Oh Hello…What Was That?

October 21st

After taking most of the Summer away from WoW and coming back into the game has been an interesting thing to say the least.  Naturally, I am far behind any of the people that are hardcore and have stayed up to date with everything during my absence. Oh well, I will catch up one of these years although I willingly admit that I am not in a big rush.

Having almost decided to quit playing the game, I relented to my addiction and closed two of my six accounts and consolidated the active characters by recreating and starting over.  Heck no,  I wasn’t going to do the account transfer thing and go through another week of mounts missing and pets being deactivated that I have had from the beginning, not to mention the needless expense if I did the paid transfers.  I don’t mind leveling characters because I am very much an altoholic and I am not afraid to admit it.  I do feel somewhat relieved at closing out two of the accounts because it was getting to be more of a chore in the decision making of which characters I was going to play on a given day.  Didn’t even shorten down the rosters that I have for the game either, which was kind of weird.

After spending most of my weekend getting reacquainted with my characters and “how did I do that before” syndrome, I have decided that I will hang in there and try to keep going.  This morning, bright and early, I decided that I would take the plunge and head over to the Timeless Isle – whoohoo!! So, I took my highest geared character over there to check it out and sat here laughing as I got roflstomped by two very large pink cranes and almost a yak.  Okay, time to regroup and do some other things before I go back – which I plan to do.  I never did run all of Thunder Isle nor did I do all of the Barrens Conquest stuff, so, we’re talking gear that isn’t the greatest but I’ve seen worse kind of thing.

I’m still solo playing most of the content on my Horde characters because most of the people that I knew have left the game or otherwise occupied at the moment.  I can’t say that I have run a dungeon recently, which might help with my gearing situation, however, I hate pugging with a passion and will take that avenue as a last resort.  I’m not one for a lot of stress and verbal abuse by some of the basement creeping mouth breathers that I have run into in the past – however, they tell me that’s what it is all about in an MMO. 

So, it’s back to plodding along and exploring all of the fun things in WoW to see how much has changed and how much I have forgotten.  Hey, I’m not giving up, just taking other avenues and approaches to a game that I have played for almost ten years. I was giggling last night when I was talking with a guildie on the Alliance side about the fact that I didn’t start gaming until I was in my fifties and here I am mid-sixties and I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.  Nope, not as fast on the keyboard as some of the youngsters but I think that I can hold my own most of the time.  Thank you Blizzard for all the hunters that I play – pets have saved my bum on more than one occasion and those little “mistakes” oops, pet did it.

This is just the update and the mental meanderings of an older player in a very young field of play. I have found that I enjoy the game a lot more when I kind of glance at chat now and again to see who is calling whom names at that given moment.   I’ll stop to help someone out if I can, however, for the most part, I’m moving too quickly forward most of the time.  I’m still waiting to see what Blizzard is going to do with Wrymrest Accord and what realm(s) they might merge them with before I get too heavily involved in things.  As for RP on the Horde side of things, it’s been a bit scarce to nonexistent which doesn’t really bother me that much because I can usually create my own crowd with just my own characters – however, they say that talking to one’s self is not a good sign.  So, I’ll keep playing until it isn’t fun and I’ll stop, take a break and come back again.  I don’t think you really quit playing World of Warcraft, you just take longer breaks.



Getting Back to Business…

October 20th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal and as I scan back over some of the things, I’m surprised that I am even alive at this point.  At least my injuries have healed and my head will only hurt once in a while and not have the constant fog that I had been living in for weeks.

I am still mourning the loss of the child that I didn’t even know I was carrying, which is kind of odd because there were no signs that I was with child that I recognized.  Maybe it was just one of those things that Elune chose to keep from me, one will never know, however, a woman always mourns the loss of a child, no matter if they were ever born or not.  I’m sure that my Sindorei still mourns the loss in his own way, however, I think that we are both happy that we survived the ordeal in the Jade Forest.

