Gonna Be A Daddy!!

*Some Swearing and descriptive language – if this offends you, please don’t read this.*


August 30th

Yo Book!

By the Light!! Whoa, fuck me!  Well, I will have to admit that I am sitting here with a big ol’ fucking grin plastered on my face and can’t decided whether to laugh, cry , run down the road or just sit here and grin like a fucking fool.

Yep, Romy and I are going to have a baby.  Oh, it was fucking going to happen one of these days with the way that we have been going at it since the first night we slept together.  I know that I was surprised and wasn’t surprised at the same time.  I thought that she just gaining weight with all of this rich food that we’ve been consuming here in Northrend.  If her family doesn’t do anything other than talk, they can sure eat a lot of food.  Every time I turn around people are giving us food and I’ve gotten to the point of trying to act like I’m eating because I feel like I am about to explode most of the time.

Damn, I’m happy about the baby and worried all at the same time.  I guess we’re going back to Pandaria for a while before we hit Silvermoon.  I sent off my letter to the Regent Lord stating my reasons as to why it would be a bad time for me to rejoin the Rangers – I didn’t say that they would have to drag my ass back kicking and screaming although I wanted to put that in there.

I hope they can see the reasoning behind why I don’t want to serve in the military right now.  I can do more for the cause with the moneys I can earn through Morningstar Enterprises as well as being able to support the rebels against Garrosh without wearing a fucking uniform.  I just know that I won’t be wearing a damned uniform this round.  I’m loyal to Silvermoon and the Regent Lord, however, I am not going to put everything I have worked for in danger for another war effort, even if it does mean killing off that damned tick sitting in Orgrimmar.  He wants a pure Horde – Orcs only, well, he’s got that, everyone else is leaving in droves.

I’m sure as hell not leaving Romy anywhere when she just found out that we’re going to be parents.  That has a higher priority over anything else in this world.  I will be there for her and the baby, no matter how I have to do it.  I want our baby to have everything that we can give it, mostly, having both of its parents there with them.  I never had parents, I really never have had a family and I want to savor every fucking minute of it.  I wonder what we’re having?  A boy, Light I hope not, or a little girl?  Oh, I really don’t care which it is as long as they are healthy and Romy is okay.  That’s all that matters, that Romy is okay.  Now, I’m worried about her being pregnant because if anything were to happen to her, I don’t know that life would be worth living. I never thought that I would ever care that much about another person, however, there you have it.  Romy has turned out to be my world and I don’t regret it one iota.

I can hardly wait to tell Fnor but I think I’ll wait until I hear back from the folks in Silvermoon because he has enough worries right now with his stupid self-centered bitch of a sister taking off in the middle of a war. He was lucky that he could do his pleading for release from active service in person because he has a silver tongue and can usually talk himself out of stuff pretty easily.  I just hope that my letter does the trick because I put him down as a reference so that he could tell the silly fools that I am his partner in the business.  Let’s just say that I am not setting foot in Silvermoon until after I hear back from the magisters there in regard to my situation.

I know that some people probably will think that I am a coward for not going, however, I have been serving the Horde and Silvermoon since I was old enough to join the Rangers.  No, it’s time for me to kick back and have a life of my own and enjoy it.  Yes, I will work my ass off for the company as usual, however, Romy and our baby are the top priority on the list of my things to do. Oh, I’m sure that things will be all abuzz with Felessa’s wedding in a few weeks and I am sure that there will be questions as to why I’m not doing my part, however, I don’t give a rat’s ass about my social standing, I do care about Romy and the baby.  I just hope that this whole mess doesn’t fall down on Felessa’s head.  At least I know that the groom won’t be heading off to war, he’s too damned old and his position is pretty solid in Silvermoon.

You know it’s kind of sad that I am looking forward to getting back to Pandaria for not only that big bed of ours, I’m also looking forward to getting some food that doesn’t make me feel like a stuffed turkey. I’m also looking forward to getting some of that brew of Jogu’s to blank my mind out for a bit.  No, just get a real buzz going on there and some Pandaren brew.  I want to wake up in that bed of ours and smell the air with the rain and know that everything is right with the world.

Sure, I hear that there is some heavy shit going down with that fool in Orgrimmar, however, I don’t give a damn as long as it doesn’t come near Romy and the baby.  I just want us to be able to raise our child in Halfhill and for that child to know how much both of its parents care about them.   I’m still sitting here grinning like a fool – I’m gonna be a Daddy.

Well, I guess I had better get off my ass and finish packing because I think that Romy wants to head back to Pandaria pretty damned quick – she’s had enough of the family for a while I think.

Fnor Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria





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