OOC – What’s Going On

September 19, 2013

Just an update on things going on.  Nothing real dramatic, I hope.

My Summer has been awesome with the grandkids and keeping up with some of the RL things that have fallen by the wayside for a few years.  I was a truly dedicated hardcore World of Warcraft gamer for a while there – eight plus years.  Now that I have taken a bit of a break from things and stepped back into my role in RL, it’s even more fun.

Oh, I’ve had my ups and downs health wise this year and I hope that it will eventually get on the upswing and allow me to get back into playing like I used too.  When your body says your really tired even if you’ve only been on the computer for a couple of hours, I’ve learned to listen to it and not to push myself too far because it only makes me get cranky and usually ill to boot.

I will have to admit that I was getting very disillusioned by the game and the direction that it was going in and felt like I was being “forced” into a direction that I didn’t necessarily want to go.  Being an older player, the constant “war” was really starting to fray the nerves a bit.  I’m still not sure how all of this is going to turn in the Lore of the game but it looks rather interesting, however, I think I will continue plodding along at the rate that I am currently on both factions and watch it play out.

I’ve tried to keep up with the things going on via the forums and so forth and I will admit that the forums aren’t exactly the best place to go for positive feedback on subjects in the game.  So, I hit the high points and read what Blizzard has published and hope that it will all pan out.

We’ve had an unusual amount of bad weather in my area; I do live in Colorado.  We had a whole month of daily thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening back in July, kind of dried out a bit in August and then all hell broke loose last week.  Yes, the flooding was horrendous in some of the areas just North of where I live.  Unfortunately, the flooding did impact quite a few communities in our state and they will be hurting for months, if not years, trying to recover.  Natural disasters are never fun to deal with when they fall on your head. Loss of life has been minimal considering the amount of damage done, however, our early warning systems were working and people were evacuated prior to the flood waters trapping too many of them.

We’ve had issues with intermittent internet feeds for the last week or so due to the fact that our utilities are buried underground and the water is slowly working its way down to that level.  So I’ll be on sporadically until we can get dried out a bit more.  We actually had heavy flooding that came within ten city blocks of where we actually live; luckily, we’re in a bit of a safe haven area where we are on higher ground than what you could imagine.

Whether I am willing to admit it to myself or not, I am definitely one of the “casual” players now whether I wanted to be or not due to my lengthy absences these past three or four months.  I’ll catch up with the rest of you eventually and in my own time.  However, family and RL definitely have a higher priority for me. 

I will always love World of Warcraft and enjoy the people that I have met over the years while playing.  I do apologize to some of you for not being available as much as I once was in the past, however, that’s life and I’ll try to catch up to you.

One of the discouraging things is that a lot of the people that I used to play with in-game have quit completely.  We’re talking very old friends and family members.  I don’t know what the issues were nor am I privy to discuss some of the issues that were given to me.  I guess the game being almost ten years old has something to do with it and the changes that were recently made in the game didn’t meet the standards that some of the people had expected.  I’ll keep playing for a while longer; see where everything is going before I make my final decision as to whether to continue on or not.  I do know that I will be cutting back on the number of accounts that I have been playing in the past because I am not on enough to where it makes it financially responsible on my part to continue on with it.

I was on this morning and was able to recapture some of the old “magic” of the game, so, I’ll still hang in there until that goes away.  I enjoy the game and it’s the very first MMO that I ever played and after all of these years, it would be almost impossible to just “walk away” with all of the time and money that I have poured into it, not to mention, my heart and soul with my characters as a role player.

See you in-game when I can get logged on for a while again.  Damned internet and acts of God. 😀



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