At least my brain seems to be working and I can at least concentrate on the things that I am working on, which is a plus for me after these past few weeks of everything feeling as if it were disjointed and out of place.  I would start to do something and after a short time I would wander away and forget what it was that I was doing.  From what the healers have told me, that is a normal way of head injuries and it does clear up in time or it doesn’t – it’s hard to predict.  At least mine seems to have healed and I can at least do the things without forgetting them now – it was so embarrassing to make mistakes and have your children realize that not everything was good with their Mother.

I will have to admit that I do miss being in Pandaria, however, I don’t miss the Sentinel camp as much as I thought I would.  I always felt as if I were a tad bit the outsider because I couldn’t join in with all of the things that my counterparts were doing.  I mean, after all, I am a married woman and some of the ribald drunken debauchery may not have set real well with my Sindorei.   I made quite a few friends while I was there and they do write to me here in Stormwind from time to time. 

I know that I have enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my two youngest sons and my parents in Dolonaar, however, I am actually enjoying being in Stormwind for a while and running my business here, it gives me some meaning as to what is going on in the rest of the world.  Oh, Magdamia has done a marvelous job in my absence, however, there are certain things that I will have to adjust while I’m here.  Not all of us like to be bean counters and trod the lines that she has drawn in the sand.  She’s very good, however, most of my employees are used to handling their own business and not having to pay attention too much to the way that things are handled.  We have some youngsters that are just learning their trades and need to be taught and not scolded if they do something wrong – I guess that’s part of why she is so good at what she does, however, diplomacy is not her forte.

I’m sitting here smiling as I think about my husband. Oh how he would complain about being stuck behind a desk and doing paperwork for hours on end.  I think that I can relate to his complaints more now than I did in the past because the company has grown by leaps and bounds and, unfortunately, that means paperwork.   I know that as the company has grown and the reputation along with it, I have really gotten more contracts than we can handle at times, however, I have been hiring new people and things seem to be working out.  Of course, if Maggie had her way, they would all be Draeni and would listen to her every word, however, I have no complaints with my young Worgen pack that seems to be doing the majority of the work, the dwarves have been very agreeable to furnishing more of their brew that we have been exporting to Kalimdor as well as Pandaria.

Of course, I am also sitting here missing my Sindorei too.  It seems as if our lives are constantly in turmoil and we spend a great deal apart, which is not an ideal thing for a man and wife.  I know that he is not pleased with the idea that he had to move everything so rapidly from Orgrimmar and back to Silvermoon.  At least he was able to get out of the city without being arrested for just being there at the wrong time.  Damn Garrosh and his stupidity.  Hopefully, things will be fully operational in Shattrath before the holidays and we can start shipping some of our stock to that new warehouse there.

We have had some major changes in our lives during the last couple of years and I will admit that I am ready to settle down and let the rest of the world figure things out.  We were truly happy and very content in Dalaran until things went awry and we had to leave there, luckily, we were able to get away before the real fighting started because my parents were there as well as our children.  I do miss the house in Dalaran, it felt like home because we could all be together under one roof and no one seemed to mind or care that we were of different races.

The so-called war in Pandaria was and still is going on to some degree, however, I guess the Horde is very divided and is fighting amongst themselves. I know that my Sindorei had resigned from the Rangers and was recalled for service with the Regent Lord in Silvermoon and was able to wriggle his way out of that by using the business as a buying chip.  He could do more good for the Sindorei and the Cause by furnishing them with the supplies that they so desperately need with the rebellion.  I’ll admit that we are shipping quite a few goods to Kalimdor as well.

I’ve only been able to arrange to see my husband a couple of times since I left Pandaria and it is a very lonely existence that we are both living at the moment.  Oh, we’re busy with the companies and with the things that need to be done, however, I know that we both long for the day when we can live together again in Shattrath or Nagrand and not have to steal these few hours away like we have been doing.  I know the boys enjoy living with my parents, however, I know that they also miss their step-Father more than they will admit. I know the youngest misses him a great deal and has been scolded many times for sleeping with the bone bow that was given to him on his birthday by my Sindorei.  I think that these separations actually affect the children more than we realize.  At least we can make plans to all be together in Shattrath for the Holidays.

