t gotten out of there, that Fnor would have said something and we would be on our way there to get her instead of me being up here in Northrend.  Oh, that is going to be a sticky situation when Faendra meets Romy for the first time – I think that Romy will be able to handle things nicely or she will just flatten her out if she starts her usual bullshit.  Romy doesn’t put up with much and her diplomacy isn’t exactly up there, kind of matches mine sometimes.

Fuck it, when we go to Silvermoon, I suppose that we’ll have to stick around and go to a few parties before the wedding. I dread that whole social whirl shit.  The last party that I attended several months ago didn’t end well because I walked up, in my cups at the time, and asked the host who he was fucking this week – guess that wasn’t exactly the right thing to do. It was one of those parties that I really didn’t want to go too anyway, however, it was one that Fnor thought I should attend – he now regrets that idea because he had to do some damage control there.

Finally got my new armor from Sadheart in Pandaria.  It looks awesome and fits like the old days in Dalaran.  I knew that Sadheart was a good blacksmith, however, I never realized just how good he was until I got this armor.  He’s really an artisan with metal.  I know when we get back to Pandaria, I’ll have to go see him and have him make a few adjustments, however, those are minor.  I definitely know that he will be the one making my armor from now on though, that’s a given.  Good thing we have those Tauren up there helping on the farms while we are gone, however, I know that I am going to be giving them quite a bit of extra gold for their hard work. 

Well, I guess that Romy isn’t feeling too good right now.  She got up this morning and said that she was going to see the healers.  Hope her old injuries aren’t acting up again because that would definitely be a bad thing.  Maybe this whirlwind trip wasn’t such a good idea after all and she’s overdone things.  Her overdoing things wouldn’t surprise me either because that’s just the way that she is. It could be just some girly thing, women always seem to have more physical problems than we do, it might because they are more complex. I don’t know anything about that other than all of the parts fit together real well.  I hope that everything is okay, I’m sure that if it was anything serious, she would have said something to me about it before she went to the healers. 

Maybe when she gets back we can talk about going home to Pandaria for a few days before we head to Silvermoon.  It would add a few more days to our traveling, however, I am getting almost crazy  with the thoughts of getting back to the farm, sleeping in our big bed and just seeing the people in Halfhill.  Besides, I haven’t had any decent hooch like Jogu’s brew since I left there.  I’m also craving some swirling mist soup and noodles too – damn that food is good and you don’t feel like you’re weighted down with it either.  I even dreamed about those chicken and dumplings that Jogu makes too, that’s a bad thing. I’m real sure that Romy is getting tired of all of the people being around too – we had a much quieter time of it when we were on the farm.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

4 thoughts on “Too Many People…Let’s Go Home

  1. LOL, well I’m sure if he asked her about ,she would be more happy to leave; She’s not going to mention her pregnancy to her family, because she knows that if she did, they would be clucking over her like a mother hen over a single chick,and she doesn’t like that. She’s more than ready to go home now.

    • Poor fellow knows how much Romy loves her family and likes to be around them, however, it’s a whole new thing for him – all those people. Being an orphan does have it’s advantages sometimes. I’m sure that he will ask her about going “home” when she gets back from the healers – he’s ready to go. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting – it’s always appreciated.

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