Just Enjoying The Farm…

September 23rd

Dear Journal,

It is definitely nice having both the Bosses back in Pandaria again because it gives Naton and I a break from taking care of their farms for a while.  While I love farming, I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get to do anything else while we were at it.  Of course, Jogu always seemed to be real busy when we went to Dawnglory’s place and the big Boss’s place was always immaculate, I think he has someone come in and just clean the house and make sure that things are perfect just in case he decides to come back with his wife or something.

Naton is real busy at the forge these days because people seem to like the armor that he has been making, he’s even had to turn a few orders down because he doesn’t have enough time to do all of the mining and I’m not real good at it either.  I guess I could try a little bit harder but I’d much rather be out fishing and hunting than pounding at some rock for a few pieces of ore. 

What with everything that has happened in the Vale lately, I am just happy that it hasn’t affected us yet here in the Valley of Four Winds.  I think that we’d all be more than a bit upset if our crops started failing and we were left without food to eat or sell.  Halfhill is the breadbasket for the whole country it seems.  I know that I wouldn’t be none too pleased now that we have the house fixed up and we can actually have some people over without feeling embarrassed by the looks of the place.

I think that Dawnglory’s woman is pregnant because I was watching her walking around the market the other day and she definitely has that waddle that pregnant women get and she was buying all kinds of strange things to eat.  I asked her if she was okay and she smiled and said that she was perfectly fine and that after being in Northrend for so long she couldn’t get enough of the noodles here in the market. Naturally, I don’t know her well enough to pry into her business but she sure does act like she’s pregnant.  Wouldn’t surprise me if all of the things are true, that Dawnglory fellow is a real machine when it comes to women, he can’t get enough of their favors.

It makes me sad to see the Boss walking around with that limp now. He hasn’t lost the spring in his step but I can tell that it bothers him to walk a lot and I think that I will talk to Mom when we go home to visit next time to see if she has something that can help with that.  I mean, he’s a very handsome Blood Elf and that limp detracts from his appearance.  I’m sure that it bothers him too.  It looks very painful sometimes when I see him out working in the fields.

I don’t know how long these two elves are going to be in Pandaria because I am sure that they have to keep the business going.  Somehow they both got out of the summons from their Regent Lord to battle against Garrosh and the company has moved to Silvermoon.   At least Naton and I can have our stuff shipped there instead of having to make the trip because I think we’re both uncomfortable there.  Blood Elves do not know how to make furniture that is comfortable for a Tauren, no matter how elegant the stuff looks, I am always afraid that if I sit on anything that it will give way under my weight and I’m not fat.  The only big things that they have in the city that I have seen are some of the beds and I think that’s because a whole bunch of them might want to sleep together at one time for some reason.

I suppose that I ought to get up from writing here and see what kind of fish I can catch today.  I was having weird dreams about fish last night and some fried fish really sounds good today.  Oh, not nightmares, just strange looking fish that I don’t recall ever seeing and there was even one that talked and acted kind of like a smart murloc.  Who knows where these dreams come from, could have been from the carrots I ate before bed too.




2 thoughts on “Just Enjoying The Farm…

  1. Heheh, oh Romy was definitely craving the noodles.. they are easy on her stomach, and keeps her fed.. She’s probably spent the last week , losing everything she ate. I think I might try my luck at a Tauren.. though, you make them seem more and more interesting 🙂 I love reading about your little cowgirl she’s an absolute darling

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