Good To Be Home Again…

*Warning: Contains some swearing and blunt language.  If you’re offended by this sort of thing, please don’t read this*


September 17th

Yo Book!!

Damn it’s nice to be back in Halfhill and to be on the farm.  Oh, I didn’t mind meeting all of Romy’s family and such, however, I was beginning to feel like I was permanently trapped in a crowd of yammering pigeons and all they could do was hand me a plate of food.  Food was great, company was great, however, there are times when a fellow just wants to get off to himself or spend some time with his woman without a bunch of people around.  Now, we can fucking do what we when we want and don’t have to worry about any kind of family protocol or hierarchy.

I’ll admit that I was getting more than a little bit concerned about Romy after she told me she was pregnant with our baby because she kept turning a bit green around the gills and would have to go lay down for a while because she was so tired.  Well, I suppose that having a baby growing inside you isn’t the easiest thing to have going on, kind of like a permanent state of gastritis or something – oh, you know that bloated feeling you get.    Only this fart won’t come out for a few months and it will be a baby whatsis.  I’m kind of looking forward to meeting this little person too.

Oh, it was great getting back to the farm and seeing that things had been taken care of, Jogu had some fresh brew that he was willing to share only if I ate some of the chicken and dumplings.  Guess the market has been inundated with those dumplings and they aren’t selling as fast as they did before we left.  Okay, I ate some of the dumplings and got a nice taste of his brew, not too bad for a fish guy.

One of the first things that Romy wanted to do when we got back to Halfhill was to go have a talk with Nana about the baby.  Well, I can understand that although I wish she had seen a midwife or healer in Northrend if she had some questions.  I’m sure Nana knows a few things about being a midwife to Pandaren, however, I’m not all that sure about how much she knows about Blood Elves.  Well, I guess she got some encouraging news from Nana because she was all smiles and all she wanted to do was for us to head to the bed for some “rest”, if you can call it that.

Romy never has been a delicate flower of a woman, she’s always been rough and tumble and very athletically built.  Now, her hips seem a bit rounder and her endowments have increased enough to where a fellow can’t decide which one to nuzzle first – they are both very inviting.  Her belly has a slight roundness to it and I will have to admit that it scares me a little bit that we might hurt the baby with all of our carousing, however, Romy’s passion has increased tenfold and it’s hard work keeping up with her sometimes. I was actually kind of afraid that her passion might decrease, I’ve heard that from some of the other fellows when we were out on patrols and their significant other or girlfriends were pregnant, they weren’t getting any at home, so, they liked to go out on the prowl from time to time.  Well, if Romy is any indication of how things are going to be, I wouldn’t be able to service anyone else even if I wanted too – which I don’t.

Oh, it feels fucking awesome to be back in Pandaria, in Halfhill and on the farm with Romy.   She loves it here as much as I do, I think.  She really is getting into this domestic thing and I’ve given her free rein to make any changes that she wants to the house, however, the outhouse is a work of art and I hope she doesn’t feel the need to change that – that was some hard work after I blew up the first one and rebuilt it. 

Naturally, Hellscream couldn’t stop his fucking bullshit if his life depended on it, which it does.  I guess that he has decided that there is a treasure of some kind in the Vale and he has a shit-ton of goblins digging around there looking for something.  Oh, they had started a mine of sorts right before Romy and I left for Northrend, however, the shit has expanded.  Now the Vale is starting to look like any other place the filthy bastard has decided might hold some wealth for him.

Man, if I was a Pandaren, I’d sure try to figure out a way to make the fucker stop ruining the land.  Oh sure, the Kaldorei fought the Horde for years about the way that they were destroying the forests of Kalimdor without much luck, now, the bastards are up here ruining the beauty of the land as well as destroying any sanctity that there might have been.

Oh, I did get the letter that Romy told me about, so, I’m free and clear.  I can do as I damn well please as long as I keep sending stuff back to Silvermoon to Morningstar Enterprises.  Well, if things hadn’t worked out that way, I was already planning on heading for Outland and Nagrand where things aren’t as enforced as they could be. I had made up my mind that I was not going to go back into the service and I was not going to leave Romy alone while she is pregnant with our baby.  I may be a rounder and an asshole at times, however, I am not going to leave the woman I love alone when she going to be the Mother of our children.  Nope, I am not going to leave when the baby comes either, I know what it’s like to grow up without parents and I won’t let it happen to mine.

Oh, Light!  Guess my scribbling must have awakened the little woman and she’s lying there in the bed with the “come hither” look that I know all too well.  No, I’m not complaining one iota, however, I hope that I have some time to go out and scout around to see how things have changed since we were gone.


Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


2 thoughts on “Good To Be Home Again…

  1. ROTFL!! Oh yeah, she’s a real tiger,! Poor guy is going to be be sore keeping up with her.. he doesn’t have to worry about the outhouse, she thinks it’s great.. she gets the giggles when she looks at it especially after hearing about it from the locals. I doubt Fnar is going to have to worry about her ardor decreasing, she just enjoys being with him ,and she’s in serious cuddle mode ,lol . Great read.. I always get a charge out of Fnar’s posts.

  2. Well, right now I think that Fnar is happier than he has ever been in his life and there is always that lingering thought that somehow it might all disappear. He’s very much into accommodating Romy with anything that she might want, he likes being with her, no matter what.

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