Inner Peace In Pandaria…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

September 19th

Dear Journal,

I finally had to make my escape from Silvermoon.  It is my home city and the base of where my race lives, however, I have found over the years that my tolerance for the place has become more than a little jaded and more than a little disgruntled.  I don’t have time to deal with the social amours and the buffoonery that seems to run rampant there.  I guess my years away from “home” have spoiled me for the finer things that the city has to offer.  I am a man that has grown used to the military life and the life where your decisions are life and death and not ones that are in regard to which backside I need to kiss in order to get an invitation to the next party.

Business is booming and once Zippie, Zednick and Dooddah got here, things starting falling into place rather well.  I’ll admit that I have never lived in close proximity to goblins, however, I thought it best that they stay in one of the houses that I own here in Silvermoon rather than having them run rampant throughout the city.  Besides, if they were to get into trouble, it would still fall on my head to take care of things.

Light!  I really miss my wife more than I can put into words.  It’s not just the physical yearning, it’s the ability to just sit there and talk with her.  I will be happy when we get more of the business moved to Shattrath and we can take up our residence there again.   It truly has gone full circle for us and I actually don’t mind.  I would much rather be in a city where I can live openly with my wife and children than have to slip around to see them.

I did have to come back to Pandaria, just to clear my head and to check on the farm.  Mahamura and Naton (aka Sadheart) have taken very good care of the farm in my absence; however, I can’t expect them to keep taking on that burden all of the time because they have their own farm to run as well as working for Morningstar Enterprises.  I know that I really felt like I had to get back here for a while to get all of the stress out of my mind in regard to the business anyway because I have never been one that wanted to sit behind a desk for an indefinite period of time – I like getting my hands dirty and I like getting out in the field and actually doing some of the work too.

I had planned on trying to get into Kalimdor to see Amyn for a while and sent her a note stating such and she sent a quick response back telling me that now was not a good time.  Apparently, she’s spending more time in Stormwind right now trying to get the business back on track there.  Magdamia, our very reliable Draeni accountant, attorney and general jack of all trades has done an admirable job; however, Amyn is enough like me that she feels more comfortable when she can see what is actually going on with things.  I am just happy to know that Amyn feels well enough to get back into that sort of thing again.  I have been worried sick about her with the injuries that suffered from the Orcs in Pandaria.  Poor woman suffered much more than I did with the loss of our child and her head injuries.  I am sure that her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to go off to Stormwind if they thought that she wasn’t well enough to do so.

So, here I sit at the farm in Halfhill, alone, or well, kind of alone.  I guess that Dawnglory and his woman have just gotten back from their sojourn in Northrend.  I haven’t had a chance to see him yet; however, I did see Romy and found out that they are expecting a baby.  I will admit that I was happy to hear that Dawnglory is finally going to settle down and become the man that I always thought he could be.  All these years of his philandering around and chasing skirts might have come to a close, finally. Well, you never know about that either because I actually don’t know what kind of arrangement that the two of them might have, however, I do know that Dawnglory is an honorable man even if he is deadest against getting married – I can understand that too because he’s been around me a bit when I have gone through my debacles and I am not a good example of how things should be except for my marriage to Amyn.

Oh, it was nice to set foot in Halfhill again.  I could just feel the stress falling from my shoulders like a mantle that weighed twice my own weight.  The air even makes you feel more content with things.  Of course, that was before I decided to make a quick trip to the Vale to pick up a few things from the bank there.

I was almost physically ill when I saw what has happened over there, however, it‘s not surprising with that idiot in charge of what is left of the Horde.  His “pure” Horde, as he puts it is going to end up doing one heck of a pratfall here in the near future I am afraid.  I would be willing to bet that the majority of his supporters have distanced themselves from him a far as they can if not severing all ties with the old Horde that Hellscream has created in his image.   I can honestly say that I don’t mind my change of alliances and going back to serve my own people rather than this fool.

Oh, the destruction in the Vale is only part of it; I have heard rumors here in Halfhill of some treasure that is being sought by Hellscream.  Something to do with the Old Gods.  Didn’t the history of what happened to his own Father have any bearing on his actions?  I have no idea.  I just know what came through the portal in Outland.  I am surprised that Pandaren haven’t put a stop to this nonsense unless they know something that the rest of us are not privy too – that may very well be.  I know that for the short time that we have been in Pandaria, there are many secrets of the continent that we have yet to explore fully or uncover.  I suppose as long as this destruction doesn’t fall further into the Valley of Four Winds, we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

I will admit that I am sitting here in the house at the farm, listening to the rain, smelling the air that still smells of the earth that has been washed clean.  No, a man could lose himself in this land if he allowed it to happen.  I know that distancing me from my burdens in Silvermoon for a few days is going to allow me to clear my head of all of the nonsense going on back there.