Speaking of getting away, I need to get out of this office and outside for a while before I start gnawing at the desk.  I think that I have been stuck here for the last week with nothing but paperwork and contracts to look over and decide if we can do them or not.  I am getting more requests for mercenaries and bodyguards – well, with the holidays coming up, the wealthy do like to travel and do like to have their “sport” hunting even if there is a conflict going on in Kalimdor.   I wish Kal were here to handle some of this because he is much better at giving out orders to some of the employees than I am.




Not Such A Nice Guy Sometimes…

October 11th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here at the farm in Halfhill, just enjoying the quiet of the predawn hours.  Watching the fog as it whirls over the fields before the sun chases them away.  I’m also sitting here with a grin on my face and a chuckle that threatens to erupt at any moment.

Kae and I hadn’t been to the Faire in quite some time because there just hasn’t been a free moment to make that escape.  Oh, I’ve slipped back into Stormwind a time or two without her, however, we haven’t been to the Faire together.  Well, we decided that we would take in the Faire this time because I think we both needed a break from everything that we have been doing.

We arrived in Stormwind and it was its usual hustle and bustle of people rushing hither and yon, not really accomplishing a whole lot but they sure do act like they feel busy.  We dropped off our latest completed contracts and got our payment and picked up some more contracts from Maggie.  She was doing her usual tsk-tsk about the employees and how she has to keep an eye on things all of the time.  One would think it would be easier since Mother is there or in Stormwind a great deal of the time since she left Pandaria.

We did get a chance to sit and talk with Mom for a little and I think that did Kae a world of good because I think that her discussing her feelings about leaving the Sentinels and going into the freelance business with me was somewhat resolved.  I don’t think that it’s a mistake and I guess Mother told her right up front that she was putting too much pressure on me to make her an honest woman and would drive me away if she wasn’t careful.  I’m not sure that set real well with Kae but I think it helped her make up her mind.  It isn’t like I ever said that she had to make a choice between the Sentinels and myself either.  It has to be her choice and I am not going to pressure her although I do think that with Mom talking to her in a less than diplomatic manner probably helped her see the Light or at least Elune may have given her a swift kick in the backside or something.

Anyway, I think that we will be handing in our resignations before the end of the month and start living the life that I wanted to have all along.  Of course, Kae isn’t really resigning as such, she’s taking a leave of absence.  I guess you never resign from them, you can take leaves that can last for as long as you need it too, if it’s approved.  Now, I hope that it is approved or we may have to come to a parting of the ways for a while because I am already making arrangements to start working full time for the company again and Kae will have to work on her own problems.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I am tired of the Sentinels and the treatment that they sometimes give the male counterparts that act as scouts for them. 

I know that our patrols lately have been rather boring and the only thing that we do is keep an eye out for troop buildups and try to see what we can.  We’re not running into many Rangers these days and the only thing that we have seen are some of the Orcs wandering around rather aimlessly.  Seems Garrosh has trod upon his own people a bit more than they wanted too.  I know that I have always thought the Horde were always volatile and very unpredictable, however, with the different factions within the group have really kind of ripped the heart out of them.   Even the Orcs seem a bit lost in Pandaria right now.  I guess unless you’re a part of the upper echelon of Garrosh’s troops, you’re expendable and that isn’t sitting all that well with the grunts so very far away from their homes and families. I know that how I would feel if my leader turned out to be a nutcase and had sold everyone down the river for his own selfish gains.  We’ve had a few skirmishes every now and again, however, they aren’t anything like they were a few months ago, time has taken its toll and I would say that this “war” has kind of burned itself out or just fizzled – more fizzle than fire.

Well, what I am grinning about is that we went to the Faire, Mom is going to take our grandparents and the little guys there in the next couple of days, so, it was just Kae and I alone.  We had a great time and I will have to admit that I felt more relaxed than I have in months.   I know that we both drank way too much and probably ate way too much of the greasy food that you can only find at the Faire that has that flavor to it – almost makes you wonder what they really put in it.

