A Little Brother’s Thoughts…

September 22nd

Dear Journal,

I have never written in a Journal before, however, my grandparents thought that it might help my mood somewhat if I had some place that I could put my thoughts down without getting into trouble with those people around me. It seems that I haven’t learned how to curb my tongue when I am out in public because I am the youngest and the “pampered” one.

My name is Karing Shadowmoon and I live in Dolonaar with my grandparents, sometimes my Mom and my older brothers.  Kaldor is the oldest brother and he’s only a half brother as is Vashlan.  Volardan and I are full brothers, although I am not always certain that that is correct because he sure doesn’t act like everyone else around here.  He’s always stealing stuff and trying to put the blame off on me, which isn’t very nice.  I spend more time doing chores as punishment for things that he has done and I got blamed for.

So, yesterday when we were at the Temple, he stole some of the offerings and put them in my bag and I got caught with them.  Now, I can’t even go to school for the rest of the week and it sure doesn’t seem fair because it means that I will be even further behind the other kids. Sure, he got something out of the whole ordeal because he’s the one that ratted on me when he’s the one that did it to start with.  I tried to explain it to the priestess and she wouldn’t listen to me.  Naturally, I got in a fight with Volardan afterwards and got into more trouble.

My Grandmother is the only one that seemed to believe and my Grandfather acted as if he believed me although I know that means I will be helping more in the garden than doing what I want to do.  Krystal believed me but she’s my cat and she will believe everything that I tell her anyway.

Krystal is my cat that I am training with my Grandfather because I am going to be a hunter.  I don’t think that I need to go to school all of the time even if it will help me when I grow up.  I’d much rather be out hunting, fishing and learning how to do leatherworking than sitting in a boring classroom filled with a bunch of simpering girls and my brother.  Oh, he likes being around the girls and he steals stuff from them too, however, they haven’t caught him yet – I wish my Mom would listen to me when I tell her what Vol is doing.

We’ve lived all over the place and I guess that we’re supposed to call Dolonaar our home now, even if it really isn’t.  I was born in Shattrath and that’s the first place that I remember living with my real Father.  He died by accident and it really wasn’t my fault, it was Vol throwing rocks at the beasts that started the stampede, however, I got blamed for it.  I almost quit being a hunter then because I saw what could happen and I felt guilty about my Dad – then, I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  Without my bow and without being able to go hunting, I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

Oh, I know I’m not supposed to know that my Mom had a Sindorei lover and that’s where my older brothers came from but I’d have to be blind and stupid not to know that.  She and my real Dad were mated and we were being raised as Kaldorei, which is what we are.  Mom was a Sentinel and Dad was a hunter and a scout for the Sentinels sometimes.  I miss him, he was really my best friend and the only one that would listen to me and teach me how to be as good of a hunter as he was, he was wonderful.

Anyway, Mom and her Sindorei decided to get married after Dad died and we all moved to Dalaran – that was a scary place to live – all up in the air with no way down other than to be flown down or you could fall, but that wouldn’t have been much fun because I am sure that you’d be dead when you hit the ground .  It was a beautiful city and the people all seemed to have lots of money even if there weren’t that many kids up there. 

I know that Vol and I got arrested when we were up there for blowing up fish in the sewer.  Vol stole the bombs from a bunch of goblins and we thought that fishing was kind of boring and we weren’t catching that much anyway until Vol started throwing the bombs in the water.  Vol would throw in the bombs, because he was older and knew what he was doing, he said, and I would scoop up the stunned fish.  It worked like a charm until we got caught.

It was bad enough that our step-Father had to bail us out of jail and march us home through the street like two little kids, however, the worst was yet to come when we had to face Mom.  Oh, I don’t remember her ever giving us spankings before, she sure did hit hard and then we had to go to my step-Dad’s office and listen to him tell us what we did wrong and how we were going to be punished.   I knew he had lots of money but I didn’t know that he had so many mounts in the stables.

Yes, we had to work with the stableman and muck out the stalls, groom the animals as well as mend harness at the stableman’s directions.  That went on for a solid month and the only time that we got away from that stink was when we had to wash up to eat or go listen to that boring tutor that Mom got for us.

I liked the city even if it did turn one of my older brothers into a mage.  I guess with all of that magic floating around, someone was bound to catch it or however it happened.  Now, Vashlan spends all of his time in a place called Stormwind studying to be a better mage.  I’m kind of glad that he’s there because he always thought it was funny to turn Vol and I into sheep when he felt like it or we made him mad.

I guess something bad happened to some city and my step-Dad went back to join the Rangers – yeah, he’s Horde and we’re Alliance – whatever that all means is kind of confusing although the Alliance think that the Horde are bad. My step-Dad isn’t bad, he’s just different.   Well, we all left Dalaran and came back to Shattrath for a while and then Mom decided that she wanted to go back to the Sentinels and we were shipped back to Dolonaar to stay with our grandparents. I know I’m not supposed to talk about my step-Dad because it would make us all get into trouble “real” bad and I wouldn’t want to go to jail here.

My Mom came back from a place called Pandaria, wherever that is but that’s where all of the bear people live, the ones that aren’t druids.  I guess she was hurt real bad and my Grandmother was taking care of her along with the healers. It was nice having her here even if she couldn’t remember stuff very well sometimes and she would call me Kal or Vash sometimes.  Vol wasn’t too happy at having Mom back here though because I think that she has finally figured out that he’s the one that has been stealing all of the stuff and causing problems.  I wish she had stayed longer but she has a company in Stormwind that she had to go take care of.  I wish she had taken Vol with her because I wouldn’t be in so much trouble right now.

Well, I have to go help in the kitchen and scrub pots afterwards and I guess my Grandfather is going to take Vol out with him tomorrow morning instead of me.  I hope Grandpa comes back safe and Vol gets run over by a stag or something.

I wish my big brother Kal would come visit again even if he does bring that icky girl with him.  Oh, I like her okay, she’s just icky because she’s a girl.  I guess that Kal will make babies with her one day and I’ll be an Uncle, so, he must not think she’s icky.  Anyway, he always tells us stories about his farm in Pandaria and he brings us stuff.  He brought me a real nice bone bow that he had made and it is the best bow, better than any of the other boys have here in Dolonaar.  At least Kal listens to me and I think he knows how Vol is.


2 thoughts on “A Little Brother’s Thoughts…

  1. Ahh the lot of younger siblings.. it can be pretty hard especially for the youngest.born. they always seem to take the fallout from their older siblings antics.He sounds like a kid with his head firmly on his shoulders compared to his twin.. He sounds like a darling.

    • I think that he misses his big brother a lot these days and his sibling in Dolonaar isn’t making life very much fun for him. Hehe, he’s a lot of fun and I think that he will follow in Kal’s footsteps when he gets old enough. Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s greatly appreciated.

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