I am still worried about my sister, Faendra.  I know that she decided to run away to avoid a marriage that she didn’t want and that I had arranged for her.  However, her reasons for running away are a bit confusing because we all know that she was still madly in love with Dawnglory even if he hadn’t given her any indication that her feelings were reciprocated.  I wish I knew where she was because I think that she would come back to Silvermoon now once she finds out that Dawnglory is very much involved with his woman and they are expecting a child.  That should cool her ardor some, or one would think that it would.   It’s truly my fault that this whole thing came to pass and I am willing to admit it.

If I hadn’t of spoiled the girl so much when she was growing up, I know that she would have had more of a level head on her shoulders and not be just another spoiled brat that had grown up in Silvermoon for the most part.  I thought that when I moved her to Dalaran to work with me up there in the office that she might find a suitable young man there, however, her eyes fell on Dawnglory and she couldn’t see anyone else in her mind.  I am assuming that’s what happened, being her brother, I wasn’t privy to all of her little girl dreams.  Of course, over time, she didn’t sway from her feelings and I chose to just ignore it and thought that she might grow out of it. 

I mean Dawnglory was truly a womanizer and made no qualms about how his life was.  He isn’t that much younger than I am and I was always shocked at the number of women that he had been with.  I know that a few of them tried to trap him into marriages and there were offers of marriage from some of the families in Silvermoon, even, however, he would bolt at the first sign of anything getting serious.  I tried to point this out to Faendra on more than one occasion, however, she just wouldn’t hear of it.  Oh well, it’s something that I had no control over and the only thing that I could do was to stand back and watch as things unfolded.

Anytime she got “hurt” I would give her more money and more gifts, give her more things to do and try to get her mind on something else.  I failed miserably in that area.  I should have taken her out and had a nice long talk with her and even shipped her back to Shattrath to run things down there, maybe all of this wouldn’t have happened.  What is it that they say – hindsight is always 20/20? 

I know that Amyn kept telling me that what I was doing was wrong and I thought that part of the solution was to set about getting her married off.  All that money and all of the political dancing were for naught because she took off at the first opportunity.  Oh, that was a very expensive endeavor for me and one that I don’t think that I will ever repeat again.  Of course, Amyn was kind enough not to be one of those people that will sit back and tell me “I told you so.” I will have to admit that I was a bit taken aback when Felaran even sided with my wife on the matter – I guess I was just being too stubborn to take heed of their advice.

I suppose I should be in Kalimdor looking for Faendra, however, I am just refusing to do that.  Let the Fates fall where they may because I think it is more than high time that she take the burden on of her actions.  She told she was a grown woman and could do as she wanted – well, now, she can prove that to herself by surviving for a while out there alone.  It breaks my heart to think that she might get hurt or worse; however, she broke my heart on more than one occasion with her cruel words and actions towards my wife and sons.  No, I‘ll worry and carry that burden in my heart, however, I will not expend any more time trying to find her when I know that she will throw anything that I do for her back in my face at the first opportunity.  All I was trying to do was to raise her to the best of my ability after our parents were killed and she didn’t really appreciate anything that I did – she always wanted more than I could grant her.

At least I am going to get an opportunity to do some good old fashioned manual labor while I am here in Halfhill, work the farm a bit as well as going out and doing some hunting and fishing.  I don’t know why that soothes my soul and heals my emotional wounds much faster than standing around talking to priests or even other people.

Yes, yes, I’ll be careful and yes, I still have a slight limp and probably will have it for the rest of my life if I can’t find a decent healer in Shattrath when we get there. I think its scar tissue that has healed wrong even if that Orc axe tried to cleave me from my manhood to my knee.  Oh, it definitely couldn’t be age, I am still a young man in my mind, and my body may decide to have a different opinion.

I don’t know what it is about Pandaria and Halfhill, it just seems like Pan and I both drop about ten years off our ages and we feel like we can do anything that we want.  It’s almost euphoric and I definitely have always felt better since I started staying away from the trials and tribulations of the political scene.  I had told Romy when I say her in the market earlier today that I would try to get over to see her and Dawnglory later today, it might be tomorrow because I think that Pan and I will go out and do some fishing today, I have a craving for some fresh fish and I’m sure that Pan would like to have some as well.  We can catch the fish, clean them and cook them on the spot.  Yes, I think that’s what we’re going to do.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Inner Peace In Pandaria…

  1. LOL, Romy hates Silvermoon, just as much as she hates Orgrimmar.. the Silvermoon she knew died when the Scourge ravaged it,and she doesn’t like the new city. She’s such a barbarian ! hehehe.
    However like Fnor and Fnar, she loves Pandaria.. she feels most at peace in Halfhill at the farmhouse,and is quite looking forward to their little bundle of joy. Can’t wait to get back in to game again,but I just reformated my computer, and now I finallly have a 64 bit comp than the 32 bit ,i had before.

    • Awesome!! Sounds like we’ve both had some fun with computers this season. Hope to see you soon.

      Yes, Fnor and Fnar both feel very comfortable in Pandaria when they get the chance to get there – Fnor has always disliked Silvermoon and that is from some of his past history, it can be a rather unforgiving place unless you have enough wealth to buy it out. 😀

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