We played the games, drank, ate and strolled around watching all of the different people.  We both like to watch people anyway, however, it did seem as though there was  lighter air at the Faire than usual.  There wasn’t a subtle hint of stress and animosity towards some of the people like you normally see.  I think that there were more children at the Faire this time and it was fun watching some of the families trying to keep the kids in check.

I have always loved the cannon ball ride and Kae has always been real hesitant about going on it as many times as I do, however, this time she had had enough to drink that she decided to go on it as many times as I did and try to beat me at the game.  Things were going along really great, however, I think that Kae was starting to feel the Darkmoon Reserve a bit more than I was and she had a bit of an accident. 

Sure, we’re used to getting soaking wet and having to trudge back up to the ride to catch another shot at the target, however, I think Kae misjudged her target this time.  She never even made it to the water, she landed with this awful thud in the sand and just kind of lay there with this dazed look in her eyes.  I thought for sure that she had hurt herself really bad and I was scared to death.  She just kind of lay there with this strange look on her face and I thought that she had broken her back or worse.  Naturally, I went off the deep-end a little bit and got a healer down to the beach by screaming at the top of my lungs and probably causing more notice of the situation than Kae would’ve liked.  Other than being drunk, Kae only got some bad bruises on her backside and probably some traumatic damage to her pride.

What I am giggling about is that there is bruising and then there’s bruising – Kae’s bruising covers her whole backside and she says that she doesn’t’ think she will ever be able to walk right again, not to mention, she wasn’t in the mood for any adventures under the furs.  I know I had a slight hangover when I got up this morning, however, I think that Kae is going to be in worse shape than I am because I wasn’t drinking as much as she thought I was, I was kind of egging her on.  She always thinks that she can go drink for drink with me and forgets that I learned how to drink with the dwarves in Ironforge.

Oh, I know I’m not being nice about laughing about someone else’s discomfort, however, it is funny.  Kae will have to admit one of these days that even a Sentinel can get their pride dinged every once in a while and it is funny.  We do like to compete with one another sometimes and I think this time that I actually kind of proved my point – hope she realizes that there was a point.  I’m bigger than she is, stronger than she is most of the time, and I can definitely drink more than she can.

I really had wanted to stay in Stormwind for a while to see my grandparents and my little brothers, however, Kae just wanted to come home to the farm.  I know the mood she can get in sometimes and I didn’t want to have my Mom see that side of her right now, especially after the conversation they had had before we went to the Faire. I had kind of halfway wanted to stop by the watch shop to see Josie and introduce her to Kae too, however, that may not be such a good idea.

Oh my, someone woke up cranky this morning.  Not to mention, the eggs and bacon probably don’t look that appetizing to her with a hangover.  I will have to admit that I haven’t seen her with a hangover like this and I’m sure my chuckles haven’t helped her.  Luckily I had some Darkmoon Reserve stashed away and put some in her coffee – the hair of the dog thing, you know.

She’s mumbling about never taking another drink and mumbling about never going on the canon ride again.





Happy Is More Than Just A Word…

*Some Language may offend – very blunt at times.  If you’re easily offended, please don’t read this.*


October 8th

Yo Book!

Where has the year gone and where has the time gone – well, part of it was spent in Northrend with Romy’s family once I broke away from the Rangers in Pandaria.  I can’t say that I have regretted making the choices I’ve made one bit.

Romy and I are both sitting around being blissfully happy with living together. I have never lived with a woman like this before, and enjoying the fact that we’re going to be parents in a few months.  I’m surprised that it took us this long for her to get pregnant, however, we never gave it a thought other than if it happens, it happens.  I know that I am ecstatic with the thoughts of us having a child and a bit apprehensive as to what it will mean to our relationship, other than making it stronger.

How the fuck was I to know that when I saw this redheaded beauty standing in Orgrimmar that fateful day that she would change my whole life?   Having spent most of my time alone in Pandaria without female companionship, I was looking for some conversation and a good roll in the hay. I never dreamed what plans the Fates had planned for us.

