Life Changes And More Adventures to Come…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

October 1st

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting at the farm tonight just relaxing a little bit from my labors.  I made another escape from Silvermoon back to where I feel more comfortable.  Luckily, I was able to find a healer that could help me get rid of that limp that was causing me more discomfort than just my vanity.  That limping gate was rather exhausting and I never knew when the leg would try to give out on me.  Now, I can move freely and I just have to be patient and let it heal a bit more.  I’ll always have the scar, however, I can live with that, the only one other than myself that will see it is my lovely wife.

I feel better tonight than I have in quite some time and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am back in Pandaria and I can watch the moonlight play it’s shadow games across the fields and listen to the nightlife make their noises.  I have nothing to fear here in Halfhill and the people know that I am here to do my job for my company and nothing more.

It has been total relief for me to be able to come back here and know that I don’t have to take up the reins of command again.  Those were trying times and a time that I look back on now and wonder why I even agreed to serve that long.  I have served the old Horde for many years and did it with pride and honor, however, this new regime is not my Horde and never will be again.

Now, I am serving the Regent Lord and my own people in a different fashion and it’s one that has its own honor that doesn’t require a uniform. My company is doing a booming business right now, not only in Pandaria but in Kalimdor as well.  Seems that the people in Kalimdor are more interested in fighting a battle that we all know will end in the very near future and not planning for the future. 

Of course, it was a pain in the backside to get everything moved back to Silvermoon and I am still in the process of getting things organized in Shattrath which is where we will be home based eventually.  It’s never an easy task to take on change and try to make things as they once were.  I know that when Amyn and I lived in Shattrath with our sons, things were different, it was both more relaxed and yet challenging in other ways.  There were quite a few of us down there that had broken the rules of society and had taken mates or wives that wouldn’t be viewed pleasantly in our homelands.

Oh, we had our own brand of happiness there and I don’t think that I will ever forget those days.  There were times when I would run into some of my old friends there that didn’t exactly approve of my relationship and my children, however, I had no qualms in dismissing those people from my life.  I was happy with my choice although in my heart of hearts, I did long to be accepted by my own people in Silvermoon and to rebuild some of the family line there.  It was never meant to be, and I was stupid to have put Amyn and the boys through so much with my endeavors.  There are times that I am truly surprised that Amyn and I are still together, married in the Sindorei fashion now, and that I have a family that any man could be proud of.

I have been able to briefly talk with Dawnglory and I will have to admit that I don’t think that I have ever seen him this happy before in all the years that we have known one another.  The prospect of his becoming a Father and having a family of his own has changed the man.  I didn’t ever think that he would find a woman that he would respect and love as much as he does Romy. He’s really going native in Pandaria these days and is making all kinds of plans of remodeling his farmhouse to where he and his lovely wife can expand their family as much as they want in the future.  We’ll see how they feel about things after they have had one or two children.

I think that I am going to get Dawnglory to run things more in Pandaria and I can float around between the Kalimdor employees and the ones that are in the Undercity and Silvermoon.  Of course, Amyn has all of her people organized and her company is running like a well oiled machined.  Mine, on the other hand, is still kind of limping along because we lost quite a bit of our stock when things changed in Orgrimmar.  I’m just happy that we were able to ship out as much as we did before things went sour.

Zippie isn’t all that sure that she likes Silvermoon.  I can understand how she feels to some extent, however, I’m not short and I’m not green or a goblin.  She has her hands full running the company there and keeping her family in check.  Zednick still is handful although I will have to admit that he hasn’t tried to get drunk enough to go moon the Regent Lord like he did Garrosh in Orgrimmar.

With the way that things have changed politically here in Pandaria, I was thinking that Amyn might be able to slip away from Stormwind for a while and join me here at the farm.  I know that Kal would love to see his Mother again because he’s been pretty busy trying to do work for her company as well as trying to get things settled between himself and his Sentinel.  Poor kid sure has a lot to learn about life and that will only come with time and experience.  His woman will always be a Sentinel even if she goes to civilian life, I’ve learned that the hard way with his Mother.  Amyn is a very attractive and very seductive woman when she wants to be, however, when she gets cross, I can see the Sentinel side of her coming to the front.  It’s not the appearance so much as it is the attitude. Kal is just going to have to learn how to curb his tongue and try not to pressure his girl into doing something that she isn’t ready for yet.  He’s not ready to get mated in the formal tradition yet because he’s still unsure of himself – it will come in time.

I know that it sounds funny even when I write it down, however, I do have a lot of respect for my son.  He has turned into a man that I am very proud of even if he isn’t really aware of it.  I can see the traits of the Sindorei and the Kaldorei blended together that have made a wonderful person.  He has own way of doing things and I can a lot of myself in him there, he’s very stubborn about things, however, he has a compassionate side that I can see both his Mother and myself in him.  We both should be very proud of him and I don’t think it would be wrong to let him know that we raised him to the best of our abilities and we think that he is a good person.

I know the only thing missing in my life right now that would make everything perfect is my wife.  I can’t begin to even say how much I miss her, the laughter, the long talks that we would have lying in bed together in the wee hours of the morning. Oh well, I’m sure that things will eventually settle down and we will be together, if not in Pandaria, I know that we will be able to share our lives in Shattrath and at the property in Nagrand.

Well, speaking of the wee hours of the morning, I think I need to go to bed and get some sleep.  Pan has started his nonsense of sharing the bed with me since Amyn isn’t here with me.  Oh well, he at least moves over and lets me have room to sleep, which, I can’t say always happens with my wife.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Life Changes And More Adventures to Come…

  1. Oh Silvermoon , thou art a fickle tart! I’m glad to hear that Fnor is able to get some relief for his injury. that must have been physically draining as well as painful for him. Silvermoon does tend to exhaust ,even in small doses.Most of my Horde characters tend to avoid the city like the plague even the Matriarch. She’s seen it in better times ,and finds it distressing to see a city fall so far from grace. We will have to get together again for rp.. I keep missing you by an hour or two when I log on,lol. Great read, I love reading about the antics your characters get involved in.

    • Hehe, yeah, our schedules for RP have been a bit sporadic of late, however, I’m trying to get more involved in the game these days – we shall see what happens. I usually take one of my little guys through Silvermoon from time to time to see if things have changed or improved – my judgment might be a bit jaded from when it had it’s heydays. Maybe things will change once they finish smushing the realms together again and we have a more constant player base?

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it is always appreciated.

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