 Oh, I’ve heard the stories about my exploits up here in Pandaria, they do get back to me, and I have to smile and just nod my head.  I was drunk most of the time when those things happened and I probably thought they were beautiful in my drunken stupor the night before, however, the light of day brought back a hangover and my sanity.  Generally as a rule, I never stopped at the same port twice in order to avoid complications and a spouse that they might not have told me about. I don’t know why some of these women seem to think that it’s going to make a difference with Romy when they search her out in the market and tell her about her “lover” and how I was just in it for one thing.  Well, the talk should slow down in the near future because my lovely woman is starting to show a bit more of her belly with her pregnancy – she’s still beautiful to me, no matter if she has a bulge in front, we know what caused it.

I can’t help being afraid of things right now because I have never been so happy and I am afraid that it’s a dream that I will wake up from and I’ll be alone again.  I don’t know what I would do without Romy now because my life before she got involved in it was pretty lonely if the truth were to be known.  Yes, I have friends and I slept with quite a few women, however, she has filled that emptiness that I thought I would always have.  She has done more than changed my life, she has completed my happiness.

Oh, Fnor is giving me all kinds of advice about delivering babies.  He delivered his last son because the midwife couldn’t get there in time, however, it might be a bit different with a Kaldorei-Sindorei mix baby, I’m sure they are a bit smaller than full Kaldorei babies at birth.  I’m happy that Romy seems to have found a female midwife-healer here in Pandaria because I wasn’t looking forward to having some guy helping her give birth to our baby if she needed that kind of help.  I’m sure that he means well telling me this stuff, however, he just scared the living shit out of me – I know that things change down there when the baby is being born, however, I don’t know that I could handle the whole thing on my own.  We have a midwife, that’s a huge relief- if I have to move the midwife into the house at the farm, then we’ll do that because I want everything to be the best for Romy and the baby – they don’t need my fucking ass hitting the floor when I faint dead away during the birthing.

Well, I know that Romy still goes out with me when I got hunting or doing some archeology now and again.  She hasn’t lost her love of being out in the wilds even though we are both very careful  not to get into a position where we might run into any danger for her or the baby.  I think she even likes fishing although she tends to fall asleep sometimes – being pregnant must take a lot out of a woman.

Oh well, time for me to go take care of some of my chores and kick Jogu up to peak a little bit.  He’s slacking off a bit since Romy and I are here most of the time and I think that he knows I’m not too thrilled with the amount of booze he seems to be distilling under the house – it kind of smells bad and makes Romy ill sometimes.

Fuck the world!  I’m happy and if anyone tries to ruin anything about them, the wrath of Dawnglory will fall on them like no tomorrow. 

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



What I Did On My Summer Hiatus…

October 2nd

Whoa!  Where has the year gone – everything has gone by so fast this year that it is definitely a blur in my mind in some areas.  Yes, the whole Summer was definitely tied up with family fun and other activities away from the keyboard.

I can honestly say that I have “never” spent this much time away from World of Warcraft, however, it was well worth it and it probably did me some good mentally too.  I have quite a few years tied up in World of Warcraft and we aren’t even going to discuss the money I’ve spent over the years with multiple accounts and all of my alts.

I can’t say that it hasn’t been a fun game, however, there are times when other things are more important, like teaching your Granddaughter how to give a decent “high five” and walking with her as she takes her first tentative trips around the block on her shiny pink trike that she got for her birthday back in July.  Yep, it’s been fun.

I’ve also been a traitor and discovered a few other games out there as well, just as a change of pace.  No matter how hard I try to break my habit with World of Warcraft, I always keep going back to it even if it has been hit or miss.  It’s been kind of like my “quit smoking” project that goes well for a few days and then I fall off the wagon and have to start over again.

I know that each time I break away from the game and take a few days off and come back, there are fewer of my old friends playing these days.  It’s kind of sad when you think how many hours and years you have spent with these people only to discover that they have moved on with their gaming lives and are off exploring the universe. I definitely miss them a whole lot, however, I do understand that need to do other things more so than some would understand. 

I keep hanging around and waiting to see where Blizzard is going with the game and what the next expansion might be, oh yes, who the next Warchief will be for the Horde or if they are going to turn it into a committee that has to vote on what they are going to do next.  I will admit that I was definitely disappointed with the destruction of the Vale, not only was it a beautiful area of the game, it was great fishing too, now, it’s a hole in the ground – hope they don’t destroy any more places in Pandaria in their zeal to make old Garrosh into some kind of “possessed and it wasn’t me that did that” kind of leader.  Now, wouldn’t that be the shits to have Garrosh declare himself as being possessed and all is forgiven – that would be when I might seriously think about taking a permanent vacation.

I’ve watched World of Warcraft change and evolve over the last nine years or so and it’s been rather interesting.  However, I think they kind of took a hiatus on creative things when Cataclysm hit and they have not quite recovered from that.  I am speaking of the “in-game” lore that is available to the players.  No, I’m not one to rush out and buy the latest book that has come out to fill in the gaps, so, I use cheaters and spoilers to find out some of my information.  I can remember when the books were added as a means of filling out some of the base storylines and not be the actual “storyline” itself.  Oh well, money is the name of the game and I suppose if the Lore can be manipulated in such a manner and make more money for Blizzard, so be it – just kind of sad.

I think what has kept me involved in the game so much is that I am definitely a role player.  No doubt in my mind about that.  I was role playing long before they had it in World of Warcraft and will probably be role playing until the lights go out for me on this life.  I’ve watched the various groups, realms and clichés play throughout the years and I still seem to find myself kind of making my own way.  Oh, I’ve been in large role playing guilds and usually will stay with them for quite a while until the guild drama and in-fighting gets to be too much of a pain in the ass for me.  

My last real large role playing guild really kind of killed it for me as a person, so, I’ve been off doing my hit and miss RP with various people and have vowed to never join another RP guild as long as I play World of Warcraft.  I don’t mind it when my character gets attacked IC, however, I do mind it when I get attacked simultaneously OOC and IC.  Really makes for not a good time.  I do have to laugh a little bit to myself because the people that started all of the bullshit have left the game completely and here I am, still plodding along.  Damn near made me quit playing altogether, however, I am still playing when I feel the urge strike me. As I told the people in that particular situation, my ass kissing abilities are very selective and limited and oops, sorry, their name wasn’t on my list. Actually I think that that particular guild has folded and gone on its way, may they rest in peace.  I did quit doing a lot of RP Hordeside and went back to Alliance – I have nothing but good things to say about the people that I have met on the Blue side.  Found a smaller RP guild to hang out with and have just adored the time that I have spent with them and will probably stay with them until my days of World of Warcraft are over.

I have also gone back to playing some of the games that I played prior to my tenure in World of Warcraft. Oh sure, they have evolved and improved since I started playing them years ago and I’m having a blast.  That’s one reason why I don’t stay in World of Warcraft for hours on end anymore – I find it rather depressing and can’t quite get that immersion that was once there.

I’ve never been a super fan of some of the EA games in the past, however, I have found that Sims3 has really come a long way since they started it years ago.  I am bouncing from world to world and probably have as many characters in that game as I do in World of Warcraft.   One thing about a single player game that has it hands down over the MMO style game is that you can “pause” the game and do something else if needed without worrying about holding anyone else behind in their progress.  Hell, I even do it in WoW from time to time because I am playing the game as a single player game at the moment.   I am in hopes that when Winter makes its presence known that the guilds will pick up and we’ll start doing more fun things together again.  Who knows? I have to laugh at myself because I am so far behind right now that it might not even matter anymore.

Anyway, getting back to Sims3, they seem to add more worlds and more expansions at a more rapid rate than they did in the past which is kind of a nice change for people that like variety and don’t feel the need to be constantly gearing up for this action or another.  If my Sim wants to streak a town, then, it’s drop the clothes and take off, Dude.  EA just added a new world to the game called Midnight Hollow, kind of reminds me of a Tim Burton movie set as well as Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.  It’s awesome with all of the gothic buildings and costumes that are worn by the NPCs that you interact with constantly.  Nope, they don’t whip out a sword and try to roflstomp your butt, which is really kind of awesome.  They might sell you a shrunken head or a tombstone with ghost still inhabiting it.  There are so many professions within the game these days that you can spend hours on end trying to level them all up, not to mention, going to college to get those degrees so that you earn more simoleans.  I think one of my favorite professions in the game has got to be the rock star – you can travel to different worlds and visit with your friends in the game by playing the different venues by invitation.  May not sound fun to some people, however, there are quite a few of us out there that enjoy it.

I have lost myself for hours and even days playing the different worlds – from the new gothic world to the dragon world where you have your own baby dragons to play with.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget the jousting as well as the archery that you can play through on that realm as well.  You also have the ability to do “world” travel now via passports;etc.  The next expansion that is coming up on the 26th of this month will be the “Back to the Future” kind of thing – yes, we will have spaceships, robots and other flying things to interact with in that game, not to mention, they have really given the inventing and building professions more to play with.  You will also be able to manipulate your Sims’ lives by making changes in the future or the past – I’m kind of excited to see what we can do once they get the thing out of beta.

I think that is one thing that has kind of pushed me away from World of Warcraft these days, it’s stale. Same old shit different day and if they tweak the Lore even more, we’ll be back in Vanilla again. Going through Outlands the first time when it was released was awesome and if they try a remake of that area, it will be interesting for a few days and then, bleh.  Oh well, I still like the game as a whole and the only thing that is definitely keeping me tied to it at all are the people that I interact with from time to time. 

Sorry for the rambling, it was just something that I felt like writing about and if you read the whole thing, bless you.  One thing about blogging with your stories being primarily based through World of Warcraft, it can get pretty stale when you’re not playing or interacting with things as much as you once did.   However, I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet – I have most of my accounts paid through November and I am hoping that things will change dramatically in the game that might peak my interest and make me want to spend more time with it.

I have to giggle a little bit when I stop to think that my October 1st post was actually my 400th post – where has the year gone?  I’ll probably start putting together stories for my Sims in the near future and actually posting a few pictures from time to time.  I have another year on my subscription for WordPress and I suppose I can post about other things – recipes, graphic designs that I am working on as well as some of my “grandchildren” stories that we all have when you get to be my age.




Life Changes And More Adventures to Come…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

October 1st

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting at the farm tonight just relaxing a little bit from my labors.  I made another escape from Silvermoon back to where I feel more comfortable.  Luckily, I was able to find a healer that could help me get rid of that limp that was causing me more discomfort than just my vanity.  That limping gate was rather exhausting and I never knew when the leg would try to give out on me.  Now, I can move freely and I just have to be patient and let it heal a bit more.  I’ll always have the scar, however, I can live with that, the only one other than myself that will see it is my lovely wife.

I feel better tonight than I have in quite some time and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am back in Pandaria and I can watch the moonlight play it’s shadow games across the fields and listen to the nightlife make their noises.  I have nothing to fear here in Halfhill and the people know that I am here to do my job for my company and nothing more.

It has been total relief for me to be able to come back here and know that I don’t have to take up the reins of command again.  Those were trying times and a time that I look back on now and wonder why I even agreed to serve that long.  I have served the old Horde for many years and did it with pride and honor, however, this new regime is not my Horde and never will be again.

Now, I am serving the Regent Lord and my own people in a different fashion and it’s one that has its own honor that doesn’t require a uniform. My company is doing a booming business right now, not only in Pandaria but in Kalimdor as well.  Seems that the people in Kalimdor are more interested in fighting a battle that we all know will end in the very near future and not planning for the future. 

Of course, it was a pain in the backside to get everything moved back to Silvermoon and I am still in the process of getting things organized in Shattrath which is where we will be home based eventually.  It’s never an easy task to take on change and try to make things as they once were.  I know that when Amyn and I lived in Shattrath with our sons, things were different, it was both more relaxed and yet challenging in other ways.  There were quite a few of us down there that had broken the rules of society and had taken mates or wives that wouldn’t be viewed pleasantly in our homelands.

Oh, we had our own brand of happiness there and I don’t think that I will ever forget those days.  There were times when I would run into some of my old friends there that didn’t exactly approve of my relationship and my children, however, I had no qualms in dismissing those people from my life.  I was happy with my choice although in my heart of hearts, I did long to be accepted by my own people in Silvermoon and to rebuild some of the family line there.  It was never meant to be, and I was stupid to have put Amyn and the boys through so much with my endeavors.  There are times that I am truly surprised that Amyn and I are still together, married in the Sindorei fashion now, and that I have a family that any man could be proud of.

I have been able to briefly talk with Dawnglory and I will have to admit that I don’t think that I have ever seen him this happy before in all the years that we have known one another.  The prospect of his becoming a Father and having a family of his own has changed the man.  I didn’t ever think that he would find a woman that he would respect and love as much as he does Romy. He’s really going native in Pandaria these days and is making all kinds of plans of remodeling his farmhouse to where he and his lovely wife can expand their family as much as they want in the future.  We’ll see how they feel about things after they have had one or two children.

I think that I am going to get Dawnglory to run things more in Pandaria and I can float around between the Kalimdor employees and the ones that are in the Undercity and Silvermoon.  Of course, Amyn has all of her people organized and her company is running like a well oiled machined.  Mine, on the other hand, is still kind of limping along because we lost quite a bit of our stock when things changed in Orgrimmar.  I’m just happy that we were able to ship out as much as we did before things went sour.

Zippie isn’t all that sure that she likes Silvermoon.  I can understand how she feels to some extent, however, I’m not short and I’m not green or a goblin.  She has her hands full running the company there and keeping her family in check.  Zednick still is handful although I will have to admit that he hasn’t tried to get drunk enough to go moon the Regent Lord like he did Garrosh in Orgrimmar.

With the way that things have changed politically here in Pandaria, I was thinking that Amyn might be able to slip away from Stormwind for a while and join me here at the farm.  I know that Kal would love to see his Mother again because he’s been pretty busy trying to do work for her company as well as trying to get things settled between himself and his Sentinel.  Poor kid sure has a lot to learn about life and that will only come with time and experience.  His woman will always be a Sentinel even if she goes to civilian life, I’ve learned that the hard way with his Mother.  Amyn is a very attractive and very seductive woman when she wants to be, however, when she gets cross, I can see the Sentinel side of her coming to the front.  It’s not the appearance so much as it is the attitude. Kal is just going to have to learn how to curb his tongue and try not to pressure his girl into doing something that she isn’t ready for yet.  He’s not ready to get mated in the formal tradition yet because he’s still unsure of himself – it will come in time.

I know that it sounds funny even when I write it down, however, I do have a lot of respect for my son.  He has turned into a man that I am very proud of even if he isn’t really aware of it.  I can see the traits of the Sindorei and the Kaldorei blended together that have made a wonderful person.  He has own way of doing things and I can a lot of myself in him there, he’s very stubborn about things, however, he has a compassionate side that I can see both his Mother and myself in him.  We both should be very proud of him and I don’t think it would be wrong to let him know that we raised him to the best of our abilities and we think that he is a good person.

I know the only thing missing in my life right now that would make everything perfect is my wife.  I can’t begin to even say how much I miss her, the laughter, the long talks that we would have lying in bed together in the wee hours of the morning. Oh well, I’m sure that things will eventually settle down and we will be together, if not in Pandaria, I know that we will be able to share our lives in Shattrath and at the property in Nagrand.

Well, speaking of the wee hours of the morning, I think I need to go to bed and get some sleep.  Pan has started his nonsense of sharing the bed with me since Amyn isn’t here with me.  Oh well, he at least moves over and lets me have room to sleep, which, I can’t say always happens with my wife.

Fnor Morningstar